Channeling. O God, who is the Light

Command you, my children, come up in the Spirit in their understanding of what God is Light, and in Him is no darkness at all. You know the truth of this long ago. Saying these things hanging on the walls of the Orthodox Church. All your God in other nations also have all the features of light, but you know not until now, that God is light, not only in your churches, but also in your everyday life.

There is among you are those who say: 'There is no God, there is only the laws of physics and natural phenomena .. ". These are called atheists and keep them apart, and haughtily, in relation to the faithful.
In fact, the laws of physics, and the phenomena of nature — it is also a manifestation of God, who is the absolute light, only the manifestation of His power and authority given to you in a sense, and apparently your eyes.

With God — absolute light many areas of residence. The whole world is filled with His presence, but in every area where he is, he shows itself in different ways. There is a God-light the fire burning, the God-light in the ever-changing rhythm of your hearts, God — Light in the waves of the sea, there is a God — the light in the visible light into electricity and real. There is a God-light in human affairs, there is a God — The Light in the affairs of the demonic. God — the light in all that exists in the material world, but also in subtle worlds — also is God — long Svet.Vy think God — it is something remote, abstract, strange and incomprehensible, and therefore can do whatever your soul anywhere on Earth and in space.
Do you think that God is so far away that you can delay a relationship with him in the back burner and do things more intimate and useful, rather than talk to him — the light of distant and incomprehensible. And you have forgotten the prayer of joy and unity with the Light. And pray ye have perverted so that you meet with the Light is not obvious and tangible. So what do you say the word, or thought his voice quickly? …
You have no binder, and union with God — the light of what you have worked on duty, saying the right words. Prayer has become for some a mere formality and thrown it aside as an unnecessary exercise, selects the time of day and so short.

Meanwhile, God, who is the Light fills all around you and within you. He is your soul and your spirit, like a spark which absorbs the whole nature of Fire God who is Light. You — a piece of God, who is the light, you are a member of the billions of particles of God, who is the Light, your every organ in the body physical — too full of light and the world around you is not made only of matter, but also of light. However, and the whole matter — it is also light at the lowest frequencies of its manifestation in the physical world.
Why tell you this? Because there comes a time when the matter that make up your world will become increasingly thin and you will discover a new vision of the World, which is light in all its forms.

World — wave, energy, mobile and constantly changing. Do not have a world to live in stagnant. It will require you to constant movement, development, education, refinement, evolution and development. Fluid and endlessly changing their shapes and sizes, colors and displays light in all your affairs will be the foundation of your life. You'll live in the Light and yourself will always be light, but the light is absolute perfection in which there is light in the spectra of infinite sequence will be for you like a small note to students who do not know yet read music and mastered all octaves of the harp or piano.

God is absolute light, and you have a limited light, short, and in the unformed pure octaves. You do not sound until the light of pure, harmonic and rhythmic, and there are gaps in the dark of the light spectrum for each of your human nature. Is there any mineral octave, there are plant and animal you are especially charming. You live in the world of animal its octave, but still manages to be under-developed, even in her full power spectrum of this crude octave. No many strings even in this primitive light octave, that you're all kinds of diseases. And should you clean light raised to the rank of importance for each physical body and the living cells of his body, and you become healthy and virtually immortal in the physical bodies of their transfigured.

But do not say this to you now. It is time to raise the rank of the great concerns is one octave light given to you by God — Light as a stage in the development of your next. This stage is associated with the octave you light your life, which should resound in the space of a whole tone higher than your animal nature. Let the sounds of the octave of the soul will be imperfect and yet let the light of your Soul music is chaotic, but it must be for everyone who wishes to enter into the Kingdom of Light on Earth. But this advantage only in prayer daily and turn to God — the light in the Infinite.

Why do you need this prayer? Yes, because every prayer — this is the saving of human relationship with God, the Absolute Spirit of Light, which holds the soul in the wake of the Great Shift. No connection — prayer, there is no escape from the cosmic storm. What keeps drowning when the ship starts to sink? For debris and pieces of the wreck of his. And he yells to the universe of his salvation, prays as it may, his heart feels like its intense soul may, in its natural state in which it is at the moment.
So now bid you, my children, screaming with all his heart in prayer for the salvation of your request about your life, your body, your family, your pending cases, and weak in prayer and life in your environment.

Prayer light of the absolute sound of prayer given to you by Jesus Christ. "Our Father, who art in Heaven, Light thy name, Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth …." Pray ye heavens happened to the kingdom of God on earth, and does not know what it is should be the realm of absolute light, because you replaced the prayer and forced to say "yes lit thy name", which allowed to enter your prayer demonic entity and translated by your soul at the disposal of "the God of Israel," which is not God, and there is essence of the demonic, bloody victims beefy which won power on earth to an immense amount of lies and tricks fierce. And your prayers reckless …

There is now more time to answer dodges the dark forces. It should be clear about their membership of the Soul. If the dark demon soul at peace — so my words in Velenje will pass this heart and your soul. And if there is a connection with God, the Absolute Soul Light, then your prayer to the Light will become commonplace each day.
Pray that everyone who is truly in the soul in you. There is now those who remain without great progress. Someone goes into the outer darkness, someone in the world will remain roughly the material is transferred to the technocratic and spacecraft to other planets where life will continue on the physical plane in the great distress of the Spirit. And those who remain on earth, must clearly realize for themselves that old life no longer. The world has changed and the main phenomenon of all that surrounds you will be light in the fullness of their hierarchies, from the mineral kingdom, then through the plant, animal, human, planetary, elemental kingdom and Spirits.

Time will pass and you will know the Hierarchy of the stars and the Sun. And there before your dorastet Galactic consciousness. Thus, gradually, from daily prayers to the fullness of light is absolute perfection of His light you will know all your path that you walk into the Infinite, becoming more enlightened and fiery. Growing up, my children, in light of fertile and will not have any limits to growth and achievement, because to reach the perfection of God — the Absolute World is not possible to anybody. Is the secret of eternal life comprehension …
With that and leave you in thinking about your Velenje on this day. Great Mother of the World.

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