Channeled by Sergei Kanashevskogo — ROOTS Pete SUN

Who created the world of the future of humanity and a single portal TO GO SHOWER

Heart of the Planet of the Golden Hall of Shambhala, greet their children and tenderly embrace each of you, my angels!

Lord Maitreya, Melchizedek Planetary Christ, sends you his energy on a thin silver thread. Look how thin silver bells overflow sound now your sacred Lotus Life, revealing eight-petals rainbow. This is — a rainbow of Holy Fire, hurrying to the planet. And anyone who feels the arrival of the fire, feels the greatest joy that the Holy Fire of Unity fills the earth and the body of every being, living on it.

Silver sound envelops the eighth Divine note entire planet! He heralds a new era, the angels my dear! It heralds an era when they start to blur the faces dissolve barriers separating, measuring attracted to each other, and thin corridors become huge halls …

What kind of corridors and halls leading it? Oh! They are known to you! You know people, the soul leaves the body which could behold himself unknown tunnel and the light at the end of the tunnel.

What the tunnel? Where does the metaphor Sia? And it is — the fruit of the imagination of man's consciousness, or make the transition a reality of the world? About that long debated people. Express opposing views. And the truth — one. The soul, leaving the body, passes through the zero point in the way that is known to you as the structure of a Mobius strip. By a similar pass some souls from one dimension to another. And this road — the most common and familiar to strangers in the vast space-time. Although the shape of the path is the same for moving from one world to another, the exit point — different. What I say now, my children? The fact we are leading that the departure from this world, the soul of different people, going through the zero point, the corridor Null Transportation in different worlds and dimensions come.

You already knows: Souls coming to your world, to our land as an experimental planet, then again returned to his native his world. And that means that the zero point is not only Interdimensional Portal, but interdimensional. The entrance is located in the fourth dimension, on Earth, in your world. Output — the vast vast top three dimensions: the fifth, sixth and seventh. Shackles, limitations of duality for a long time does not allow you to know about the space-time, which he called the afterlife. The story of where you are moving away from the soul, in which the worlds, the story is about equivalent to the diversity of the fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions! Although it is — not the ultimate goal of the journey of Souls.

But not all are this way, not everyone is given through the corridor until the null-space to go through and embrace the three higher dimensions — the fifth, sixth and seventh. It's time has come you know that Mother Earth "bore" a lot of souls who leave it until you can. And not far from able to climb up the stairs of the universe. What does this mean? Why inequality is seen in the vast of our experiment? And what's the point?

You already knows the existence of dense measurements. And the world, inhabited by now, there are really SHELTER souls that came to you from the lower dimensions. And many of you, in a light Creativity is actively involved, there lived and experience life in the dense worlds made a part of its multi-dimensional genome. To Shower, who stepped on the Zare birth of the universe in the first dimension, and then evolved through the second and third dimension — the fourth, that is yours, as long as the law of reincarnation is an absolute character. "Death" does not allow them the freedom to embrace the three highest MEASUREMENTS. For fifteen years, only a few thousand souls of the worlds dense reached, after the so-called "death" of the lower levels of the fifth dimension. Now some of these Souls can rise to the level of 5.4 — on a scale of thirteen measurements.

And it is — a great benefit, because many other souls from the measurements of the lower was reserved entirely different existence between incarnations in the body.

Many of my children, my dear Light walking, heard about the "WAITING GARDEN" — a kind of astral world for disembodied souls. There, in sleep or polubodrstvuyuschem state, inhabited the souls of those who waited hours for his next incarnation in a human body the world of four. This — the souls of those who have evolved from dense worlds and reached the fourth dimension, but which were not able to go into a five-dimensional.

Souls who are at the dawn of the universe began in the evolution of the first dimension, through thick layers of matter, are representatives of the rising branch of EVOLUTION. Those souls who have started evolution, going in the 12th dimension, gradually mastering the lower dimension, are representatives of the descending branch of evolution.

Dear My children! Now you understand that the road referred to as the afterlife, different shower until going through the ascending or descending branches of evolution. Representatives of the descending branch, came from higher dimensions, are free to go back there. And then can make a decision — to come back to the planet, or to go to other worlds, participating in other experiments of life in the vast expanses of the universe. Representatives of the ascending branch of the not yet have the opportunity to go to the higher worlds. They rise consistently through the worlds of measurements. And now many souls nurtured dense measurements, can only reach the fifth dimension.

And now I ask your attention! For we have come to an important point on the way to understanding our topic, you have not yet mastered.

In the era of Duality was a law, known to you as the Karmic. He, in particular, identified the need for reincarnation. Soul returns again and again to the world of a measure as long as getting all the necessary lessons to be lifted up. Reincarnation allowed over and over, gradually raise the vibration to stay in the higher worlds, made it possible to gradually prepare BODY LIGHT, light structures necessary for souls ascending branches going.

But the soul, which came from the higher worlds, have volunteered for his "I" karmic burden and, therefore, lived under the laws of reincarnation. Since it was necessary to perform the experiment and our for the realization of the Plan of the Great Creator God. Living in the duality of the Soul descending branch got the experience and the necessary new structures for their Genomes multidimensional. And it is also necessary for their evolution, and for the general evolution of the universe.

The difference between the branches of evolution while high. Can not the soul, of the dense worlds came, Rising Up, go to the higher dimension. Yet evolution is the great strides, and shower are increasing, which, passing through the dense world, farther can aspire to the worlds Horn.

The greatest thing happened recently. We are with you, embodied Creators Light, manifest out of the state of duality. And it is — not an accidental event. It entails a huge change in the device and your world, and the worlds that are closely related to your. Duality implies the abolition of great change and for the souls who go to the higher worlds as a result of the phenomenon, the death of you called.

And there's news! Them to you planetary Christ Melchizedek reported with great joy!

No More "GARDEN WAITING", where souls are in "sleep" or polubodrstvuyuschem state waiting for the next incarnation. And this means that the message? It means, my children, beloved, that level of collective consciousness there, coming from the dense worlds, Rose. Increased so much that their soul leaving the body after four NOW to live in worlds of the Fifth Dimension will get! This is not the best, the higher worlds of the fifth dimension, but … it's not WAITING LIFE, this is — life itself. The number of those who can rise to the level of the fifth dimension, multiplied. Why do you think so intense there is a growth of the population of the planet Earth, in your world? Knows you, Soul here come from other planets, other worlds of the universe. But to know it's time to: a greater and greater number of souls from denser worlds rush here that, having lived here a number of lives, incarnations, and ran on, in the fifth dimension. Reincarnation and the law used to have in your world, not the absolute effect. In other words, he will never extend to all men, because the bodies of people came souls from other worlds, from other planets, but to live here, for example, only a single embodiment. The law of reincarnation wore absolute for the ascending branch of evolution. Now the essence of the law changes. Because global changes in the world who are now radically change the whole system Interdimensional relations. You should now get a more specific knowledge about the process of change Interdimensional relations, because it changes the form of Transition Shower, which means that soon you familiar concepts — for example, such as "death", "afterlife" — will be quite different. Thus the most important thing you have to understand now, is in the following.

NOW YOU ARE ABLE to determine your future life after the transition. YOU are not only able to make a choice of the world where to go after leaving the physical body. YOU ARE ABLE created this world. To create the world of the Fifth Dimension, is here, in the world of four-dimensional.

One of the biggest FLAWS you as Lightworkers at this stage of development, is the lack of faith in the possibility of creation of the world in which you will live. Inert DUALITY again and again leads you into a passive state MYSLETVORCHESTVA. Your potential now, as MYSLETVORTSOV, is used in a volume equal to at least five percent of the possible. You do not use 95 percent of its power to MYSLETVORCHESTVA! And this passivity is now one of the major problems for you — as the human race, SHAGNUVSHEY — SHAGNUVSHEY ALREADY! — In the multidimensional!

My children! Are hundreds of different analogies and metaphors to make you understand how important it is mysletvorchestvom engage and create their future! If you decide to build a house, will you wait for someone else to do it for you? At a minimum, we need the money for its construction, you need a project, you need a place where construction deploy, needs workers, we need a construction manager need to control the process of construction of the building and all that is built around. That's not very easy to build a house in your world.

And you have to build a huge world! Understand that you can not come into the void. This, of course, is not an absolute vacuum, but are prepared for the human race WORLD NO! THIS WORLD NO, because the basis of the human race — the souls of the rising branch of EVOLUTION. They built WORLDS higher density and now directs the higher worlds. And many employees of Light — is representative of the descending branch of evolution. You came into this world, in particular, for helping RISING. You came, perform a solemn promise from the Great Central ANGELES UNIVERSAL SUN. You came, INCLUDING, because the cause is building new worlds of hip shower. And now, he lived most number of incarnations in the dual world, you entered into it so much that they forgot about one of his main vocation — MYSLETVORTSOV worlds.

My favorite! Of course, of course, this raises a legitimate question. "O Lord! Why can not he do a five-dimensional world, being right there in the fifth dimension? "The answer is:" Why not! You can! "Just that — a lot harder! Because the world in which you live — WORLD ascending evolution. YOU SOULS in human bodies, roots that give life to the entire tree — Hundreds of branches, twigs and THOUSANDS million sheets. Nourish the roots of all the trees of moisture. And if they do not begin to feed moisture trunk, branches and leaves — tree does not grow! What's more — it can dry out! Imagine: CELL LIFE — you carry the energy of the Creator. You live in the roots and moisture can saturate anything and everything! And the trunk and branches and leaves …. Someday you Cells Creator, will pass on the roots and become a trunk or branch. Skyrocket leaves on one branch? Whether she will grow — that branch?

One of the laws BRANCH ascending evolution reads: Lowest doeth HIGHER! This is why many of you who have come here from the descending branch of evolution, is not clear: INACTIVE WHY GOD? WHY SO DIVINE LAWS ARE BAD IN THIS WORLD? This is not something that you're used to in your previous worlds and life, dear CREATORS OF LIGHT!

Does this mean that God is, indeed, not in the lower dimensions?! Oh, My children, you already know what it is not. Divine law, in fact, work here, in the four-and even there, "below" — in one-dimensional. But for their timely to start from the inside OUT! All divine hidden in these worlds deep inside. Because dense worlds — the worlds external, is a conditional edge of the universe … And then, when the dense worlds come angels, they bring back the Divine. They carry the Divine within their divine "I" — multidimensional "I" … And the main problem is not just bring the Divine into the outer realms. The most important task — to awaken and activate the Divine in the representatives of the ascending branch of evolution. Because it is God's they have. It is only hidden deep inside, then these angels went though eversion, made an incredible YOUR JOURNEY of thirteen dimensions in the first dimension. As a result, their internal content has become external, external — internal. Divine went deep, and dense material extends. Otherwise they would not have existed in the first dimension and evolve from there into the second, then the third, and then — in your fourth dimension! Now they are also beginning to manifest the divinity of the innermost depths of their hearts! These beloved angels us greatly transformed dense worlds, began to have an idea of God! Remember it! Of course, their idea of the divinity of the universe is still very limited by the experience of life, which they have received in this universe. But they are changing! DIVINITY OF REPRESENTATIVES ascending branches changing, evolving! Changes their collective consciousness. They are not as warlike, less dogmatic, less selfish — as a collective consciousness. Although militancy, and categorical, and selfishness in large volumes representation in your world. But you see, my children, or simply could not be at our option of planetary evolution — the fact that we all have chosen. And we chose it because it was that we needed to combine into a single MULTIDIMENSIONAL GENOME EVOLUTION both branches — ascending and descending. This — our goal. The union of the two branches of evolution allows us to learn all the measurements UNIVERSE. Allows you to return our true unity. With a multivariate genetic characteristics and higher and lower dimensions, we become qualitatively different and have new opportunities for the creation NOT JUST WORLD, BUT THE NEW UNIVERSE.

This is why now the Family of Light I say unto you in the roots! YOU — part of the root, but you — NOT JUST THE ROOTS! YOU — the great traveler, WHICH MAY satiate ROOTS MULTIVARIATE of the human race divine energy. YOU — MAGIC roots that, satiated Divine Energy trunk, branches, leaves, be able to pass … even the divine energy of the sun!

Therefore I tell you, it is time the most beautiful and majestic creation — YOUR SCALE MYSLETVORCHESTVA based on energy of unconditional love.

It is time to deploy a large-scale project on co-creation — you and those people who live in the fifth dimension. This project will help to solve several problems.

1. You will be able to help souls, departing from this world. This can be called Rehabilitation shower that goes from the fourth and come in the fifth dimension. Such work is multifaceted and diverse. You can discuss the forms and methods of this work with their Higher "I", with his spiritual teacher and mentor. And most importantly — a bold way to communicate with people, beings that live in the fifth dimension. They will tell you how and what to do.

2. You can start creating the world and for those who are leaving now, leaving the four-body and for those who will retire in the coming years. To do this, we must define the general direction of the Project Creativity WORLD FUTURE OF MANKIND. And then — to begin concrete work.

3. As a separate direction of our Project Family of Light offers you start the creation of a special single portal SHOWER TO GO to the higher worlds. It should be structured in such a way that they can enjoy and representatives of the ascending and descending branches representatives evolution. We have to create a portal for the Transition Shower, in which there is no need to pass the zero point (zero-transportation). In this type of travel in passing often have problems in the transformation of some light structures. Then require rehabilitation activities.

A single, MODERN SHOWER PORTAL CROSSING will solve not only the problem. Our task — to make the transition all Souls comfortable and absolutely safe.

News is that this portal is being created. Light but work has not yet been completed. Help Creator is embodied not only by the way. She — is irreplaceable. "Roots" help guide the work that can not afford the branches and even the sun shone in the sky! You can anchor the necessary power to do so in co-create the Unified Portal Transition Souls. And more — MYSLETVORCHESTVOM create this portal, a scheme which we give you!

Beloved children! Are your hearts respond to my words? How! Lord Maitreya now feels like your heart's high energy vibrating Love! Keep this energy! Hold it! Already, the "Roots" begin the work! Already Divine energy from incarnated Creator comes to our portal Single Shift! Think of it as a system of tori tori as eight-helix of the rainbow, where the eighth color — the color of the Divine White Fire. Send this portal, which in and around the planet, the energy of their hearts! We are now, right now, begin joint work!

Joy! What a joy to me because that is going on on the planet! Understand! Soul is the first to go to our portal! And this way — perfect! I shower, going through it, there is no fear of Transition, right in the Portal is born understanding what is happening. And then — even during the passage of the portal, create new bodies, in which people are coming into the fifth dimension, can just "walk the streets" and "shake hands" with their family, friends, good friends … Is not that great! ? Is it — not the greatest challenge that the Force do you incarnated Creator!? This is — your job! This is — your great mission! And to implement it you have started already.

Even just your knowledge of a single portal SHOWER TO GO is a hundred times better its capabilities. Collective co-knowledge of this is already being done PORTAL more perfect! Send ONE PORTAL CROSSING SHOWER energy! Submit! And know that the portal will help your ascension! You are doing it for their "self." Similarly, you have to, and create not only a portal, but the world the future of humanity.

I, the Lord Maitreya — Christ-Melchizedek, his soul to spiritualize the planet your fourth dimension, announces PROJECT "world of the future of humanity." I do not expect when you start working. WORK, WORK HAS BEGUN! But I'm waiting new creators! FAMILY WAITS FOR DIFFERENT LIGHT WORK AND STUDY IN ALL DIRECTIONS! Your spiritual teachers, your mentors WAITING HOUR, when you refer to them with questions: "What can I do for the world the future of humanity?" So appeal to them, MY FAVORITE CHILDREN, PLEASE, ask questions. Appeal to those who live and work in the fifth dimension. They are waiting, finally, you can begin exploring, the greatest works.

They do! WORK! And did not think of anything bad! You will see how your world will soon start to change for the better! BECAUSE, the Creator of a bright future, you create wonderful present and even — PAST! I have all your reality!

And one more — a very important question. Creation of a single portal for SHOWERS WILL TRANSITION TO A NEW OPPORTUNITY, amazing two-way traffic. You understand what I'm saying? Will be easier to travel not only there, but also back. THOSE WHO WANT TO RETURN can return else! These processes will also now in a new way.

So we begin to co-create WORLD FUTURE OF MANKIND. And this humanity can no longer be defined as soon as the five-dimensional Four-dimensional OR. YOU are beginning to unite NOW! Look, as a single portal firmly links the two dimensions! Oh! It's not just portal It is something more! Portal will be the center, which are all united! Comes the most amazing time. Are now determined, Value YOU FOR THIS COMING on the planet … well, you have already decided everything, my children … YOU — those that are already created uniformity of measurements. AND MYSTERY OF THIS CREATION — INFORMATION PEARL in the Chronicle I-KA-shek.

And this is — Aye.

Lord Maitreya —

Spiritualize the planet earth


Lightworkers! You now understand that the importance of the work can hardly be overestimated. Family of Light invites all who wish to participate in the project "world of the future of humanity", send the application to the email address:

The curator of this area of work: Elvira HRYSHCHENKO.

Participants in the project will continue to be sent special delivery.

Dear Friends! We are entering a new stage — a collective, systematic, large-scale works with the family of Light. Our unity, our common aspirations — it is our co-creation of the future world MANKIND.

The curators of the project "Ascension to the East":

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