Channeling. Kryon. What to do when leaving the «dark»

Hello, my dear! I welcome all Lightworkers.
I — Kryon, and today we will talk about the current situation in the evolution of the Earth.

A new era in the life of the planet, human society was marked by a number of major events. Among them — the entry into the New Reality Corridor, the creation of the new Planet of the crystal lattice of a new magnetic field, the advent of Holy Fire, the arrival of the new energies from the Galactic and Universal Central Sun. Significantly increased the planetary vibration, including — the vibration of your world. Now your overall vibration level of 4.83 can be described by a 13-dimensional scale ecumenical dimensions.

A list of important events, you can go on, but now we are only talking about a single event, which is now attracted the attention of many, many Lightworkers.

September 19 was an important event in the life of the planet. Many of you feel that there is something unusual. And so it is. Past event marks the end of an era. The forces of darkness began to leave the planets. The process of clearing the dense astral planes. Family of Light has now begun to evacuate the people you used to call the "dark entities". These entities are transferred to other parts of space-time in an unconscious state. No fight, no confrontation during this evacuation not. This important work is done by light-galactic and intergalactic Specialized Services Family of Light, you will not ever again perform such activities.

You prepared by members of the Light, it is appropriate to treat this process as a natural extension of the overall process of ascension. Protests after leaving duality is no need for all that supported this duality. A "dark astral forces" — just one of the major factors that created this duality for a long time, for 18, 5000, her support.

You, my dear, you should always remember that those who are now called the "dark entities", came to the planet at the invitation of the Great Experiment authors, including — and at the invitation of your higher "self." And for the participation in the experiment, you happened to them in one piece. And it is — a fact that must be admitted. Even if you do — the spiritual development of man, it is still dark entities — your inomernaya part. These creatures — part of you as a being is multidimensional and MNOGOPROSTRANSTVENNYH. And so, as a fact of universal unity of all and sundry.

Thus, the "dark entities" have come at your invitation and played a role in the experiment with duality. Duality is now complete. And the "underground bridgehead" Forces of Darkness is no longer needed. World no longer needed checks and limitations of the old reality. Gaia confidently Corridor New Reality, and the waves of the New Life, more and more it is washed by the Sacred Heart.

Does this mean that now the forces of darkness will be thrown overboard as useless ballast? No, no and no! CARING FAMILY LIGHT AS LITTLE CHILDREN, swaddle them and transfer to another planet. This planet is in many ways similar to the Earth. BUT … there is no such free will, as on Earth. EVOLUTION IS THERE FOR MORE strict plan. And this plan provides rehabilitation "dark entities" who took part in the great experiment on Earth. AFTER STAGE OF THE REHABILITATION evacuees begin their EVOLUTION, will begin to cultivate their system of power supply, since a long time they did not have such a system. They receive ENERGY eating energies of human societies.

The average person can be called the "dark entities" parasites. And in some ways he's right — with a simple, human terms. But this can not be said Lightworker. Not utter a word angel from the Great Central Sun. Because he knows that with God the Creator has a GREAT plan for each entity — and dvenadtsatikrylogo Divine Seraphim, and the grain of sand in the vast desolate wilderness. There is a plan of God the Creator and those people used to remember not the kindest words, often shifting the blame on them for their indiscretions.

Please note, my Sun, that in speaking of "dark forces", I referred to the system power supply. The so-called astral beings evolved very long without it, relying on the grid PEOPLE. A power supply system of the human society in the past eighteen thousand of years was also not the best. Feeding mothers are not the highest energy, and emitted a lot of people not very high energies. This energy we are accustomed to denote "negative energy" …

So, living in duality, humanity produces many negative ENERGY, throwing it in the form of evil, hatred, malice, deceit, racial hatred … and this was so much energy that the Earth simply could not transform it, if … If she had for this goal was not assistants. You know what I mean? The so-called "Forces of Darkness", like energy sponge, absorbing the negative energy and EVEN GREW BY HER.

Now, for the forces of darkness came the stage of transition to a different energy systems. They're on their new planet itself will receive more high-frequency energy. They will go to a different, less rarefied density energoatmosferu, and will learn to get the energy and even give it outside. For them — it is still unknown art.

We used the metaphor of "absorb like a sponge." But this metaphor is appropriate only in part. Because "spent sponge" released — as unnecessary. Not so with the "dark forces", who lived a long time in the worlds vnutriplanetnyh Earth. It is important mystery, it's time to find out which employees of the Light.

The fact that the astral "dark entities" has long received not only the negative human energy. Along with it came to them and important energoinformatsiya of human beings. In their astral bodies entered, including information MULTIVARIATE genetics. Multivariate genome of the lower astral also been major changes. PEOPLE AND GENOME astral being over 18, 5 thousand years of coexistence become increasingly unified. Lower entities were subject to the processes of humanization. Whether it is important for those who are behind you on the evolutionary ladder? Decide for yourself …

Here's what else is important to know … for the time of the world in the dense matter "dark substance" also passed out packets energoinformatsii into multidimensional human genome. You can waved her hands and exclaim, "Oh, why do we? Do not! We do not need energy package from the forces of darkness! ". But this is, again, the position of human beings, not angels from the Great Central Sun. Because the Angels know that every experience, even the most negative, are very important for the EVOLUTION. Especially because now it does not lead to the negative experience, and the experience of lifetimes in the dense worlds. But the experience of living in dense worlds yet oh so useful to people, angels from the Great Central Sun! Because they have to be subject to the 13 dimensions! People Angels called to travel, to move where they freely where want — where it will be necessary to follow the plan of God the Creator. This, in particular, and the way to "zero point" in the third, second and first measurements. This is the path to where there are all potential opportunities for all beings of all universes.

And, of course, an important question: if the "sponge" is removed, what remains in its place? After all the negative energy is still produced by people. First, you should know that it is still not all the darkness goes away. The evacuation will last for years. How long? It depends on our joint general light work. It is important not only to take away the darkness, but also to humanity to stop the "throw away" the negative outside — in any of the other worlds. Secondly, Kryon reminds you of the Fire energy system, which moves the planet and humanity. New energy supply system will allow humanity to move to a qualitatively new level of evolution. Came the Living Fire can transform all negative, which would still be on the planet.

Thus, the "dark" leave the planet … go to become a friend. To continue the evolution and … even back to Earth. Return to continue the operation as a full being of light, able to work with tight dimensions and in the dense dimensions. This is very important when you start great inversion of the universe and the birth of new universes. Oh, how wonderful it is when former disobedient children of God the Creator suddenly become the vanguard of Light Work. "And the last shall be first …" Do you remember these words of the Great Prophet? He is now with someone who was evacuated from the planet. He wraps his love of each of the exhaust. And that love — love of the Father-Mother-to-sleeping infants who wake up, taste the milk and start to grow, surrounded by care and love of the Family of Light. Will grow as long as do not will radiate love and care for others.

So what do you, Lightworkers, you can do it now, my dear? Can rejoice in the fact that the darkness leaves the planet. This is a great holiday that you deserve. But also in your power to send outgoing most tender love, which are capable of parents towards their children.

Kryon, the entire Family of Light encourages all Lightworkers hold meditation and send outgoing "dark entities" soft power of parental love. You can think of them as the swaddled babies who are caring hands of the Family of Light is transferred to another planet and placed in a manger, where they will grow as children of light.

And … imagine how children grow and become beautiful, clean, beautiful boys and girls. And then … then invite them back to Earth, to the Earth of the future and watch carefully what happens. "Dark" children of the Earth will come here and illuminated with a new light on this planet. And once again become a part of it — but this time a very harmonious part. Let them form a circle, these young men and women …. But you see … Look who come into this circle? Do you see the Divine Seraphim from the 12th dimension? See you smile divine Etherlords? Oh, I beg you, watch it. And let your heart is in the Sacred overtone most tender feelings. And you should know — all goes to plan of God the Creator.

YOU ARE ALREADY in a reality where everything is going according to the plan of God the Creator. But you — the Creator. WHY CREATE HARMONIOUS worlds where happy all the existing universe. THIS IS YOUR birthright — the right angel with the Great Central Sun.

DOWN … NOW JUST — Hush … hear footsteps? NO, IT'S NOT JUST A DARK care with the planet. WORLD COMES TO THE PLANET. Peace and rest it deserves. AND SIGNALS accession of the world is already sound. Learn to them not only hear, but also take heart. Because peace and tranquility in the hearts Lightworker — THIS WORLD AND PEACE ON THE PLANET.

JUST KNOW THAT YOU, YOUR MIND ALREADY control the world, to co-create a new reality.

Peace in your hearts —


And it is. So it is.

Your KRYON — With Love from the Heart of the Creator.

KRYON by Mr. Sergei Kanashevskogo 01/10/2012

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