Channeling: Anatomy of the Incarnation. 19. 10. 2012

What should I do here on earth? That will bring true happiness?

Anatomy of the Incarnation. 10/19/2012

Light Gaia planet you people! We — your colleagues and brothers came back to remind the House of the vibrations.

Says the one who sees all the heart — as Himself.

Listen to your heart first. You hear a knock or just feel the energy of the images you see? What is this? You can pause and listen …

Do you feel like your spiritual family stands by and embraces you with its energy? How do you think they feel now your response is Love? He can say what he always wanted to say …

And we'll talk about the anatomy of the incarnation. Almost all of us are standing on the other side of the veil as pilgrims in the queue to the "Temple of Doom." And you, too, can remember it.

Here on Earth, before your hands, so to speak, buried treasure. It lies in front of you in all dimensions. Truly this is a treasure. He was uncovered on you for putting in the time, when you get into your body in the womb. And it's really beautiful … like a fairy tale begins as the first flower after winter, as a flight to a new country …

Before you gather a huge number of people: groups in which you will enter as they grow older, to enter the lessons learned from other people, wanting to be realized, and the most … Samorealizovyvayas, you open your treasure, using it and giving it. Is the exchange energy and the sacred codes, constant giving and taking. You see in the hands of others, their treasure they also gradually open up and use at their level. All people you only see the potentials solutions of their lessons, not the lessons, you see their soul, not the ego.

Now let's imagine the womb. Then — at the beginning of your coming here … Do you cozy, warm? Here inside is angelic light, and spiritual — is light (smile).

Child is at once can feel and hear all the words and energy from outside, from their parents. Is the intersection of the soul and energy of an incoming already living in the fabric shower may be true fireworks of feelings and images, where the potential of the knowledge of God on both sides simply colossal. This potential is always invisible to everyone on earth man.

Teaching the child new matter, on the one hand, and remembering the true home of parents, on the other — mutual functional and vital. Parents take care of their child, which then creates the conditions for a family to live together in love, to your destination. That's the buried treasure (smile).

Let's work. Do you have memories of myself — the baby? Right here and now it's available, you remember.

And now again, listen to your heart because it remembers himself always. Are you in the womb, you remember yourself there …

This feeling is out there, but here, once back then, but now … you can spend an arbitrarily time in this sense, it seems that you have made, as perceived themselves and the environment. Expensive, stay in this state a little more …

One remembers love of his mother, to his parents, is not it? It was the "if", and you now have copied this state at the time now … Congratulations, you have changed the reality!

If you feel the "inconsistencies" and discomfort right now, the offer to work as follows.

Answer honestly: in this situation, in recent times, you love the parents as well as then, in the womb and in infancy? Answer yourself and, if possible, to describe on paper what is found in the negative … it is important to recognize and describe it negative.

This is a job with his shadow, it is a real cleaning of your life!

Dear, I confess myself, as if one part of you decided to confess to the other part, honestly, and with the fullness. If the course you want to work with it now, and not leave all the work, when you stand before your higher court. When did you talk to yourself is by showing the film itself full of life with all its details, as deeply and honestly. In part, this can be done now …

The most primitive court in the universe: their own perceptions of their experiments duality. We do not insist on the job, but always hope that you will want to make life easier, after working even now, in the incarnation, with its dark side, because if you do not, the shadow grows into a much larger pile of work in the future. Dear, if you already are working, postpone reading the message and feel the invisible support of your family and loving the Self You are always with us, and we are always with you. This is so.

You have done a deep transformation, and are ready to fill in the blanks themselves. Thank yourself for the work. You can easily even embrace you, pat your body. Are you ready to go. It's so beautiful. We applaud you … and we hugged each other again!

Life is so beautiful, so perfect, and the universe sends you respectfully rays of Love is only what you let yourself in this life on earth, in this game of 'good and evil. "

Do you feel that the world without the hassle? The world is infinite and, at the same time, there are some rules of the lessons, there are certain conditions of life that form the mainstream of Your Way …

So, your way. What do you mean by that? This is for you primary or secondary? Answer honestly …

Human potential is always striving to serve the universe, their home, to the fact that you believe in the lightest of its part.

Surely you yourself admitted to the disclosure of the experiment itself through duality. We are always blessed for it and applaud your disclosure. You feel the blessing of home? Let the ego is not surprised and did not come up with the reasons for this, since these blessings are perfectly natural for Souls.

You will see the results of any incarnation, as tapes of Fame in the "combat battles." This is not the regalia and status, this add you own all kinds of energy, it is forever sealed in your experience. Are there many things in the universe is waiting for this irreplaceable experience as a rescue? Yes, very much!

Land rises now in orbit of goodness and love, where you will be welcome to take its place. What is this place? Feel yourself.

You're not here because you told someone to do it. The truth is that you yourself have taken this striking experiment.

Here and now you are happy here and now you are cheerful, here and now you are at the peak of its features.

Did you get yourself out of the House and put on this planet in a specific place at a specific "kindergarten" possibilities. Here in front of you will open the invisible range of opportunities.

You, personally, why I had come to this world? Someone might say: "To be loved, to live successfully in a cozy home to the all-everything." But that you really want deep in himself? Can it be so easy … I do not understand it because of its "worthless" life you've been looking for happiness? In the end always disappointed with the fact that it exists? Do not substitute it for a minor point? Secondary, or rather concomitant given universe itself, and it should not be pursued. All, all a person has, if he holds the important thing.

And what if the main thing? We affirm — revealing their personal potential!

There are other words: MISSION, service, etc. YOUR WAY This is — the disclosure of its potential, only leading to a state of happiness. That is the essence of anatomy incarnation.

Serving the universe, any man rise from the ashes of duality, inspires and harmonizes.

You have been in this state? In a state where neither looking at the past, you would know for sure that your case is absolutely right when it took hold of you completely, with all your heart … when you're in complete tranquility and joy going in this direction, because you are sure of yourself, and fixed all nice on a bright "spot" in this direction, and that inspires you …

The purpose is always disclosed to the infinite happiness of creation, to the infinite expansion of its free capacity to the state of infinite dimensions of Love. This is subject to absolutely everyone on earth …

We sing about your destination in a figurative and literal sense, and we want you to hear these songs … You do it to create.

Light and Love to you, Dear Earth Angels … We are here for you and protect you always. Your Way in your hands …

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