Channeling: Kryon — Hologram. Part 2

Dear people, the history of holograms, which I told you, clearly shows the situation in which humanity is. It serves as a metaphor for the real events. This metaphor is very close to reality, so I will continue to explain.

In all your myths of Creation has in common. No matter how they differ, they all agree on the fact that people do not just appear on the screen and not evolved from single-celled, according to your science, not, according to mythology, man was created! Have you ever thought about the consequences of this statement? If man was created, then, was to exist, and creator.

Many religions speak about a creator, but many myths also agree on the fact that the creator was not alone, and there was at least a small group. I will not argue with you about their number. In any case, you — the result of a grand plan. Another story — who's behind those gods, creators may primary matrix or "that" the primary creator, but people are still the result of work of a group of entities. In his holograms they wanted to create something that would help them to explore their own Ya First for entertainment. They gave his creation a special potential. We can say, though hologram should operate within certain parameters and be subservient control, they have created a kind of a random number generator, which could push the play with surprises. So that was a great plan for all those who play and many private plans that game was created for themselves, a development path.

In private programs play was introduced vector adaptation. Hence, the program can adapt to new conditions. On the one hand, it was necessary to give the players the way for action within the specified parameters, or any program to life was always the same, no matter what the player used it, and it's boring, ineffective and constrains development. On the other hand, was the unpredictability, it was created by a random number, and could make in the lives of individuals or entire peoples unexpected, unplanned situations. Of course, for all the observed "outside" playing, but it was not in the usual sense of control.

When a person wakes up, it does not matter, Earthman he or stranger, it changes the parameters of your life program, which means it pushes the limits assigned to it until they disappear completely. And here is a really interesting and wonderful thing when a person is no more boundaries, it becomes infinite, and as a whole, in fact, "only" the hologram, no other borders beyond the original no longer exists. In other words, it means that the person is awakened in itself absolutely unexplored potential, about which no one knows where and how far it can and will stretch. This applies primarily to the earthlings, but also to newcomers who choose to stay, not only to remember their previous existence and knowledge, but also to use them to find out for yourself what the potential of the human body with a fully activated dvenadtsatinitevoy DNA lies in them.

Awakened aliens are to help awaken the rest (the aliens and earthlings). They are at the service of the All-One! It's on its creators will meet with their creations and now have to take care of that it all made harmonious order.

We have already mentioned that there is a hologram within the group who are fascinated by this holographic world and did not want to come out of it. But to their full potential, they must strive to home, and this is possible only at a certain frequency of vibration of the heart. Only when they want to return home, they will be able to create a new home here. This greatly limits the effectiveness of the group. But there is another group that wants to go home at all costs! They are "fed up" of this game, this world, everything that surrounds them. This leads us to the rules in force in the hologram, which are more and more turning into a reality.

I have already said that a way out of holograms can be only at a certain frequency. This is explained by the fact that the game has already had a very high frequency vibration of the heart, and that they artificially lowered her to play in the hologram. For either of the previous frequency, they could not kill anyone, or even strike. The reason is that such a frequency of vibration of the heart belong to the collective consciousness, because there is a question of the love of all that is meant by a "team." If someone is suffering from collective, should be immediately aware of the rest, all feel pain, even the one who caused the pain. In general, a normal team this does not happen.

Group, flying in a space ship, was the team. The mere fact that they were flying somewhere together, and then go back, shows that this team was a special group of entities. They had in common: they are curious, open to new, wanted to expand their horizons, to penetrate deep into the life, develop their potential, and so I could list many more such features. Such entities are rallying together, often leaving other groups to form this group to travel. They pull together mentally and emotionally, as well, getting to the total spacecraft rally physically. Because in this way they were isolated from other groups, separated by the trip, so long no one noticed that the crew of the ship was doing something that has had an impact on all the others.

What does it mean when the essence of living in isolation from the others, but on the inside of a collective? Well, in such circumstances, never alone, no thoughts, no emotions, but in a limited space ship is added and physical distress. On the one hand, it's a wonderful feeling — to know that you will always help the one who is near. On the other hand, within the same group is difficult, almost impossible, to find true individuality, or to continue their personal development. Further development is possible only in conjunction with the others. So what happens when this whole group agrees. If someone has one of the team takes a lead, he should wait for the others. That is not possible within the team faster pace of its individual members, and therefore changes in the development is relatively slow, but always steady. It takes a lot of time, if a team has individual differences.

Hologram enabled to separate from the team, go your own way, at their own pace, to gain experience away from the collective consciousness and see how you feel with yourself. Now many newcomers returned memory. Some can not wait to get back into the team. This desire begins with the fact that they feel more at themselves leaders, who may not yet see.

I have said many times: you whole group. This is so that you get the leaders not to "get lost" in the hologram, so they are indirectly involved in your experience. Some of those who accompany you, do it, because in this study, and can set parameters for their own "lives" outside the program. Another interesting to be playing, but they want to learn. Then there are satellites that are responsible karmic deeds, and here we come to yet another rule, which must be followed if you want to play in the hologram. All the energy is aligned, always!
This means that if someone makes a "good", then he ever gets "good." Does anyone "evil", he gets the same thing. All fixed, everyone notices. When one reaches a certain frequency of vibration of the heart and this sends a signal that he wants to go "outside" of Gologrammyy, canceled all the rules.

Each participant must pass through the veil of forgetfulness. At first it was not so, but now became the rule. Everyone could choose the role envisaged for it, but not at the same time and always in harmony with others. But still not the player participated in every game and did not play every role, but only those that he chose for his development. So it turns out that many people remember, for example, were once Nefertiti, but not all share the memory. The difference is whether you're playing a role really — it follows the experience, pleasant or unpleasant, as well as wounds, or you looked into the records (Akasha) and just identifitsiruesh himself with the role.

For inner healing, this difference is not very important, but it is important for your brain. If you did play a role, then you have experienced the corresponding deep feelings. If you "only" looked into it, it goes through all the more reason, though they can participate and feel. Eventually you'll notice the difference only on the seriousness of their relationship to a particular role. If a long time and you treat it very seriously, so it influenced your development, and you take it as a whole, as well as all related abilities. As you can see, there are a lot of nuances.

Another rule is that your energy and strength are limited not only forgetting, and by the fact that around each chakra and several groups around the chakras, as well as around the whole system, there are magnetic fields, which prevent premature change of level measurement. Here we come to the moment when it is necessary to define the term "dimension", which applies to a variety of very different things. Under the measure, I understand "levels of consciousness." Make no mistake.

Measuring 1 — There is the consciousness of the mineral kingdom, while it sleeps.

Measuring 2 — There is the consciousness of the vegetable kingdom, while it sleeps.

Measuring 3 — There is the consciousness of the animal kingdom, while it sleeps. Here until 1987, and the people are!

Measuring 4 — Here is the astral consciousness, while it is asleep, the dead level and the levels of natural entities, nature spirits, etc.

Measuring 5
— Here is the transition from sleeping to waking consciousness. The land is located in a critical mass in the fifth dimension, which means that a number of people already in the fifth dimension, that is in a transitional state between sleep and wakefulness. The same applies to minerals, plants and animals, but there is growing proportion of wakefulness. Understand that you should always keep open the channels! or gate between the measurements, then to (that is — now) was again a transition from one dimension to another. Have always been "waking people" whom you call masters, "awake" astral beings, then there are those who have seen more than the dead. In the astral world, have always been "awake" dwarves, elves, kobolds, etc. — their leaders. When someone becomes a leader of narodtsem, the reason was his "otherness", or he woke up production of "positions."

Measuring 6 — Here is the realm of the angels.

Measuring 7 — Here is the realm of enlightened masters and archangels.

Measuring 8 — Here is the realm of planetary consciousness.

Measuring 9 — Here is the kingdom of solar consciousness. Inhabit it, those who are in your mythology is divine status, such as in the Greek pantheon, Zeus and the other gods.

Dimension 10 — Here is the realm of galactic consciousness. These include, for example, the essence of which says Toth.

Dimension 11 — Here is the kingdom of the Cluster, ie galaxy clusters.

Measuring 12
— Is the Universal Mind, which followed along, sees all, coordinate, host computer, if you like, which is connected to the computer of the spacecraft and, hence, with the "outside world." Here is a passage from the inside out, from the outside inwards. So you see that the hierarchy, which was mentioned, there is also inside Gologrammyy. Fully awake, only those who are outside it. Under the project "Mankind" was created 13th Dimension. So, what was initially spread further, and it is both a breath of Brahma. If you're watching your breath, you know that you breathe heaving chest, and so on …

Awakening through all these measurements and thus reveals their potential, whether it is a stranger or an earthling. The advantage of the aliens that they have crossed the measurements from outside to inside, that is, they know that there is, and how, and live with confidence, so that humans can emulate them. Earthlings first start out from the inside out and follow this path, but no one knows how to do and what direction to take for inspiration Brahma. You may find it incredible this: Humans determine the direction, that is the goal, and determine the path of the aliens!
Both connect somewhere and sometime, because the way — is the goal, and the goal — the way! Both "race", both the team working here together, they realize it or not.

To complicate things, because in different dimensions, there are different groups, and they pursue their own goals and interests, but they are, as already mentioned, are still inside the hologram. And there is always present the essence of the higher dimensions, with high vibrations. Their goal — to keep the road open. They usually act as observers and channels (mediums). When required, they let through the channel of higher dimensional energy, that is, information is always, when there is a big change, just like now. This also means that on Earth are the essence of the Sixth and Seventh dimension and beyond. It always has been, but now they are becoming every day more, as can be seen in the books written by channeling. After all these books — the result of open channels in the higher dimensions. In order to keep the channels open, the medium must always continue to evolve. Work on a need, for the development of the world never stops. If the medium does not, the channel is closed again. That means that his / her job is done. Unfortunately, they do not always notice that the channel is closed, and often create messages rather strange character. But this is, if you look wider, has a meaning. Make it a rule: take the message of what you can take, and the rest is throw it away. Always listen to your heart!

Dear people, I told you that some of the newcomers will certainly want to return to the team, because they are tired of living apart, in isolation. Since there exists an immutable rule and they have to return to achieve a certain frequency of vibration of the heart, this is easier said than done. After all, to achieve such a frequency to a lot of hard work on themselves. There are many difficulties. However, some have tried to "cheat", you can say so. They went up to a certain frequency of vibration and opened his heart (a prerequisite), but sooner or later encountered an insurmountable barrier.

The barrier is called "unconditional love in all areas, at all levels."
This barrier, many have failed, but others overcome it and become enlightened masters. Some of those who came across the barrier and moved on, have resorted to unusual means. They differed from the surrounding open mind and automatically attracted to it like a magnet. When you open the heart, releases the energy, magnetic energy, which acts on the other. "Dodgers" increased their attraction, and when the other reveals his heart, they gather this energy and use it to their advantage, hoping to overcome the barrier and return home.

This was not necessarily at the level of consciousness, but with the parts of the person who had access to more information than the active consciousness. "Dodgers" acted as a wise teacher, but because they do not follow through his own teachings, they were not authentic at all, and it offered them a disservice: they have again accumulated karma and then hold fast to them here. Most have realized their mistakes and not to do on this wave of the Ascension. But some of them repeat themselves without knowing it. But they are ever to understand. Please do not judge them for it, just take note of. Look where you are the heart and legs, and always Check your teacher authenticity energy of your heart.

Next. There are still some aliens who want to go home, though, but also very afraid to open your heart to others and become an open book, not a sealed book. Most often, this keeps them in contact with the "spirit world." However, it they still can, but that's when they need to just open up to another person, they encounter the barrier of fear. Love affairs of the New Energy — it is something like a mini-team. It becomes clear whether some of its members are ready (and I love a pair of "only" two) again join the big team, and they still need time to think. Therefore, the relationship in the New Energy become a great challenge, but also a source of great joy.

In the team, and here in the mini-team, you get a lot more out of what is happening in the other, and at first it is very scary and is perceived as overkill and excessive, but it is not. Simply, it is unusual for you, a new form of unity, brings with it a new experience. You will learn, on the one hand, retreating, and the other — to allow intimacy, what you did not know before, such as the mini-groups "outside" no. This is something new that is created here.

Mini-groups over time arise larger community, and then you really are on the path to unity. Here in front of you are wonderful years of the new, great experience. Truly you are living in a great time. As for the formation of such pairs-groups, the earthlings here easier than the aliens, as newcomers bring with them large wounds, which are obtained by separation from the group, and they must first heal. Only then you can re-enter the team. In humans there is no obstacle! However, they have the same desire to return "home", as well as newcomers, but here on Earth, their home, and they were created for the Earth. But since they are the heirs of the newcomers have their genes, they also inherited their quality and depression. Desire home, that is following the wake-up signal, belongs to the genetic code, and if they are activated, humans follow this desire.

It is owned and inherited qualities of a powerful creative force, which showed the crew of the ship, creating a hologram. That will create people when fully aware that a great power and begin to use it? Do not misunderstand me, you are all the time to be creative force: building houses and roads, creating sculptures, write books, have created a technology that makes your life easier. All that can be seen here — is just 1% of your creativity. After all, it was limited when the creators have found what potential they have given to their creations and how it impacted their external environment. But now, step by step, all the restrictions fall away, and all we're interested to see where it will lead. That is what happens when you begin to use their full creative potential. We do not know!

How it came to this strange situation? How holographic virtual reality could invade and defeat the true reality of it? There's a lot of reasons. For example, the spacecraft, which was created hologram was in the storm, which damaged all computer systems, including gaming. Cosmic energies, beyond the ship's crew, to intervene in the system of the hologram. As a result, the element of surprise, introduced in the program has increased several times over, and control of the holograms faded. And then came to the fore unplanned factors.

Please note that we make here an overview of events that, from your point of view, dragged millions of years. Time parameters in which there is the earth and all its alternative version, very different from the "external" parameters. When viewed from "outside" time on Earth is flowing much faster. It rotates as a rapid vortex. Spacecraft flight was long, but not so as to be adequate throughout the Earth's history. Here's a game and created an accelerated flow of time, to get the maximum experience in minimum time. In this case, it took also reduce life expectancy to have passed as many generations.

That still does not explain why the holographic virtuality has become a real reality. So, when energy cosmic storm entered the ship, there was a two-way tunnel "movement", and the energy of the holographic reality "emerged" in a real, external reality. In other words, the ship has sprung a leak, from it were "flow" of the wave energy. The waves created by the movement of the ship partially, partly due to the emission of holographic virtual reality. What does it consist of? If you look at your history for millions of years, it was the vibrations of violence and separation in all imaginable colors. That they have transformed an "external" reality to such an extent that erased the difference between it and a hologram.

In the "external" reality began to take place the same processes, both within the hologram. They can be called "celestial war." Since the tunnel still exists, more energy from the outside intrudes inside the hologram, and vice versa (for example, in the form of channeling). This phenomenon is used by many groups. So, to the original program not only affect the aliens, that is, the crew, but also others. "Leakage" is also still there, of it still implies the energy out of the hologram. What kind of vibration you send? Separation, death and destruction, or unity, peace and new hope? Now you understand why I have been telling for many years, that you are responsible for everything that happens? No matter you are aliens or humans — all that you do, feel, say and think, to influence events inside and outside the Holograms. As the veil becomes thinner, the impact on the "outside" is increasingly a reality, as with your potential in you more and more aroused and creative force.

In short, the land subject to numerous influences, which are not always focused on the same action, but still the highest conductor follows them to create in the end something wonderful, new, universe with a higher vibration than before. But the path to that is still very long.

We have discussed the causes that created this unusual situation. This adds one more point. At first hologram regularly turned off to save energy, as is only for short-term fun. While the program is to correct, eliminate interference. Interference occurred as a result of the storm, but as hologram is not turned off, they were spotted and removed immediately, and then it was too late.

The more members of the crew "fell in love" in his creation, the more often and longer walked program. As a result, began the process, which initially was not seen: Humans are more and more aware of their existence. True, they had been pre-set so much potential, but he had to show up much later. Earthlings wondered what they may perceive their senses. Timed game inadvertently use the equipment, energy and even time. So some humans began to suspect that their reality is something they can not understand, and what they can measure and confirm — is not all that is.

On the extraordinary events that do not fit into the "normal" reality hologram, but belong to a different reality, they say, many authors, among them Charles Berlitz. This is partly due to the damage caused by that cosmic storm, when the victim and the individual programs. But the most striking thing in this, that those "injuries" led to a qualitative leap in their minds, and not vice versa. As a result, more and more people to look at the reality, located on the other side of reality. This gave rise to the need for enlightenment, conscious and accelerated the rise as people, whether humans or aliens, less susceptible to fraud. They need a light — revelation, wisdom, love, knowledge, All-One!

What power there was space for the storm, you can only guess. You may want to call it — the Divine Source. So, in the end, all that happens, what angle of view may look, is part of the great plan of the Divine Source!

History Holograms reflects your story from a particular point of view. There are many points of view, can be seen from the inside, it is possible with the parties and other items. Therefore, they are very different and even contradictory. But they extend the overall picture, it is established that each of them is telling the truth, and if they are all together "in tune" or equal to vibration. This story is looking to expand your personal angle, focus your attention on a huge whole to you personally could find a place there.

Holograms story continues.

People at its foundation have infinite potential, indeed infinite, because no one knows what they are capable of. But when their creators understand what that means, measures were taken to limit this potential — it was when the hologram was the impact on the real life. Creators were afraid of his creations. Certain restrictive measures are included in the program, and some of the limitations is automatic due to violent style of play — for example, people received injuries. DNA cleavage was due to the intervention of the programmed one extraterrestrial race, it is the same "real", like all the rest, because of the merger and the Holograms reality.

Because the program is based, people will continue to develop and learn something, even if we know the record shows to the contrary, with the passage of time they became stronger with each life, with each death, and they were able to break down some of their own restrictive barriers. We can say that it is programmed and yet "natural" evolution. After all, if people were able to lift the restrictions on their own, then they have earned the right to the full development of their potential.

So, two big events occur together: the development of a critical mass of people have gone so far as to have been removed evolutionary constraints. Many of the newcomers were "artificially" awakened to help earthlings to use their potential to the benefit of all, for the good of the whole, holographic and "external". This is the goal, and this requires a human heart energy. According to the original program of the game, it can be as high intensity, which is not seen or felt the cycle of existence.

Before cardiac vibration frequency was limited, then called me (and I come from a distant world), so I removed those restrictions. The true potential of human love No one knows. Spiritual masters work out vibrations, which are much higher than average, and they show in which direction to go. But they are only a narrow strip of dawn on the horizon of what is possible. "Awakening", aliens or humans, must show how and where to go. The more "awakened" to activate your vibration of love, the more the earth will move in the direction of the Ascension. Such a shift will carry with them up all-that-is, raise it to an unprecedented level of existence.

Seminars on spiritual you bathe in love, which is made possible thanks to the "spirit world", our reality. Its force you feel when shooting with a part of your "shell", your limiting measures. Often you welling tears in his eyes, when you feel the love, but I'm telling you, it's nothing compared to what you can do, you have a huge potential, and you will outgrow their creators, especially in terms of heart vibrations.

People to overcome their initial program. They also have to overcome artificial restrictions. Then they will release a huge force.

But there are entities that do not understand what has gone wrong. They "find" the Earth on its light and feel tayaschiysya potential in humans. And here is the same as a glass of water: one thinks that a glass half-empty, and upset, and someone thinks that the glass is half full, and is glad that there is. Here, too, there are two points of view. Some see the potential of love that comes from a man and has beneficial effects on the evolution of the whole. Others see the potential for violence that lurks in man, and, therefore, the danger of mankind.

For a long time, these "parties" for pulling the opposite ends of the rope, but now there was something crucial: all agreed that people need to wake up the frequency of love that could transform the "party of violence." Then the danger will disappear, and people can really "let into space." Understand that all the subjects of the myths which speak of flying chariots and amazing technique, based on the reality that the Earth's long history, the essence of which is that there are hidden clues, sought by all. The key to evolution. Now mankind is facing a crucial step. On the basis of its own evolution is to conquer the universe, and this in spite of the many limitations and global disastrous accidents, knocking it away many times before. Therefore it is necessary to direct the evolution of a reasonable course — on a peaceful path, the path of the heart. The true purpose of the people — everywhere carry inherent unusually strong heart energy. First, it will spread here on Earth, and create a new time, and then move on. We all rejoice in this and longing to see what it will bring.

I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

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