By the Earth sweeps giant asteroid



On the night of June 1, close to our planet fly celestial body the size of a nine cruise liners. On the night of June 1, 2.7-km asteroid will fly by the Earth. According to NASA, the celestial body 1998 QE2 will fly at a distance of 5.8 million kilometers from the Earth's surface, which is 15 times farther away than the Moon. Over the past 200 years, this is the asteroid's close encounter with Earth.

Scientists have already prepared for the visit of the guest space — they intend to carry out radar sensing asteroid and provide data on its composition, shape, and orbit. This will help the experts to determine its origin and to anticipate the movement of celestial body in the future.

"1998 QE2 will be the perfect target for radar observations from the Arecibo and Goldstone, and we expect to receive a series of high-resolution radar images, in which we will be able to see a lot of surface detail," — said the astronomer Lance Benner, the supervisor of radar observations on the 70-meter radio antenna in Goldstone (California).

The asteroid is nine times the cruise liner Queen Elizabeth 2, which by the way is free to intervene more than 17 thousand people. 1998 QE2 was opened was opened August 19, 1998 members of the American project to find asteroids LINEAR.

By the way, after a few years of the U.S. space agency (NASA) intends to send a probe to the asteroid 1999 RQ36. The fact is that this cosmic body is a potential threat to the Earth and could face her in 2182. The data obtained allow to calculate how to change its orbit by heating one side of the Sun. Through this, it hopes astronomers will be able to determine exactly how the asteroid danger to our planet.

Anxiety and scientists is the asteroid Apophis, which flew in late January at a distance of 14.46 million km from Earth. Astronomers worried by the fact that in 2029 this facility closer to our planet at a distance of 36 thousand kilometers. In the event of a collision the 300-meter Apophis-Earth impact will be more severe. Scientists have calculated that the energy emitted during the explosion energy is equivalent to 506 megatons of TNT.

Ivan Ukhov

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