Channeling of 02. 10. 2012 Cycle: Sozidanie Himself

Message from the Beloved Jesus!

I AM Jesus! Hello, our beloved people of Earth!
I AM come to you again after this Messenger, a part of my soul. How do I double joy for her to come. A lot of positive comments on my lips now. I'll save them for her personally. (BlagoDaryu!)
Today we will talk with you about our beloved closest events. You meet a new world. Quite soon everyone will see for themselves firsthand confirmation of our words. I will not repeat themselves again on the events of global scale. Briefly tell about your attitude towards them. We care about your condition. As all of you perceive? In you as a provoking emotions of aggression. We can not allow them to rule over you. Set your character qualities on an even level, the golden mean. How often pronounce your phrase "not ours, not yours," so and meet future events.
We do not give specific dates, do not describe where, how and what will happen. All in order to not aggravate the situation in the society and not to advance your bind to them.
Our beloved, you learned a lot, know how much and show their talents today, expand yourself, like a lotus flower. You have shown part of the whole, you are our pride, our creation. We are pleased today to take your exams life. You are worthy disciples. We are proud of their work!
Perhaps you will fail, who is weak in his way, who is not in contact with the Higher 'I'. You, my dear friends, have to work hard, sincerely trying to find this link, set yourself, take control of himself. Frequently and heavily driven by you impatient. You begin to touch and do not complete it, while falling asleep or losing hope for the possibilities. Where is your faith strong? Show it to us and our Heavenly Father. Only with full confidence and aspirations come into contact with us. Now this relationship has increased several times, and we'll talk about it openly. Our words about the veil between the worlds is opening the gate for communication with us throughout all who are ready, who diligently seek God.
Once again, we give you the opportunity to prove themselves in reality, taking us a hand, showing his strength of will and the skills to train in all. I will not talk much you of your duties and virtues. Openly talking about the possibilities today for you and adjusts to each self, to take off, for the growth of your soul. We believe in you and hope for you. It's now or never, here is another divisible dense world. The time you take your time, and we are encouraging, so be diligent students until the end of your studies in this life.
I have come to guide you and to love you faith in future days. I will come again!
I AM Jesus! OM.

10/02/12 A message from Beloved Zarathustra!

I AM Zarathustra! Hello dear people!
I AM come to you! So happy and nice to come here. We do not often everyone can be in the flow to you, on that there are many reasons. We are, each in their own way trying to contribute to you and help you fast growth.
There are many stumbling blocks in your learning. Each of you faces with them every day and can not understand why this is happening to him. Still quite simple on the surface. You may be able to force myself to be careful to control your actions and your thoughts. For such actions need strength of will and not your relaxation. Wherever you are, always need to control yourself. You often forget about it. When your self will leave you in the past, when leave your ego, then free to take our world and our communication. We were so close and some have never been. (I felt his presence.) Yes, dear, I'm sitting in front of you and I all about you now. So lift the veil, in the dense plane you can feel us invisibly. How beautiful event, friends (I'm happy!)
We often, in almost all the epistles were talking about it. Unseen facts change your world set. However, none of them can not see you. To identify, for a clear perception of events need to have an open heart today. But you do not worry, those who have not yet reached such a state of mind and soul. You have to see it for themselves very soon and the scale of the entire planet, not just Russia. We have tried with you together to create favorable conditions for the convergence of events in the best mode, and very happy overall success. Skeptics will finally prove our teachings and information. I will not get ahead of ourselves, but you will soon see for yourself and your own work of creating a new world peace. Events are attention of everyone who lives, every one. We still have time to tell you more about them, but today we say enough. Having eyes, but see who has ears, let him hear.
So I finish my conversation with you today. I hope for a new meeting.
I AM Zarathustra! OM!

10/02/12 A message from the I AM THAT I AM

I AM THAT I AM! Hello all!
Today we dedicated stream your confidence in yourself. We come to send you my love and energy. Energy confidence in their skills, abilities, in their best qualities of character.
We often say the same thing, but this measure is necessary at this stage of your journey. How much will you need as we continue to repeat. A good teacher does not get tired of the students, he loves them and brings their knowledge and skills. So we invest in you all the best and right for today. Who is not lazy, accepted and adopted by us for himself all he needs. Therefore, upcoming events and will be for you to test the received training. We are glad to see your high marks for diligence. It will manifest itself in a short time. Fleeting nothing drop. Everyone affected by his trial.
What they will be, depends on your mood and the preparations for them. Therefore we dedicate several threads of this complex topic of perception of the future. See, think, commensurate with the feelings of his heart and skills of spirituality. There is a world beyond your feelings than love for all. So show it all now, this minute. We so appreciate each other! We believe in you, my children!
I close with the flow. Was very glad to see him!

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