Channeling: Divine order

In the past few weeks, the Ascended Masters send us messages about how events may develop for a particular month, one way or another. And a common and frequent in them had information to the effect that many things will become clear, what was hidden from us, from the people.

This included policy, financial institutions, religious and legal structures. And, indeed, got out that it became impossible to hide, despite the vehement attempts to hide the obvious, and to continue to "feed" the people exemplary policies and their "caring" activities.

But, some people began to start to realize that something is wrong. Most of the general mass of people began to cast the votes, people began to act, and to understand and think about what is really going on.

What if there really is not that what you think? Golden question, revealing and expanding the consciousness of every individual, no matter at what stage of development it is in, and what lessons have come to study in the world.

Politics and other structures — it is our external, collective. But since the ascension process is well under way at all levels, and as we know, to a greater extent depends on the personal choice of each of us, then …

What if there really is not that what it seems in our personal lives and the environment?

What if there are things that we cravenly turned a blind eye, thinking that perhaps it should be in our personal lives in this world, entering into a compromise, for fear of losing the last (the remnants of relations, remains Affairs, "love ")? What if these forecasts are not only related to foreign policy, but also to the internal, and the internal politics of each individual?

That is, that if it becomes apparent that each of us is hiding, or what a blind eye, from which waved, or just have not seen in your personal life? And as we proceed with this?

Since the sensitivity of many of us (going through the ascension consciously) is developing more and more, we can have those moments especially, and still continue to tolerate it. But, as I have many times reported for a lot depends on the choice of each of us.

And, if we continue to put up with the fact that no longer serve us, and ignore the inner voice, thinking that this is some remnants, little things, we will again get stuck, and slow down the overall process.

Explanation — here it is not about to run to the barricades, or engage an external chaos. The thing is to listen to yourself and follow your true and mature that the higher dimensions often can be expressed as a calm and reasonable, balanced action / inaction, meditation or silence, or a conscious move away to the side, without drama, with a loving understanding.

It is very important now, in October, to treat yourself with great care, to all the messages from the outside and from within yourself, it is important to act immediately on the basis of the received individual information, and act with love.

The energy of the higher dimensions there is always good, it allows us to act very flexible, versatile and lovingly, even if we do it for ourselves something painful, such as tear / stop unbalanced relationship with the people or with the previous cases, this power repeatedly support us, if we follow your heart.

These our actions — thinking — understanding — words instantly bring clarity into our space, and — in the collective! These our actions instantly take us to a different vibrational space, and bring our move into the new space, which we are already set for themselves and prepared for all other plans.

And who are not able to go and join their brothers and sisters in spirit, with his true lovers and friends with their real business.

Because cowardice — a dangerous enemy — a trap on the way, plus the fatigue of a long and grueling road, and indeed sometimes drooping hands, it all seems to be a slight, but it slows us before the finish.

It depends on us a lot, folks. From each one of us. Our honesty to yourself and open loving heart are the most important attributes for the final shot of the ascension process. Whether someone is a hundred million times advanced master in the ascension process, but he can not enter into a new, if they have a change from the old unfinished or addiction (drugs, alcohol, laziness). And that means that the cells will remain unfilled for puzzles in the overall picture of the new world. That's it.

Even if energy bombard us now and we'll rest up in bed a day or two, or feel quite lonely and separated from the world, apparently continues to live in the old way, even if it did, then nothing prevents us take a few deep breaths and become the I Am that I Am totally.

And remember that all is in divine order, in the same order that we, as a divine being and creating. In each moment.

Julia Gers

listening to your heart,

Category: Channeling

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