Channeling from the Akashic Records for December 2012

What will be the energy and feel of this month?

This month, there is a feeling suspense, as if everything is very easy. For some, it is a pleasant and relaxing feeling. Takes you up like a balloon. For others, this could easily be a loss of orientation, when you can not stop and hold to bring thoughts.

Hovering in a balloon, you will no longer act as before, when you were still on the ground, otherwise you all could end badly. This month, it's time to break free from everyday expectations. The hour when you can give up the desire for order and float downstream. Do not complicate your life. It is best that you can do this month. Be it simple and understandable. Do not twist the situation. Try not to strain yourself thinking or assumptions about how they feel or mean people. If you are not sure — just ask them about it openly. Try not to split hairs and be conceptually simple as much as possible. Thus, you can help yourself to feel light and free.

This month there is a particularly strong need for simplicity, because there are so many ideas soars. People are still many expectations for the year 2012. Many of them are still undecided and have not figured out how to respond to innovations, election results and other significant changes. Many have found their footing. You will come across people who are prone to dramatic and erroneous assumptions. You will discover that the situation is complicated, where it should not be. For you, it will be important to counteract this negative trend, while retaining the simplicity of your words and actions. No need to hurry or nervous to act rapidly and lightly. Be forgiving to yourself and easygoing with people around you.

What should be our efforts to better use the energy of this month?

It is important to spend more time with friends and family. This is the right time for communicating with those whom you love, and joint exercises, because you own behavior can seriously affect the others. Your calmness, kindness, sense of humor and ease in communicating allow other people to be as simple and transparent.

Not isolated from the world. Make everything easier — not to be alone with yourself, when there are no one interferes. The sense of simplicity is the ease and clarity of communication with others. Be sure to meet and communicate. It is important that you stay in contact. The significance of 2012 has always been based on the fact that we go through the next stage of evolution of the human race. The most important aspect — we have almost come to the realization that we, the people, fully connected to each other. All our actions affect others.

This month, you have to avoid isolation and to develop a sense of connection with other people. Spending more time in the community, overcoming the odds, reaching understanding (making everything needed to build relationships), you agree to comprehend the essence of 2012. You are evolving, becoming more connected, collective. You — one.

What will happen on December 21, taking into account previous predictions and what is happening now?

December 21 — a unique day with powerful energy. This solstice (or rather, winter or summer, depending on whether you are in North or South hemisphere). This is a major turning point in the year, and since it is also a major turning point for humanity, it is the day reflects the emerging shift. But do not expect a drastic change. Shift can not happen overnight. He's already going on, and you will continue to operate it in the coming years.

This day symbolizes changes, changes in your life. But do not expect that everything will move or change on its own. End of the world will not. This day would be no different from the others. Resist the temptation to witness the grand scale, and do not create a problem so, where it is actually not. The shift is real, but it has already started as it had predicted. This day — only the central point as the eye of the storm, and the storm — the shift itself. Therefore, you should not worry much about this particular day.

However, you have to honor to this day. Experience the tranquility turning point, when you go from a state that you are, in a state of what you will. Write down your thoughts in a journal or on a sheet of paper, immersed in conversation with people you love, sharing with them their feelings change. What changes occur depth of your soul and your life? Contemplate these changes and accept everything that has happened in my life so far. Bless you. Forgive yourself for what you have accomplished, and go with the intention to overcome the tipping point with calmness and dignity. Promise yourself not to resist, to accept the truth and go through a shift in the belief that you are on the right track to the life that you wanted to live. These are your steps on December 21, which will help you tame the power of the energy tipping point.

What else should we know about December 2012?

Calm down, if you have doubts about this month. Do not panic if you think that everything becomes easier, and you find it hard to grasp for anything. The situation gets out of control. You seem to go down the slippery slope and try to find the halfway point of support, when not to rely on that. You run the risk of falling.

Calmness and deliberation will help you get used to ease your mind to calm down, will act judiciously and carefully, before making a decision. In any case, it's better than just frantically trying to find a balance.

When in doubt, stop, calm down and, on reflection, move on. This month, do not do what you think unnecessary. Think and then speak. Be attentive and caring. Take your time, do simple. If you doubt this month, take it easy. Wait until you feel everything is clear and understandable.

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