Channeling. Assistance in preparation for the passage through the Galactic Shift

I called the mayor, I was a member of the Council of Elders of Sirius. Pleased to meet you, and the long-awaited meeting, dear.
Cute our family, we have a message for you. We, the members of the Council of Elders, through millions of years of your letoischesliniyu, watching your development and help you in your ascent.

You are well aware of the fact that Lady Gaia ascends to the higher worlds of Light. Unfortunately, we acknowledge that not all of the world's population knows about the processes that are happening in your world. For our part, we do our best for your safe and smooth ascent.

It is in view of this, we give you this message today, dear.
But first I would like to congratulate you on the beginning of climbing the spiral of evolution! We are impressed by your enthusiasm, your impulse to which you have directed. Watching you, we see you — us. So many eons ago, we did the same as you went through to climb the spiral of evolution into the higher worlds of Light, and the ascent continues, because the universe is always moving. Universe is being developed.

I would like to remind you of that election, which will soon stand before you and none of you will be able to close your eyes and say, "I think that's all. It does not exist. It is not. "

Already you face a choice that you made and that choice — the ascent. However, there is a choice that is associated with your further evolution in the light of the maturity exam Tvortsa.Eto shower.

What is it?

Test of maturity shower — this is a test and vibration at the same time, an examination on the knowledge of who you are, dear friends.

Vibration of the Earth worse every second. Although for most of you, this is not so noticeable, but for us it is — the obvious fakt.Mnogie of you, those who are the pioneers of the Spirit, personally feel the changes. Your body is converted into light. Every day in your phone: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical are the underlying processes to transform into Light.

We wish you a successful ascent to the worlds of light and provide you full support in this, but so far it has not been as revealed to you. Now, as you move along a vertical spiral of evolution, it is becoming apparent.

Now I want to appeal to all the awakened people of the Earth. Dear, you are making a huge contribution to the whole human family! Yes, that's right! I turn to you with words of support. You literally "borne the brunt" that part of humanity that is still in the dream state. But soon the dream is over, because nothing is static, but changeable. And this is now you can see in your world.

Returning to the subject of my address to you, dear, I want to say that I was sent by the Council of Elders of Sirius to give you this message. Although, in my opinion, this is the message rather than the message (smile).

We are writing to you with a proposal to co-creation.

What does this mean for you?

This means that we are ready to give you a lot of our knowledge, which we used during the Galactic Shift. Now he has started. Its vibration wave is on its way to you, and we want you to know that you need to do when the time comes. Yes, a lot of options. However, they all have the core around which the various options are shown. Dear Family with Blue Star Lady Gaia, we estimate the Galactic shift occurs in your time continuum of December 23, 2012. But for three days before and three days after, will be a very strong vibration disturbance of space and you, dear, be prepared for this event.

Thanks to the selfless work of the Archangels Angelic worlds, galactic shift and precessional alignment does not come at once. This is their contribution. This is their gift to you, as if they came in one day — it would be a blow to the power cube, and few would be able to sustain such a strong energy storm raging in the area of your solar system.

But you are quite safe, dear! Many representatives of the Free Worlds Supreme Intelligence watch you and protect you, and are ready to provide any assistance if needed.

But for now, we — the observers, as has been given permission to intervene so much. This is due to the fact that you chose to go through the rise and gain experience of climbing on their own and their own, have not provided a way through the co-creation of Unconditional Love energy matrix, which the mother carries you in his arms to the new world. What do you think, who is this mother?

This is my hint to you that will help you to understand more deeply the extent of support and help that you provide. Many people want to tell you, but now I have to adhere to a strict order of the information presented to you in order not to create in your mental bodies storm spatial perturbations due to the fact that, unfortunately, many of the members of your civilization still has ego. And, at times, very large … that is also the anchor that keeps these people in the low-frequency vibrations. But a lot of me, dear! There comes a time for these people to wake up to the Light Source of Life.

I now have before them the report that you would like to read, dear.

The report — a plan
which was developed by the Council of Elders of Sirius to provide you with help and support during the passage through the Galactic Shift.

1. We, your brothers and sisters from the Sirius system, I commend you all the necessary information that will contribute to your awakening in the light and realized the creative work to prepare his mind and body to pass through the galactic shift. Assistance will be provided to you in the form of lessons.

2. We tried to reach the consciousness of many Contactees your civilization to convey the lessons that will help you safely get through the exam. For this
Lessons categorized by us in various disciplines with which you need to read. But to accept or reject them — is
free will and free choice is yours.

3. We ask our Contactees group lessons sent to you, and based on them to co-create the first schools Sirius mystery in your community.


So, my beloved brothers and sisters, the first lesson starts right now!

Adoption of high-frequency energy in the Source of Life
the open heart.

My dear, I beg you to pose for meditation. Pose can be any, basis — this is your comfortable condition. Next, close your eyes and ask your inner vision (focus on your heart and feel it).

Now that you have opened your inner vision, imagine how your body are high-frequency vibrations of the Universe (Source of Life sent to you) in the form of bright energy flows and gold, pink, silver, purple, emerald and magenta … Feel like they are part of you , every cell in your body in the form of expansion, coming from the depths of you … in the form of heat coming from your heart, and covers you from head to toe …

And then, again, focus on your heart and see the mother earth with the words:

"Dear Mother — I (we — if the group) is ready (s) to convert and assimilate themselves into streams that are sent to our development in the light of the True Source of Life and the Universe, for the benefit of all mankind, for the benefit of you, our mother Lady Gaia!"

Once you do, dear … you these words send a sincere intention to clean your willingness to pass along to your mother through all the energy of the event.

My dear, when you finish the practice adoption of high frequency energy of the Source of Life through the open heart made of 4 to 8 deep, but smooth respiration (inhalation and exhalation), then slowly open your eyes.
In this first practical lesson ends.

My recommendation about this practical lesson:
spend it on one — two times a day, as far as possible to yours. But please, take him at least a moment of your day. It is a bit, is not it, dear?

I say to you on this

"Shining Light Sirius with you forever! We and you — one family and one in spiritual spiral of evolution. Let the light from the source of life shines in your heart! "

Channeling took Bogdan Manzhelii (Michael) August 23, 2012

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