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Seventh resolution … — intervention Helpers of God

To help the souls in preparation for the Rapture and the souls that are not ready for the Rapture, but wish to remain on the earth during the transition from the third-density planet (3rd Dimension) in the fourth (4th Dimension), there was a seventh resolution. It gives beings higher densities permission to intervene in the affairs of mankind.

This authorization is in two parts:

1). Guidance and assistance in the process of growth and evolution.
2). Intervention programs in nuclear, neutron, electromagnetic and chemical weapons in the world.

In the 1940s, when human beings began to experience atomic bombs, it was obvious that they have gained the ability to not only destroy the physical life on Earth, but also the ability to significantly slow the shower for Ascension. These weapons are not only destroying the astral and etheric fields around the Earth, as well as the physical, but also affect the neighboring planet. So alien civilizations with highly developed technology was allowed to come to earth to keep mankind from self-destruction by nuclear weapons. From 1940 to the list of those approved for intervention, were added, and other classes of weapons.

The decision regarding what kind of weapon is subject to neutralization, based on the principle of critical mass (not to be confused with the critical mass of a nuclear decay). By the time the divinity made such a decision, the Earth has evolved enough souls to justify such drastic measures. It was agreed that a peaceful, loving soul on Earth who want to move into the fourth dimension with the Earth, as well as the soul, passing through Ascension, should have safe heavens in different places around the world where they would be free from radioactive fallout and electromagnetic damage in the war. Banned only those weapon systems that could destroy the entire planet. Warring people are free to bomb itself only traditional weapons, while the more enlightened members of the human race would be transmitted to a safe heaven.

It is this process happening on planet Earth. Since 1962, your nuclear weapons neutralized in five different cases. Bay of Pigs incident near Cuba was the first such intervention. Later intervention was carried out in the United States and the Soviet Union. The most recent intervention was undertaken in the autumn of 2007, when a group of traitors tried to start a war between Iran and Iraq, or rather, between Iran and the occupying forces in Iraq.

Group attempted to launch a nuclear missile from Iran. The missile has not emerged from the silo as the launch codes were immediately neutralized by one of the friendly groups that help the Earth.

From so-called "Illuminati" and their secret supporters also attempted to create and distribute chemical, neutron and electromagnetic weapons against unforeseen "enemies." Identify the weapons a bit more difficult, but with a complex of clairvoyance and monitoring electromagnetic field Helpers of God managed to prevent any large-scale use of these weapons. Electromagnetic grid system around the Earth together large groups of aliens who are working to prevent the use of electromagnetic weapons and other negative to create anomalies in the etheric field of the planet.

Ley lines and vortexes that make up the electromagnetic grid of the earth — is, in essence, portals that allow the interaction of physical and ethereal worlds. Advanced civilizations use the grid lines as the entry and exit points of your world. That grid system keeps in balance your Earth and its terrestrial counterpart. If the grid line break above a certain limit, it can literally tear fabric of time and space and make life impossible not only on Earth, but also to destroy it in the entire solar system. (Most of the other planets in your solar system inhabited by terrestrial and stellar plans (in the fifth dimension and beyond to 12 measurements))

The grid system of the Earth can get out of balance, not only in the use of nuclear and electromagnetic weapons, but also from a lot of negativity (fear and other thought-forms are enhanced by a large number of souls who share these thoughts.) That is why often you have "negative vortices" (devils) in places where many souls stuck in negativity. (Here, by definition, means much negativity in the mind, seeking a natural way obstruct or interfere with the growth and development of the soul.) Emergence of negative vortices due to the concentration of negative thinking was another reason why the group of enlightened souls were sent to intervene in the affairs of the earth.

The phenomenon known as the "crop circles" that you see in the wheat fields — a by-product of the lattice does different extraterrestrial groups. Balancing and strengthening the system of the lattice around the world, they often leave the sacred symbols "starting system" to help your awakening. Image left in the fields, are made by creating a mini-vortices with alien technology, available on-board the spacecraft. The same equipment is used to move their ships. Particular group is responsible for most of the crop circles — Pleiadians fourth density, working under the supervision of the Arcturians seventh density.

Eighth Resolution — The emergence of enlightened children

Beginning in 1950, recognized the divinity of the following: to protect the free will of enlightened souls on earth, you need to make an internal change. The best way to do this — to introduce highly evolved souls through the process of realization, because usually too risky to put the spacecraft to Earth and allow their crews to freely walk the Earth of embodied people (although some groups to do so.)

Let's use a metaphor. God raised his hand and asked, "Who wants to volunteer to come to Earth and help at this critical time? I want only the best and brightest of the soul."

"We, we," — they all shouted in unison. And here they are, come to your world with the whole universe. Before coming to earth, some of them lived in the worlds seventh density, and as such they were able to save most of their mental and intuitive abilities. This loving soul, do not tolerate violence and hatred. They are aware of the risk of coming to earth and want to take the opportunity to gain experience in the veils of illusion.

There were three waves of souls: the first came during the baby boom in 1950-1960's, the second — in 1980-1990's, and the third is at the present time on Earth. They were given a variety of names, including Indigo (first wave), Crystal children (the second wave) and rainbow children (third wave). Each incoming group is more highly developed than the last. This is done for a reason — because the vibration of the Earth is increasing rapidly, the souls that come later, have more opportunities to withstand the vibration of the Earth without losing consciousness.

Many of the Indigo children are adults now and do give rise to the Crystal and Rainbow children. These parents have sufficient knowledge to encourage children to develop their psychic and intuitive abilities. Some of the children have developed telepathy and can trigger spontaneous healing. Others have abilities of psychokinesis (moving closely located to their environment by thought), and telekinesis (moving objects at a distance by thought). Gradually they will learn advanced techniques of levitation, teleportation and stay in two places at once.

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