Channeling: Kryon — Hologram. Part 1

Kryon by Patricia Pfister

I will introduce you to unusual information that you have gained a broader view of everything that happens on Earth. So let me tell you one unusual story.

Back in the old days, some entities have gone on a long journey — they were flying through space, and their flight lasted for decades. In all that time they did not see anything remarkable, no new worlds, only to perform boring chores.

Then one of the crew members came up with the idea to write a hologram — that it was an action in which he would play an active role. Program provides a choice. It was the main story, but the game could make their own decisions and, in the end, did not know where it will lead the game and how it will end. In short, it was an interactive video program. If the end of the game was known in advance, it would have lost its edge and excitement.

So, one of the crew wrote this program and first tried it in the simulator in order to "break in". It was to be very realistic, as allowed photon particle of light, because this hologram was nothing more than a projection of light. This crew member of a "space ship" we call Sha, and gender does not play any role here. Sha means both male and female. So, after the initial "break-in" in the free time, which was a lot in this long journey, Shah tried his program for real. He was delighted: the program opened in front of him are the corners of his personality, the existence of which he had not even suspected. He expands the program, and now the long flight to make for it more interesting, but the most interesting thing he has to travel across the expanses of his inner world.

His companions, of course, have seen what he did Sha. They wanted to know why he did it, what meaning is in the program and what the results hoped for. Do not Start in the long explanation, he instead gave them the opportunity to become members of its program. As space crew consisted of individuals subject Holograms vary slightly with each new player and his actions, and all this is extremely entertaining. Flight gradually lost its importance. The crew spent more time near the Holograms, and each was looking forward to his turn to make their own changes to the game.

Then another member of the crew had the idea that it is much more interesting to build this game so that the player did not know that it is only a game, so he was blocked at the time of memory. Not erased, mind you, but a lock and had to be restored after the game.

Participants liked and this new version, but sooner or later exhausted all possible games. What's next? Crew members have decided that they will come up with new stories and everyone can enjoy the stories of their peers, so that they will provide entertainment for a long time in a boring flight. Of course, it was necessary to ensure the safety of the flight, so the crew had to stay out of the hologram. Some crew members are not interested in the game, and they voluntarily left to manage the spacecraft, but it was not enough. Therefore, the remaining, no matter how passionate about the game, had to keep watch by turns.

So someone came up with the idea to combine all of the individual stories, to make the game more exciting and unpredictable. No sooner said than done. All subjects agreed with each other, and it is permanently stretched the game.

Now the "leading role" played first crew member, then another, then another. Everyone gets a chance to be in the major and minor roles on and test yourself. Players starring gave a major player tips and instructions, sent the story to initially set aside. As a major player had forgotten about it, supporting roles were written so that such orders came from them and something awakened in memory leader game.

Sends a sort code, to influence its actions.

Provides a second role for the visible and the players are the same as for the invisible.

While everyone participated in a hologram-free watch crew rest, "awake" travelers have noticed a strange thing: space, where until quite recently, there was nothing remarkable — no color, no sound, nothing has changed. It not only appeared some paint, but in these colors were observed movement, vortices, etc.

Over time, it became clear that the more complex scenes Holograms were inside the ship, the more difficult it became the surrounding space. There was a direct connection between what was going on inside, and that was formed around the ship. "Watch," the crew were terrified, because they realized that their colleagues have been responsible of these changes, although they seemed a harmless game. It turns out, the crew is responsible not only for what was going on inside the ship, but for the external environment. They also realized they can no longer continue hologram at random, without considering their actions, and even can not stop it, because it affects the "real" world, and participated in its formation. It also affects their journey and its purpose.

Their goal was to home planet. They flew home. But it now appears that they can not send your ship to the target by the means at their disposal. The aim was closed that formed around their ship. They consulted what to do. It was necessary to create an internal environment that is the hologram, so that their original purpose was again visible. The task was seemingly impossible and required more knowledge than it was at the time the duty team. And although hologram was still going on, they decided to wake possible as many crew members before the completion of the game (waking them meant returning the memory), as the output of the game required number of experts mean the complete destruction of the entire game, and thus the surrounding their ship space.

Of course, they could out of the game at the same time a number of specialists, not too damaging story. They do it, but it was not enough to re-find the target, and the road to it. Therefore, they are awakened as many colleagues, but they still remain in the game. The advantage of this situation is that the decisions were implemented immediately.

It is true that communication with those who wanted to wake up, it was very difficult. Players do not believe that what they perceive as reality, was only holograms or one of the many levels of reality. The game lasted too long to reality outside could clearly be seen. Memory players could recover only gradually, as the truth could cause a shock, and then the game would not be able to perform their task. They had gradually remember who they are, as well as to overcome the desire to get out of the game and help his "sober" colleagues find new purpose — home planet. That is, they should have realized that helping in the search for purpose, they will be "inside" of the hologram, and that they all depend on each other as "awake" outside the game, and players are awakened inside the hologram.

Of course, "awake" wake not all players in a row, and experts in specific areas. But eventually had to wake everyone and remind them who they are and what they invented stories went beyond the usual fun and become a reality, which was to influence the original reality and change it. The players had to realize that each of them is responsible for the situation. A aroused now responsible for ourselves, and for those who are still "sleeping", and for all our colleagues outside of the hologram.

The crew of the ship did not realize until the end because of its creative energy, so he had to deal with their "creations" and take responsibility for them.

"How can wake to play?" — You ask. And I answer: those originally intended to control the game, were so strengthened that the game is more noticed that the game influenced by someone else that they are not alone, that their reality, there is another reality. Thus, they awaken curiosity, and it is more activated codes. After the crew were smart entities and provided code awakening to the case when you have to take out of the game without exception. Only now they could not wake everyone at the same time as originally planned, as the hologram should continue. She was so affected by the original reality that suspended and could kill her. So, the hologram had to continue or reformat, until awakened all a game to see such unconsciously (or recklessly) created their result. But in order that the result was good for everyone, now required to act not as horrible as meaningful, and this was the main problem.

Always difficult to wake up, have to overcome too many obstacles, many difficulties. But when you wake up, dear people, only then begin the real work, the conscious creation of a new universe! How did she look?

The crew of the ship had no effect on the surrounding space-hologram of his game, while it was only a small episode like the stories of the life of Leonardo da Vinci. I do not want to say that the history of the earth began with it, it's just an example. Space crew members so like their entertainment, they spread the story that far back and forth to the past and the future. They came up with stories that happened to Leonardo and after. But it was not enough and that. They spread their story on the solar system and beyond, to distant galaxies, and even further into the past and future, and in endless variations, as each played a story in its own way.

At a time when the "artificial" stories left the solar system, they have ceased to exist artificially and became reality. This reality has spread like a shock wave throughout the universe, and changed it. It was as if someone had flicked a giant switch and created something that was not there before. The fact that there were only a few in the representation of entities acquired a physicality that overcame the "old" reality and acquired control over everything. Were affected and those who are not in this space ship, flying home. In an instant they were in a different reality, which did not create and which they did not like. This reality has been associated with violence and conflict.

Naturally, they wanted to find out what happened. But the new reality imposed constraints, yet have not been done before. They took longer than they expected, the identification of who is wrong and who is to blame. The culprit has long remained unknown, and in the meantime the new reality is increasingly asserting itself, and against this it was impossible to do anything.

Finally found the "intruder." Cosmic entities, after all, paid a visit to the crew of the ship, and it took the crew of all forces. Consulted about the situation and called Sha accountable. And he has long been involved in the game, as he did not like what it did the other players. He first looked out the window and saw what happened. He felt responsible for everything, but in fact was not guilty, because he never wanted all reached such proportions. Moreover, it has long been working on the issue and suggested it confers. The meeting did not like the offer, but it was the only chance of success.

Everyone agreed that the old reality will not be restored. This requires a very wide intervention will disappear too many species, resulting from the new changes. In general, the new convert enriched living space, yet they led to the death of both new and old, as some things old and new mutually destroy each other. Therefore, the new convert had to enter into such a rut, which would prevent the deaths and created the reality, combining new and old. It was necessary to develop a new strategy, to identify the main axis of the time, which could join all the others.

A big role is played by "figures" of the game, which were at first only holograms without the "soul." They (we call them "people") were only programs without their own consciousness or intelligence, they have participated in the game, but almost no effect on her. Because not enough players, to animate all these "figures", give their minds and thus, enhance the element of unpredictability, was introduced "program identity." "Figures," had an opportunity to concentrate the energy of consciousness, aware of yourself and grow from it. This made the game more interesting — she got a lot more unpredictable components. Now you need to use these components, and to bring order to chaos.

Meetings were held constant. We had to determine what to do next steps, when and how, check the results. They set up the regular cooperation of those who were inside the ship, and those who were outside. The two "groups" had its point of view, and they gradually integrated. Also taken into account the human consciousness "figures." It turns out that they were the key to improve the situation. They were given free will — what the terms of the game was almost no crew members, as their "role" has been set in advance. But people are free in their desires, thoughts, feelings and actions.

They obey certain laws and restrictions only when the game was used for entertainment of their creators. Now, however, it became clear that they have the potential for a new level, if given enough space. (The creators have put into them any ideas what could have imagined.) First, it is not in the interests of the players. The game was supposed to be more or less under control. But when it became clear that she had long since moved beyond the space shuttle, for the people were gradually removed all barriers.

So, in my stories are different entities. First, the members of the crew of the ship (aliens) who gradually realize that they are only "guests" in this reality, but at the same time have been so altered his own reality that hardly recognized her. Now they are looking for ways to consolidate both the reality and live simultaneously in both, as they are already a reality to be reduced.

Second, the people who developed only here. Their spiritual, mental and physical potential combined all that you can imagine, and they are not subject to any restrictions. Of course, one limitation has been introduced yet — the red thread along which must and will be the development of human consciousness and the return of the memory of the aliens, otherwise chaos will increase, not decrease: it is the frequency of vibration of the heart. Progress in the development of the consciousness of both parties controlled vibrations of love.

To care for the game was involved central computer that controls the spacecraft. It controls the frequency of vibration of love.

In short, it spilled out into the universe chaos, and he came from a world that in our game called "Earth". To master they had to make sure that over time many versions of the game come together, line (axis) and time together in the main, the red line.

This means that more time lines merge together. This is not new, in fact, see, every story ever told, be it love or crime novel, fiction, etc., carried there by the fact that the story is told at a certain time line. Because someone "saw" the story and write it, opened the door to this reality, and the story of "flowed" there. Take the TV series "Star Trek» (Star Trek): the depicted behaviors affect the behavior of adolescents who watched them. Then there are teenagers, imitate favorite heroes in dress and speech. In the eyes of many, it seems crazy, but it shows that the reality of the teleistorii "flows" here. And other stories. The more people know the stories, the stronger the impact of these stories on the current life, the more real they become to those who saw them. In part, this is fine, part of the effect of causing a big problem. But all must again merge into a single line (axis) of the time, otherwise it will be in great trouble. So, we need to allow the influence of the "outside", even if at first it increases the chaos. When the dust settles, will once again be more order.

So, if a person feels his connection with some kind of role in the story, it should integrate this person into your life. This means that in all these stories somewhere will always get a role that corresponds to certain essence, a role that nature has ever performed. Associated with the role of knowledge and skills, but also received injuries. This also concerns the role of villains in the stories. These roles also had to play, and getting that experience. Those stories are transferred here, the energy flowed and there was neutralized. And that man learned their roles and identity, opened a new part of myself, and could regain what until now has been separated from him.

It is a long process that requires a large commitment, and we understand that. But you are doing it not only for ourselves but for everyone! And here's what I did not mention. To purchase as many new experiences as much as possible to fulfill the roles the players themselves were divided into parts, divided their souls, we can say this. This was possible only through the harsh experience, for example, if a person becomes a murderer (or a murder victim). The more often, the more parts are split off from the man, the more roles he could fulfill. This process should now be reversed, now people collect part of their shattered soul. For newcomers it's own pieces of the soul, for the people are pieces of the puzzle that you need to collect, and all because of this personality changes every time. Some people become who they were, and are, and others who they will be.

It added another unusual circumstance. It both simplifies and complicates things. Of those who participated in the meeting on board the spacecraft and was not originally in it, some (there were some) decided to directly intervene in the proceedings. They decided to "scroll through several rounds in the individual stories of Holograms," and then to infiltrate back and at the same time to take pre-charge to certain individuals were really ready to wake up after the code will be sent to awakening. One of these "new game" you can call it that — is Jesus Christ. He, too, is known in many ways. And a number of people feel that they have been in this role. They are right. Only on the time line, which will be the main one, the role played one of the new players, and only here, measures were taken pre-activation, which would lead to a mass awakening now, in our time. And this happen. Understand, this is not something that affects or influences the originally planned story (ie the past). But it definitely affects what is happening now!

There are experts on time, which so skillfully "button up the zipper," bring together some time lines, parallel universes, dimensions, and so on, that no one suffers damage. Get the best result for everyone, if you want a new unity. This can only be done from the "inside", not outside. "Lightning" can fasten only when you pull a lock, and not when just svedesh edge matter. That is exactly the same.

Let's just say "my" story is your story, that's just …

If everything around you — holographic projection, which, then, is about you? Also only the connection of light and energy, which you refer to as matter? The hologram can be changed by changing the parameters, that is, the input data of the program. By this process, and you are now engaged. After all, understand that you, for example, cast out from the body symptoms and delve into its cause, this information is re-introduced into the system. As you may know, in every part of a hologram contains information about all of the hologram. So here, too, if you change something in one part of the body, you change it all over. But your body is also part of a larger hologram, more "body", and if you change something in yourself, it is once again affects the whole, always!

If out of your body, "expelled" a critical mass of cancer, it is automatically overwritten great program, and the disease of you leaves. This information is transmitted through the morphogenetic field, which again formed and controlled light pulses. Light — that's it! Information — everything! Information varies, so does the light or lack of it, then there is darkness.

In other words, every disease is curable if the corresponding program written in individuals and in general a sufficient number of individuals to reprogram all "program of disease." One of the reasons for the success of pranic / light food that is not hologram! The only thing that bothers you without food — your belief that you have to eat, that is your pre-programming for food. Mankind faces a critical step — in order to change the program is not in the individual, and all at once! The effects are more noticeable. But the original hologram is set to continue for some time for those who still can not or should not be awakened, and to external reality — for the above reasons.

So, sleeping perform the same important as awakened. Each contributes to the preservation and further development of the whole. Any elitist thinking here is totally inappropriate and totally unjustified.

The aliens are not more important than the people of Earth, and vice versa. All need each other.

So the aliens can not just disappear and go back to their own reality. They have to stay until everything is brought together for the benefit of all participants.

As you probably already understand, reprogramming takes years. Often, you're dreaming of a partner that goes the same way, and some get a partner. But most of it so that the sleeper supports this awakening process, which is also necessary. So I suggest you to consider and weigh this fact, if you set out to end the relationship with a partner. Always listen to your heart! Perhaps then you will be able to support your partner during his awakening!

Of course, in this story, I keep it simple. I have not told you about participation in a separate story. This includes the case of karma and stuff.

We start from the fact that my story has a grain of truth. Then what does it all mean?

So, on board the spacecraft are some beings created the hologram, to brighten up their long years of flight. But then that's what happened. Because they are constantly expanding and complicated program, their respective expertise was, after all, such a multi-faceted, that really showed their true gray, monotonous and boring. The aliens are becoming more used to the built environment, especially since there could explore these facets of his life, to which they otherwise would not have made it. They are more and more opposed to 'the environment', their present reality, and increasingly refused to exit the program and start execution of the service.

Of course, it was provided "emergency shutdown", but it was allowed to use only in an emergency. (A small question: Do you believe that such a trip is now involved?) Then on board was enough "keepers" of people, and they ran the ship. But more and more members of the crew refused to wake up. Watch had to bear the same, while others had fun. This led to discontent.

The game is too much. Because of this, it was delayed beyond all measure, and no one thought that it was time to go out of it. Reason for the success was unpredictable components — they made the game more interesting than the reality. Holographic figures created for the game (later they became known as "people"), were more susceptible than out playing. They intensified even the slightest movement of the senses. The emotions and captivates players. They were a great gift people. Through feelings could learn much more about yourself than through reason. The players have developed a personality and abilities that they did not have the outside game. True, people have surpassed them in this. Then the game is so afraid that, as already mentioned, have entered into the free will of people in rigid frames.

In general, the visitors remembered about their extraterrestrial origin and about who they were, are and will be. They recalled all its essence, step by step, and returned it back. For people everything was different. Their memories related to "only" earthly order, as they were not really in space, to investigate it, and so settle the relevant stories in myths treat aliens and their experience in the human body, but not to the humanity.

When you create holograms of human genes in it were all twelve original light races. And the most interesting thing happened: because the script, conceived initially as a hologram has the features of reality, that is has become a reality, and it became dominant, the human race was the thirteenth race, something new, unprecedented, with a huge potential, equal to all twelve light races. Some newcomers have realized this when they came out beyond the hologram, and felt the fear of their own creation. They quickly came up with a script that was supposed to limit this potential, and brought it into the program without consulting the others. They did not realize that at the moment are constrained by its capacity, because the creators and their creations are linked forever!

The game has received such a scale that the newcomers, creating a hologram, it not only changed the route of flight, but also the goal. After waking up, they only vaguely remember the route and does not remember the goal. Hence the seeming lack of guidance in the process of awakening. However, the newcomers had their invisible leadership team, and she confidently led these processes. I have briefly mentioned that each of them had in game several unseen helpers. Now the task assistants changed — they helped awaken. Earthlings also received from outside its own management team, as each person is important: it influences the shape, what will the reality, which then will continue to collectively as the main line (axis) of the time.

The original purpose of space crew was God, they wanted to go home.
But the hologram so changed that goal that it has ceased to exist in its old form, and therefore it had to be re-created. But where? Most interesting is that the aliens have found that now that goal is not somewhere outside, but inside the hologram. Of the hologram, which now not only the invention of bored entities, and much more, as their creation was Creation engine! In part, this is because to create an interesting game pieces used genes of twelve light races, and feature some of the human body and its energy fields and some other factors, which I have already called.

What was happening now? The new goal was the transformation of the Earth's alien to the Divine Source! Yes, you read correctly. Engine of Creation is here and why this planet has become manifest, the material base for the Divine Source, place a special kind of power! "The place of power" — is nothing but a place with a higher vibration than its surroundings. Therefore, it is closer to the Divine Source and is a sacred place. It is in this sacred place should be Earth, a place of pilgrimage for the entire universe. And there is a reason for the Earth to become such a coveted spot, now you know them. We can say this — who controls the earth, controls the Divine Source!

And now we will talk about the destiny of man. Aliens who live among the people, even the people are, this objective by different means. Under dispute, how to achieve it. Some advocate a course of violence, as it provides rapid technical progress. Believe it or not, this is true of the soul, however, only when healed the wounds of violence. True, it takes more time than expected, and, above all, because the wound too much, do not know where to begin, as the game goes on for very long.

Then there was a faction that wanted to promote non-violent soul. Between the two parties was a dispute, the struggle was waged in the sky. All this happened within the Holograms, so we left a vague memory. How is it connected to the purpose of man? Direct link here, I reply. Because, as you know, compared to the rest of the universe and humanity is very young to be determined from the outside (the anthropological term, the opposite self-determination. — Comm. Per.), And on many levels. The problem of humanity — to be free, and not return it, because freedom has never been. It begins with a private life, where you are released from the old structures (marriage, work, etc.), which often takes an incredible amount of strength. You, as an individual, get up on their feet, and this desire spreads like a virus. Understand that it does not have to be a "spiritual", and each of you, and so much a part of the Spirit. But he does not have to walk the spiritual path, as you read these words. The process is still going, and what happens to the individual, spread.

Old, cracked snare structure in every sense. This happens for a while and all clearly seen globally. Start here put the newcomers, as they by their extraterrestrial roots easier to lose even a voluntary bondage. On the other hand, they have problems, and more — all of them because of the cargo light bodies. They show the way, but the direction ultimately determines humanity, local humans, if you like, and this is their mission!
They show a new way of the cosmos. Before the aliens have a choice: to stay and become a "local", or to return to his ship and work from there.

You can ask a question to which group you belong. After all, these lines will be read as aliens and humans. Ultimately, it does not matter. But now, for your own personal development, this is important, so I will name a few symptoms. Aliens who are awake, can no longer kill, but humans can. Herein lies the potential danger, and so it is important to activate the vibration of love in a man — to reduce the level of violence. Understand the uniqueness of all people, as the aliens in human form, as well as humans, applies to many levels and is, above all, the ability to produce the vibration of love in an unusually wide range and extraordinary intensity. After all, the Divine Source can come only love, is not it? Every person has the spark of God, the Divine Source. If it will be fully activated at all, do you think, what power will come from the Earth to the Universe, in which your solar system? Yes it is already coming quite significantly …

In general, if you feel that in certain situations can kill someone, do not worry. After all, you have the right to self-defense. But now you are already in the process of conversion, otherwise you would not be reading these words. If you see yourself as an earthling, welcome, because it means that you can ever increase its capacity up to immeasurable. If you think you are a stranger, you are welcome too, because then you will better understand his longing for the stars, but your task is to create a new home, and not to look for it somewhere else, and not seek to go there (because it no longer exists.) You are here because you want so you like it now or not — does not matter. Newcomer pining for the stars, sometimes very sharply criticizes the situation in the world, but still loves the world and its inhabitants, because they directly or indirectly, "his" creation, and he is responsible for them.

"Local" is often confused situation in the world and can not understand how it came to this. Newcomer very well remember this on a subconscious level, and remembers that he helped, and now has again to do something to change that. "Local" is in search of himself and his potential, not knowing exactly where he is. The stranger knows that his potential here, and often despair, as yet has no access to it.

You can call a lot of criteria differences, but enough for now. If you still do not understand who you are, do this: look at yourself in the mirror in her left eye. Try not to blink and soak for several minutes. Gradually, you will see that while you fiksiruesh his view of the left eye, appears around the face and will be changed as in a slide projector. Twelve persons. Then start all over again. Each of these twelve persons is one life in which you implement various properties of individual light races. If you are an earthling, you will see only the human person. If you are a stranger, you will see in people and alien, such as a flat nose, more like a skin fold. As a race Markab of sci-fi series "Babylon 5."

But if you see a person's face with elongated head, it is not an alien, and you yourself, when he was a resident of Atlantis. The Atlanteans had six fingers and toes, the solar plexus thickness of about 5 cm and is such an elongated head, which can be seen in ancient images. You make sure that your face is not too different from your present shape, and color of eyes are always the same, as you always use the same gene that corresponds to your essence, and here refers to the gene rather subtle matter than the material. In rare cases, that is connected with the alien Earthling, because it is required by the task or because he voluntarily relinquishes the body. If you suspect that this could happen to you, take a closer look, does not change whether those eye color. This means that your body has taken another soul. But this is not a "hostile takeover" — it is with the consent of the parties, on the urgent need.

Someday the world will be no more differences between humans and aliens. There are only people with fully disclosed potential. That is the goal!

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