Channeling: flow 05. 10. 2012

10/05/12 A message from Mother Mary

I AM Mother Mary! Hello, dear people of Earth!
I AM come to you today for instructions. They will be instructive mood your thoughts. Little time left before the transition, so you need to concentrate forces, energies, knowledge, skills, and all things which we have been taught.
Many of you do not have any specific attributes of your character for rapid spiritual growth. Do not worry, there is still time to work on ourselves. Today, it is for you. Substantially increased power for disclosure of your abilities and talents. You as if filled with a sense of creative, create, try the previously unknown. Do not resist this desire in you. Listen to them and you will feel a novelty, their ability to open from the inside, to communicate with nature and share their feelings with the space.
When you are communicating with your Higher "I" you are happy and your inner peace comes, and in other cases of creation. Gifts of our Lord are endless for you and all individually, so do not waste time searching for information, videos, discussions, and on, and dedicate it for ourselves, for the disclosure. See the difference? Earlier we told you, work on yourself, change themselves, to develop, now says the drop!
Your spiritual growth is noticeable and we can see it from the top. Of course, we want the best results, but each vegetable his term. So your success are different, but we are pleased with them. Many of you have acquired communication with your Higher 'I'. This happened because of your dedication, our training and works Messengers. They are your helpers and who allowed himself to join with them in close contact, is already seeing the results and success in spiritual growth. Your souls begin with intensive work on the interaction of the higher plane that accompanies any real changes in the tightly run. Many are rethinking their lives anew, and some changes himself dramatically. All you have felt a sharp jump up, so this is unity.
You believe in our message, in itself, in their capabilities. Great are you doing in front, very large. This moment comes swiftly. From all of you only need to calm the perception of what is happening to you. Many are already feeling on themselves, many. Believe me, you live in a unique country and in an amazing time of change and discovery. New world so close that only one step of the way, every individual, but one in spirit. You already think alike and we are happy. Just merged into one single unit, you can change your space Uniform mental images. That's what we all need to work together.
Your promises are good, but not in them concentrations One Providence. Therefore, everyone needs to work on that. Many people ask the question of how to achieve this? A reasonable question, but the answer ambiguous. There is no one answer to this question, and therefore need your constant work on the convergence of your thoughts, attitudes, interests, works, building and others in the same direction. That is your task today and ours.
We need a short time to create collective mental images of Holy Russia and make it a reality. In other words, show the plan of the Thin Dense plan all that you have created already. Therefore, you need to focus on yourself. This will bring you insight into what you have created on a subtle plane, able to remember, understand and manifest here and now in terms of our present densely Genesis. Specifically just tell. We are so honest have never been.
What an amazing time has come! How quickly things change! We are glad this change!
I AM Mother Mary! OM!

10/05/12 A message from the I AM THAT I AM

I AM THAT I AM! Welcome our beloved!
I will briefly continue and conclude this little stream. Our experiment on Earth is coming to an end. Final instructions to the passing of the historical period. Much has been said and retold over time. We are very pleased with our and your results.
All you need to pay attention to your relationship. How do you feel about each other? What is the basis of your relationship, what drives you to communicate, what is the purpose? It is very important to you today. Gone is the concept of "you give me, I will." BEZKORYSTIE in all, this is your engine at any given time. So who is not confident in their abilities, who has a lot of doubts and other low-frequency vibrations, show their curiosity, persistence, refer to the Messenger, not only with the question in the forum on the site, but also a personal request to help. Why lose and lose precious time when there is a real opportunity to understand themselves and to accelerate its growth.
We all help you. Ask, and it will help you, and you knock open. All one-and at your free choice. Remember, "can not be forced," only when a person has matured, when he wants to change, can help. This unique opportunity is provided for each of you, but not for idle curiosity. It must be remembered, if earlier it was difficult to Messengers "reach out", today they are always open to you, just remember that for you, no one can change that.
You are free to help themselves, each. This is the Canon of Eternity. Personality and self-improvement is the Evolution. I am pleased today to talk about it, that there was a real possibility of your communication and Unity for your enlightenment and spiritual growth. We have been preparing you for this, and the result has inspired us to continue your closer, your contacts in the real world and time. So we quickly play to a new world! You're all set up to do!
I am pleased to note that close the stream.

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