Channeling of RA. Predictions for 2012, 2013

You and your planet is now making a unique and beautiful transition in your spiritual evolution. You prepare for the quantum leap, unlike any of those that occurred earlier. You to better understand this, "I must first tell you about the orbit of the entire galaxy around the Great Central Sun of All That Is. Exactly the same as your "Sun Ring" — what we call the "solar system" — orbits around the galactic center, the very galaxy is moving through space in the huge space of the spiral.

At the end point of one loop around the Great Central Sun, which lasts for many billions of years, our galaxy bias goes to the next round of the spiral. When there is a transition from one turn of the spiral space to the next, all the planets, solar systems and their inhabitants at the same time take the first step into a new evolutionary cycle. This is what is happening now. You are not only at the end of 26,000-year cycle of "Earth — the sun — the Pleiades", the whole system of the Pleiades, which includes this solar ring, located at the end of stay in orbit around the galactic center for a period of 230 million years, and the entire galaxy is in the final point infinitely longer orbit around the Great Central Sun. All three cycles are completed simultaneously — we can say that in this case, with the completion of the dance steps and ends with a whole bunch, and the whole dance.'s why this transition is especially important. goal is to finish the dance "is not anyone stepping on his foot. then just in time to begin a new, more sophisticated and elegant dance.

What is new is introduced into the picture of planetary evolution of the Earth? Here's what: when glacial period of 100,000 years is over 150,000 years ago, the Galaxy made its half-diagonal transition to the next stage of the great cosmic spiral — old dance: over, and the preparations for the new. To prepare for the new evolutionary spiral, the entire galaxy has entered a period of purification from the karmic patterns of the past, to be completed in late 2012.

Karmic cleansing always happens at the end of the main loop. All that remained unresolved in the previous evolutionary spiral, brought to the surface and is performed for the last time in order to transmute and transcend. Once this "spring cleaning" begins another evolutionary cycle in relation to God, Goddess, All That Is. Currently, "spring cleaning" is just ending.

During the transition, frequent initiatory spiritual "jumps." Consciousness is a product of people born new outlooks and new potentials. People are becoming available all the knowledge of the previous spiral, even though they use it more often unconsciously. You like to once again work out all the dance steps you learned in previous lessons, shlifuete them, bring it to perfection, and then start adding new moves, more exciting and challenging. Even the rhythm of the music speeds up, pulling you even more.

In 2013, at the same time to start the next stage of the great cosmic spiral galaxy and the next 26,000 year cycle of the Earth. By that time, the following will occur:

  • Pole shifts will change the position of the Earth relative to the Sun.
  • Sun at the same time changes its position relative to the galaxy with the same pole shift ..
  • Pleiades will end the spiral, which will change the status of the system in relation to Orion.
  • Orion will experience profound shocks and will be a spiritual cleansing. The whole system of the Orion will be dimmed for a period of time corresponding to the earth 24 hours, and the poles of every star and planet in this system move. Many planets of this system will evaporate, but in the end Orion will be re-opened as a new initiation galactic gate to the Center of the Galaxy and beyond. In the last about 300,000 years, this function was performed by Sirius — since the inhabitants of Lyra invaded Orion and prevented access to galactic goal.
  • Sirius rises to the position of the galactic spiritual mystery school (he is now only responsible for this solar ring and the local arm of the Galaxy.
  • Now your solar ring rotates around Adkiony, the central sun of the Pleiades. By 2013, the entire system of the Pleiades will orbit around Sirius. Sirius will be the new central sun for the arms of a galaxy, and become part of the Pleiades star system Sirius.

In early 2013, when all this preparation is complete, the entire system of the Pleiades, which your Sun is ranked as the eighth star to become a high-knowledge system and the seat of Cities of Light. City of Light — these are places where the population is aware of the fact of spiritual evolution, and the sanctity of all. All permanent residents in the Cities of Light recognize evolution and live for it, for their own growth as individuals, for the spiritual growth of the rest of the group and of all things. In other words, their life is dedicated to serving the divine plan and they, at least, are at the level of the Christ consciousness. Earth and your solar ring are the latest in the Pleiadian system in which such a shift will occur. All seven solar rings Pleiades, the Seven Sisters, is now implemented as a mystery schools and places of the city of light, each of the seven solar rings rise to its next higher evolutionary function, when in 2013, will begin a new dance, called the Age of Light.

Shifts before the end of 2012 — beginning of 2013. Earth will undergo a spiritual and physical cleansing. These changes, both internal and external, have already begun and deepens as your solar ring more and more immersed in the "photonic band", the high cosmic radiation from the Galactic Center. For several years, then you were in the band, then again came out of it, but by 2000, fully immersed in it for the next 2,000 years. Sacred codes necessary for spiritual awakening and evolutionary leap your solar ring, will be transferred

The sun, the earth and all your solar ring through the Center of the Galaxy, Sirius, Alcyone and Maia (another one of the stars of the Pleiades). After these initiatory gear your Sun will continue to pass around the Sun Ring codes. These photonic radiation codes will vibrate at a very high frequency. If your central nervous system, the emotional body and the electric body are not properly configured, you simply can not sustain this vibration.

Many of you are already feeling the acceleration of its growth and the cleansing process now, when your planet is included in the limits of the photonic band, then comes out of it. The frequency will increase steadily over the next 17 years as long as the Galaxy as a whole does not take place in a new orbital structure and the land will be initiated as a mystery school and the seat of Cities of Light.

Floods, earthquakes, geological mass shifts, volcanic eruptions, and finally the pole shift will occur over the years remaining until 2013, when there will be a galactic solar initiation Earth. You are now living in the world, have to decide: Are you ready to become spiritually responsible people to remain on earth after this time. Those who do not wish to remain on Earth, will be moved to another planet in another part of the galaxy, where they will continue the karmic lessons and three-dimensional evolution. Those who intend to stay in the world, must learn a new dance the Age of Light, which requires opening and activation of the Divine Ka. If Ka will start functioning at full capacity, your body can not withstand the frequency increases when more intense photon light will fill the atmosphere of your planet and the rest of the body …

When a person reaches a certain point in the evolution of consciousness, he can live in areas where a powerful earthquake or flood kills one — in this case it just rises to the level of vibration the next measurement and Experiences spiritual elevation instead of death. Such a person may even help others who are willing to turn to the light to create a vibrational shift. In areas of severe shocks, floods, fires and other disasters earth where fear, opposition, hatred, greed and anger created a dense, amorphous nizhneastralnye energy plans, the soul at death can be captured by these illusory realities. However, the Beings of Light are always there to help those who want to free themselves. In such cases. creatures that soar instead of experiencing physical death, can raise the entire area around the field of the world where those who want to develop and enter into the light, can find a home and make a smooth transition. Those who perform such service, make your choice before entering into this life and in previous lives usually have experience with the souls that carried the death transition.

There's nothing to be afraid of. The one who is sincerely devoted to the Light and live in it, just move to its next higher alternative reality. Another option will be available at each step of the way, they can choose and spiritual progress through the experience or be in fear and illusion. It is important that the court was weighted towards those whose bodies will die in these earth changes. Some people will choose natural "disaster" as a way to care because of their higher consciousness realizes that their human nature went too far into the illusion that the change in this life. Others, as mentioned, will leave the Earth in such a way to help existing move into the Light during the death transition and establish a channel of ascension. But there will be those who choose this way of death because they are ready to leave Earth and move to the next planet of evolutionary selection. And will those who die physically because of their genetics and Bodywork cell mutation is so excessive that it is difficult to convert the remaining time on this planet. Regardless of why the person or the body dies, in the case of ascension seems moribund, collective higher consciousness has enough influence to make sure that there are no coincidences. those who left the physical world, given away. Those who remain on Earth, will be responsible for providing assistance to each other in the physical survival and spiritual evolution.

By 2013, everyone who lives on earth, should understand the following four evolutionary principles:

  1. The purpose of man on earth is the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development.
  2. Every human being has a divine essence, created from light and love, the nature of which is good.
  3. Free will is an absolute universal right; perfection calls the "I" to subordinate their free will to the divine will with faith and trust.
  4. All creation is sacred — regardless of how it meets the needs of the individual "I".

Now these four spiritual principles are each living person — subtle or direct ways. A planetary law is that before the end of regulation time cycle — and this is what is happening now — to every living person must recall four evolutionary principles, the observance of which is expected. Some people get these messages through books, others — through movies. Still others will experience death, return to their physical bodies changed and will change to make those whom they love. Many people will be attending angels. Ascended Master or Mother Mary, on these visits have often been reported in this age. The news of the evolutionary consciousness and holiness will also subconsciously receive all who see, bears or holds a certain kind of objects such as crystals and precious stones. These are just a few examples of how the process of planetary distribution of the four spiritual truths.

Your part in all this is to live right, to learn and practice the perfection of her, to pray for the knowledge of the Divine Plan and your role in it, heal and purify themselves at all levels as possible. At the collective level, there are seven major karmic structures to be eliminated, and transcendence. Structures that are currently allocated and in particular that you have to understand and transform — is arrogance, addiction, prejudice, hatred, violence, victims, and shame. These seven sources of pain are listed in the order in which they were developed in the solar ring, ranging from Venus to Mars and spreading, Maldek and finally to Earth. They reached a climax so evident in the world, there is no point to dwell on them too much detail.

Are the United States to achieve excellence in the world, or representative of the movement "New Age" puts himself above less conscious "non-spiritual people — in any case, such a position is called arrogance. Whether the alcoholic is lying in the gutter in Los Angeles or the master mind of man obsession with his physical appearance or body of his (her) neighbor — in any case we are dealing with an addicted. Burns whether the Ku Klux Klan crosses in the yards of black or spiritual person looks down on the "lout" — in any case it is called a bias. Whether capitalists hate communists or "politically correct" people bureaucrats and corrupt officials — in any case, this ratio is called hate. Are the U.S. war in Vietnam or Central America or the parent punishes and humiliates the child — in any case, these actions are violent. They kill a white Native American people, natives of other countries, to defile their land, or drivers inadvertently pressed protein and deer, too dispersing machine — in any case remain a victim. Does Nazi Germany on itself scars or poor feel the insignificance of his impoverished life — in any case this feeling is called shame. Everyone should do their part in recognizing and healing of karmic patterns, from the most obvious to the most subtle. There are many options for private displays seven major karmic problems. However, if you look closely, you will see that today the source of every problem Earth is one or more of these seven karmic solar ring structures. These structures are accompanied by ignorance of the four evolutionary principles that are now just need to learn.

For those of you who have mastered the behavioral and ideological levels of these structures or sincerely working on them, the next step is a conscious alignment with your Higher "I", the higher collective consciousness and divine unity. This is the purpose of our contact. Pleiadian Emissaries of Light want to assist those who wish to prepare for the changes of the Earth, evolve and ascend. We (Pleiadians) always consciously make themselves available for the beings of this solar ring during the change of evolutionary cycles, and now is no exception. You see, when we started to work with individuals and groups in the world at the beginning of this century, 100 years before the end of the current 26,000-year cycle, Earth people asked for them to wake up on their own before they start with the large-scale direct communication hierarchy: Pleiadians. Light Beings from Sirius, Emissaries of Light with Andromeda, the Supreme Being, the Supreme Council of the Twelve, the Great White Brotherhood and other smaller religious groups. We (Pleiadians) are among you — as in dense and in etheric bodies. numerous messengers Pleiades transmit their message, as is always the case in After major evolutionary cycles on this planet.

At the end of last earthly 26,000-year cycle in the world have less than half a million people from the devastation caused by the pole shift and other changes. Maybe this number seems high, but when you consider that these people were scattered all over the planet and that until that time, the Earth's population is close to two billion people, you will realize how little was left.

Collective higher consciousness at the time was not very developed, but it was there and demanded that each cultural group in the world have been established mystery schools. All humans should have equal opportunities to learn and grow spiritually. When young souls whose bodies perished in the earth cataclysms became born again on earth and the population began to increase again, have established spiritual practices and teachings and way of life became commensurate with the spiritual evolution and awareness. Even today, there are groups of Native Americans and the Maya, whose history of spiritual practice is estimated at approximately 25,000 years. This is no coincidence. Teachers from the Pleiades, Sirius and Andromeda was a physical body, and helped organize a variety of civilizations, such as Machu Picchu, Egypt and even Atlantis. Lemuria (for "channel", accepting the message, Lemuria — is pramaterik that existed in the Pacific Ocean and is the ancestral home of mankind. Currently called the continent of his ancestral name-My.) Lost most of its territory and population, but the original temple and doctrine preserved the remnants of the earth — Hawaii and Mount Shasta in California.

Each region began to operate their mystery schools, although their teachings and practices of different schools often crossed. In Atlantis, have been installed and the Order of Melchizedek Temples Alor. Revived the art of using crystals for healing and multidimensional communication, once widely held, and then lost. He brought to Egypt solar dedication and solar consciousness with such advanced spiritual practices, as telekinesis and use Merkabah to travel through the dimensions and the bounds of time and space. At the same time the Great Pyramid was built for the reception and transmission of solar codes and dedicated to people of Egypt and the entire planet. In every culture, taught the Holy dream, which eventually evolved into shamanic practices snotselitelstvo other methods of multidimensional travel and communications.

Pleiadians, Sirians and andromedeantsy, educate people and help establish mystery schools, often traveling from one dimension to another. Many of them specialize in the materialization and dematerialization of their light bodies and acts as an intermediary between the creatures of the Earth, underground civilizations and numerous light ships, which were then hung around the planet. When young, the less developed souls reincarnate began about 25,000 years ago, the teachers of the higher dimensional continued their relationships with people in the next 250 years, to help them move to a civilization that would unite souls at very different stages of evolution and having a different galactic origin. Some people just come in its development beyond the instinctive behavior and consciousness directed solely to survive. The next evolutionary step for them was to be born of a more developed parents to marry a more advanced creature and thus expand their level of awareness. Many of the inhabitants of the Pleiades taken on the role of the permanent teachers of these young souls, when the vzaimosmeshenie, some Pleiadians even taken human form and married with people to help them clean up the genetic structure and to awaken in them the desire for spiritual evolution. This process is sometimes referred to as a "star seeding".

All this was done in response to requests or agreements with higher collective consciousness of Earth's inhabitants. Earthly beings asked to help them build their own mystery schools and schools of higher initiatory dimension — it is part of them has had to evolve, to get enlightenment and remain in the higher dimensions of the Earth to help their earthly brethren. The Great White Brotherhood has existed for almost 15,000 years, and during that time there was a group at the same time awakening 1,000 people from different cultures of the Earth. These 1000 unanimously agreed to establish the Great White Brotherhood, which at that time was called the Order of the Great White Light, to set an example of spiritual enlightenment and transcendence in the world.

Some members of the Order of bodhisattvas decided to transform from time to time as the Ascended Masters. They are physically born in spiritually oriented parents and usually again became enlightened at the age of twenty-one. At this age, they remembered their past lives, ascension and spiritual problem. These reincarnated bodhisattvas were lovely and powerful teachers, as experienced by the people of Earth a more natural sense of camaraderie than those who did not was a man. At times, these Ascended Masters were born and born so far — in the family of young souls with different degrees of genetic disorders and karmic complications. These bodhisattvas take responsibility for transformation, transmutation and transcendence of the lower energies to create the essential "maps" and "map" of consciousness, which could be followed by other, they were and are pioneers of evolution.

Agreed to expand the hierarchy of the Order of the Great White Light and take it enlightened and ascended to the role of human assistants of Christ, to be the Buddha, on the role of members of the Order of Merlin, the role of the Goddess — Holy Mother (now perform these duties Quan Yin and Maria), the role of Kachin (Kachinas: the Pueblo Indians (Southwest USA) — spirit-protectors available to the people and all the other objects in the universe. in the narrower sense — the spirits of ancestors.) and local teachers and mentors. Prior to the current 26,000-year cycle of planetary administrators, coaches, teachers, and religious leaders were mostly Light Beings from the Pleiades, Sirius and Andromeda. Now people had a sufficient number of its own enlightened and ascended beings to guide their schools and institutions of the Mysteries.

At the beginning of 26,000-year cycle also makes a claim that, with the exception of the critical points of the evolutionary cycle, higher learning and leadership comes from those enlightened ones who have had the experience of human incarnation. The people of Earth had to evolve to such an extent that they can communicate with the higher dimensions and star systems. That was when there was the doctrine of the Ka. People need to understand how they can achieve their goals and become a spiritual master race in the world. Pleiadians taught people about their superior "I" of the Ka, through which you can always communicate with the Higher 'I', the higher dimensions and star systems. Living well, developing, meditating, praying, and taking possession of his mind, people can align with your Higher "I am." Awakening the Divine Ka, they can merge your higher 'I' with the physical body and realize the Divine Presence Master or his "I" of Christ. For full enlightenment will take some time until I completed genetic transmutation of people through the flow of energy through the subtle channels Ka Ka in their astral bodies, through the nervous system and the glands of their physical bodies and through the electrical meridians, similar to those used in acupuncture and shiatsu .

Over the next 5200 years a few thousand people who were privy to the Temples of Ra in Egypt and Atlantis, become enlightened, and many of them also reached the next level of consciousness of Christ. Some have decided to stay on Earth and can live up to 2,000 years in the same body by maintaining its channels Ka and spiritual practice. During this 5200-year period, new path to enlightenment that have been successful for more advanced people in the world who are ready for it.

At the end of 5200 years in widespread earthquake, which destroyed most of the remaining temples of Lemuria, and half the land of Atlantis. Those members of the Lemurian race, who remained on Earth, decided to move and set up an underground culture under Mount Shasta. Some of the Lemurian integrated into Native American tribes, Hawaii and Tibet, who later became Maya Inca and Buddhists. Former Lemurians played in these cultures the role of spiritual leaders and teachers. Inhabitants of Atlantis is a lot to keep their culture. They asked the group consciousness to being, whose earthly name was one of them embodied and restored the ancient teachings that were lost during the turmoil. One former member of the tribe Pleiadian Archangel Ra, granted their request, to the physical body. He became the spiritual leader of Atlantis.

Shortly after arriving Toth in Atlantis occurred extensive air gap space-time continuum of the Earth, in which a group of beings that originally entered the Orion system of Lyra came to Earth. Were led by Lucifer, who helped create the gap and use it to invade. The gap was created through extensive high transmission into the atmosphere outside the solar ring, then through the gap was immediately thrown spacecraft. These beings from Orion or Lyraen by Lucifer possessed by traveling "no-time-and-space", which allowed them to penetrate the gap in seconds, and no one to stop them but could not. Their interaction with the Earth at some time been inevitable due to karmic connection between Lyraen, Lucifer, and some of the people on Earth. They are planned, landed in Atlantis, as this was the most appropriate place for their task. Immediately after that, they began to teach the inhabitants of Atlantis to its "higher" technology officer. Atlanta proud that at the time they were the most advanced race in the world, and is always looking for new areas to establish its dominance. Lnriantsy manipulated by promising unlimited power, technology, impact, and they showed their "superiority" on the part of technology, mental control and intelligence. Atlanteans were promised that they will have the same abilities, and if Lyraen will allow them to integrate into the culture. Many residents of Atlantis did not immediately believe Lyraen and spotted prepared spiritual trap. Others were more trusting, eager of power and superiority and wholeheartedly welcomed Lyraen.

For the next 10,000 years of Atlantis was divided into two different composition of the population: one lived Lyraen and was more high tech, others remain spiritually pure. In the temple of Melchizedek introduced many invaders and their agents of influence who wanted to take control. Formed a special group that originally called "Grey Cassocks" and later "Black Cassocks." She focused on the development of psychic power and black magic. Some of the priests of Melchizedek were clean, but most of the lost purity. At the time of Atlantis is a temple of Alor. They lived priestess of the Goddess orders, the teachings of which came from the ninth through the hierarchical order of measurement called the "Council of Nine." These teachings have remained unsullied Lyraen and Lucifer, and fly in the face of the priestess and prevented the intervention of the Dark Brotherhood, as they are called. Previously, those Atlanteans who wish to practice the art of magic and alchemy, first held spiritual preparation, ensure the correct use of force. But over time, this order was violated and training psychic powers and black magic became widely available. Lucifer was invisible to humans, but still has a powerful impact on the subconscious. lirianskim He ruled the Dark Brotherhood and could at any time acquire the bodies of members of the Dark Brotherhood, to communicate with them or through them — with Drut-Atlanta residents. Lucifer has often used these methods come into contact with people. His goal was to destroy the faith Atlantis to the forces of Light, who ruled the planet and the solar ring, in the end, he hoped to establish his authority as the Supreme Being on earth.

Lucifer and the Dark Brothers entered the minds of many men in the world, which were vulnerable to mental control because of their own secret desires to control and dominate, especially against women. Was created underground astral plane, as well as underground ceremonial grounds and bloom where settled lower the collective consciousness of the Dark Brotherhood, and where it sent energy waves and subliminal suggestion through the earth to people living on the surface. This collective consciousness was and continues to be what you call "Satan." It was created through a merger of the lower minds of all members of the Dark Brotherhood. This "satanic" force able to act as one large entity. The more increased is the collective consciousness with his ability to manipulate and its putative superiority Goddess Earth, your solar ring and the divine, the more this dark force gained energy to continue their own growth. Polarization of Darkness and Light on Earth rapidly increasing as people's subconscious was bombarded with negative thoughts and images related to the lack of faith in God and the Divine Plan, the inferiority of women and the superiority of the mental sphere of the emotional and spiritual realms. Technology and black magic have grown to an extent never before seen before on Earth. The Temple of Light, more and more women become an area, and the temples of Darkness — a sphere of men. Of course, this distinction was not absolute, but for most people it was. By the end of the era of the Atlantic — in 10,000 years after the arrival of Thoth — in this civilization rampant chaos and fear. Competition for power and supremacy in Atlantis was normal, and even in church Alor prevailed own limitations.

Before the end of Atlantis heads orders and churches, are still kept light and the board issued a warning about the need to disperse his teachings around the world. Because of Satan's influence on the people of the Earth was to take a long time before it could be allowed to stay all higher knowledge in one place. Therefore, people trained in all aspects of spiritual development, Atlantis began to leave in small groups. They took a lot of crystals with information from the "Akashic Records" embedded in them by the truth. One of the crystals, which have taken with them to Greece senior priestess Temples Alor, had the form of a skull of Thoth, who left Atlantis for nearly 9,000 years before . Crystal skull was hidden under the Temple of the Oracle of Delphi — created by the same group of priestesses — and served to protect the church from the dark subconscious suggestion and energy waves sent from Earth. Since the temple could not contaminate mentally, members of the Dark Brotherhood as a screen name " Warriors of Zeus ", eventually imprisoned and killed priestesses, and the church was selected for its patriarchal god.

Other groups brought crystals and teaching in Central and South America, Western Europe, South Africa, the Himalayas, East Asia, Australia and Egypt. (The native tribes of North America at that time were in a unique phase of its own evolution, so the penetration of Atlantis was undesirable.) The largest group of men and women, according to the instructions of the Council of Nine, arrived in Egypt. People in all groups were very committed to the conservation of the divine truth, which is the Light, and spent the rest of his life based on the teachings and initiatory temples in different countries. The largest group settled in Egypt, mainly because there was the Great Pyramid, and she has always held and still holds the vibration of divine truth and evolutionary sunny code.

Many still had to build the pyramids in Egypt, and in other places. They were to be built on large crystals with the records of the Akashic Records, which are placed in a special screening plants, keeping the light and prevents vibration of lower density several pyramids were built in Atlantis Lyraen and their slaves in order distortion solar codes and management. But they all plunged into the Atlantic Ocean or blown up in the cataclysm, destroying Atlantis.

The final destruction of Atlantis was caused mainly passing out of the ground the sound waves are so intense that they caused an underground sonic boom. He had to destroy the high-light structures in the surviving holy temples and allow to penetrate into these temples of black magic and satanic energy control of the Dark Brotherhood. But the noise impact was so powerful that it echoed and returned to its source, reverberiruya inside nuclear centers and crystalline energy that fuels the sound generator. This caused a massive explosion that created a chain reaction in other underground power generators, resulting in an earthquake, the likes of which had never happened in the world. (And never happened since then.) Many pyramid literally broke into pieces, while others are not affected. Global terrestrial cataclysms lasted more than two months, until the whole Atlantis was not down on the ocean floor.

People who had previously left the Atlantis to restore spiritual order, in other places, mostly avoided the danger and to fulfill his destiny. Several groups are trying to escape from the disaster and were able to get away far enough, it was washed away by giant waves that have arisen as a result of the explosions. This is the final destruction of Atlantis occurred about 10,400 years ago.

Lucifer Lyraen gathered on the astral plane, and began to think of his next move. Lyraen decided to stay on the astral plane as the Earth's atmosphere, and in the underground satanic spheres to increase its influence on the subconscious mind of the people of Earth. As a result, across the globe frequent wars and conflicts between tribes. Many indigenous peoples of the Americas, Africa and Europe have split into separate tribes, although in the past they were part of a vast brotherhood. Territorial claims and disputes over rights to the mineral resources and water, spiritual distinctions became suspicious and unexplained causes of separation. More and more subliminal suggestions of patriarchal superiority seeps into the psyche of people, but some are using the Atlanteans and their own spiritual leaders were able to withstand the pressure and false negative mental Thought Forms

Created "grid" like the one that still remained at Stonehenge, and "medical wheel", which stopped the destructive astral energies and create a safe place where people can conduct ceremonies and other gatherings.

Almost 5000 years temples of Goddess was strong in many new lands of Atlantis. Women's and men equally represented churches and kept the sacred teachings of Melchizedek, Thoth and Alor, in addition, they expanded their teachings, including locally available archetypal deities and spiritual practices. The teachings of male and female roles, spiritual initiation, temples Ka, healing practices and methods of spiritual evolution has spread to Egypt, Greece, and various parts of Central and South America. Not all the tribes in other places affected astral pollution, some remained pure and humble. However, the polarization of light and darkness is definitely increased.

About 5,000 years ago, and their associates Lyraen addressed in the Dark Brotherhood, began to reincarnate in different places around the world. Their main task was to penetrate into regions spiritually advanced cultures and call them war and destruction. Although this is a gradual alignment of forces governing people on the planet, much has changed. In Egypt, Greece, Europe and Central America has cycles of light and darkness. Dark Brotherhood to kill, destroy, rape and established his rule, then the forces of Light rose and overthrew them. Then the cycle is repeated.

Earth as a whole has always maintained a setting to light, the Supreme Being and the Supreme Council of the Twelve. But the balance of power in the world has experienced many changes. It is interesting that the majority of people on Earth has always believed in love and kindness, but it was weak and not able to effectively resist the pressure of government and religious forces that sought to establish control over the people. The population of the Earth, in the majority, felt powerless to influence the ruling classes for a long time, this is the strange phenomenon in the history of the Earth. One reason for the fear and helplessness is the astral control of the fourth and fifth dimensions, implemented by Lucifer and Lyraen Nibiruan or Anunnaki (the Anunnaki: In Sumerian mythology, a large group of deities that affect people's lives.). Currently, it is important for you to know that you have the strength to break free from the mental control by these astral beings.

When certain groups first began to colonize Earth about 150,000 years ago, there was a big meeting of the collective consciousness, which was attended by the Pleiadians, andromedeantsy, essential mentors and representatives of the kingdom of the devas. It was decided that the need for a hierarchical structure that would provide the highest possible level of confidence and security. This decision was made based on past experience of new arrivals to the Earth, which betrayed the essence of the higher realms, and their deep-rooted disbelief in themselves. Self-doubt was the main reason that the group asked for guidance. The new inhabitants of the Earth just did not believe that they can make important decisions and be independent. Their request was granted hierarchies, which agreed that when it comes time to assign to your planet, the Supreme Being, it will create a downward spiritual power structure that has the right to reject any decision made by the Supreme Being. Structure, which will be the first step below the Supreme Being, is the Supreme Council of the Twelve. Its members will be four delegates from the Pleiades, Sirius, and the neighboring Andromeda Galaxy. All members are highly Beings of Light. If the Supreme Council of the Twelve has approved, by consensus, any order of the Supreme Being, the order must be dismissed. Because of this people of the earth will know, at least subconsciously, that they are protected from the possibility of error in the work of the spiritual hierarchy. In the structure of the Supreme Council will even double protection: at least two members of different origin will be responsible for each sector of power in the next lower area. For example, in the sector instruct and supervise the work of angels healers responsibility of one representative and one representative from the Pleiades Andromeda will overlap, and none of them will be able to do with what the other does not agree. This type of structure is still there in all institutions and groups of higher dimensions.

From your planetary belief in the necessity of the authorities, who have to manage you and make important decisions that must now be released. Are you ready to become independent beings with full responsibility. Until now, the presence of such a strong world government corruption is the result of a lack of trust in each other and themselves. When it's Era of Light, also known as the Age of Enlightenment, it is essential to put an end to the patriarchal system and restore the true power of the people. Those who are not able to dispose of such responsibility, without causing harm to others, you can remove from the process of group decision making. There will be no elected officials. Positions such as chairman of the meeting, and others, in what will be a necessity, would be rotating all interested community members. With this method of control or an individual or small group can never get full power over others.

Currently, it is necessary that the people of Earth have found the spiritual courage to demand what they want. Of course, many well-meaning people of the earth too bogged down in the struggle for survival, and forget about the spiritual ideals. However, most people understand the basis of morality and desires of love. So now to the Earth with a spectacular opportunity to make a spiritual quantum leap. Higher collective consciousness of all human beings, the Earth was asked to give her the opportunity to make something that has never happened before: planetary ascension. If this happens. Earth and all its people together and move in four fifth-dimensional consciousness and completely rid your mind of Satan and controlling the astral planes. The current control by the destructive forces, is based and it relies on two things: (1) the illusion of superiority of hatred and fear over love, and (2) the belief that the darkness strong light. If by 2013 the rest of the world's population can get rid of these two ideas, and understand and accept the already mentioned four spiritual principle, this planet will be the first planet ever to make such a spiritual leap.

To have the hope that this great event will happen in the interval from now until 2013 at least (but can be more) 144,000 people have become enlightened and to embody the Christ consciousness. When it reaches this critical mass of awakened beings will "mass the second coming of Christ." Vibrational energy wave illumination passes through the planet and its people, destroying the lower astral thoughtforms and dissolving the veil that separates them from their own inner experience of the divine essence and truth. All Earth's population will feel a wave of enlightenment permeates all beings on the planet. At this time will be increased planetary enlightenment and innate sense of purpose to the spiritual evolution of the soul. If Lyraen, Anunnaki, Lucifer, the members of the Dark Brotherhood and the people who tuned in to the darkness, to solve this time spiritually obey, they simply join the planetary ascension, and will be exempt from the past. Those who do not choose the light, feel the destruction of the planet, and will be, as it were, in the galactic center of the recovery. They will be given the opportunity for evolution and divine alignment, but will not make them. If after a while they will want to explore the dark, they will be sent to some other galaxy, where the opportunity still exists.

Even if at that moment something extraordinary happens, like a planetary explosion, 144,000 more Christ-like beings go just go into your body ascension and will take with them the rest of the newly awakened humans. If there is a "critical mass" of 144,000 people, the impact of each of these Christ-like creature on the rest of the people will be so strong that each of them will be able to pull another 144,000 people on the higher planes of consciousness. Other words, 144,000 Christlike create a quantum leap for 20.736 billion people. dark veil, or "network," as it is called, surrounds the outer atmosphere of the Earth, dissolved. This will allow all the galactic codes via the Sun reach the Earth. There will be no lower astral planes, and all people will experience "white light" or Shaktipat and then find themselves in a new world that will be more beautiful and pure than the one that was left behind. They will be on the earth, but in the fourth dimension . Those who ascended in previous lives, will go straight into the fifth dimension, or even higher.

Pre-school education will be prepared for those new spiritual beings who will be four-dimensional. These beings are aware of their own creations in the past, the origin and purpose of his soul, and shall come upon all the spiritual teachings that match this level of evolution. On Earth, there will be grace period of 1,000 years, during which will dominate the world and focus on the spiritual evolution. In other words, the mystery schools are the center of all activities throughout the whole 1000. At the end of this period the Earth officially assume the role of galactic seat of Cities of Light and mystery schools for other dimensional planets.

You will become the guardians and teachers for three-dimensional forms of life, what are we, the Pleiadians, have been for you. If you succeed (and we believe in it), a huge wave of love and joy from the union of the higher collective consciousness with the three-and four-dimensional consciousness will sweep across the galaxy. This wave of enlightenment instantly converts the rest of the lower astral karma and energy your solar ring into pure light, just as the planetary wave of enlightenment will do it for the Earth and its people. The power of this wave will be felt in the galaxy and in all things, will affect them. Why?

The position of this galaxy to the Great Central Sun of All Things just went through cyclical changes as mentioned. Evolutionary name of this new galactic cycle — "Evolutionary Spiral skill." Every solar ring of the Galaxy must step into their next higher evolutionary system. For example, the Earth and your solar ring to become the seat of Cities of Light Beings of Light passing through the physical embodiment and reached enlightenment. At the end of this century of peace you will race exclusively Hristopodobnh Beings.

Pleiadian Light Work, and in particular its Ka-aspect, is one of the ways of healing and awakening, we, the Pleiadians, we bring to you today. It is important that your Ka Channels have been cleared of karmic residue and energy units, only in this case, your Christ, "I" will be able to gain a foothold in the physical realm through your physical body. You — one of the 144,000 or more people, which will bring to Earth the Age of Enlightenment, the Age of Light, the Golden Age or the New Era …

We believe in you and in the higher consciousness of your planet. Although the future perfectly, you should not allow laziness, arrogance or resistance that can stop your going to ascend. As long as you do your part and you want to get better, as far as possible for you — we'll help you in any convenient way for us. However, we will never interfere in your personal learning and growth. You're here to become a teacher, and not disabled, which you want to save. Do not let anyone say what he will do for you, your work or save you. It is time that you are saving yourself with hard and dedicated healing, growth and continuous spiritual awakening. With the will and determination of all divine things are possible.


(Pa — envoy of the collective mind, referred to as "Pleiadian Emissaries, or Archangels, Light." This group works with the life force and the evolution of the sector and the Pleiades in our solar system. They keep the divine wisdom emanate divine courage, protect human life, animal and plant. Ra — is not only a personal name of one of the Emissary, but also the name of a "tribe" Pleiadian. names of all the Pleiadian "tribes" are the names of the ancient Egyptian gods)

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