Channeling: SaLuSa, October 10, 2012

Now, all is relatively quiet, although you will soon have to face a difficult period. But they will be short-lived, and in anticipation of them, we will make sure that they have brought to you the least possible inconvenience. Our allies know how close they are to achieve their goals, and as always, we stand behind them.

You can reflect on the fact that the physical changes in the world were not such catastrophic as predicted. Some may point to the accident in Fukushima, but it was not a natural event, and fabricated the attack. In fact, there were many earthquakes, which is normal, and no one of them was the fact that you could really call it, the consequences. We always closely monitor such events and minimize their effects.

We continue to actively address the issue of disclosure, and this year you see a lot more evidence of our presence than before. This opens the way for a full disclosure, and it will happen before the end of this year. This will lead to a large change your collective consciousness and move you into a new era. As you already know, we have a lot to share with you that will propel you forward huge leaps. It will be a wonderful time for all of us, and illusion in which you lived, would be eliminated. Through various contacts with your people, the past 60 years we have gradually taught you to learn more about us. Now our presence is well known, and there are very few people who have not heard that our ships visit your land.

When it becomes clear that we have come to the world to help you, will be removed the last obstacle to the adoption of us. Frightening images have been deliberately warned you that you were in fear, and they will not have that effect. We already know how world leaders can be trusted, and Barack Obama is leading the way. It seems that we often need to be repeated to convince some people that this is a highly developed soul, just waiting for the right moment to start his real mission. It will unite the world and set the stage for our arrival. Skeptics short time left to wait to make sure that we tell the truth. Once we are able to contact you and explain our mission to bring you all the benefits of the Ascension, your dreams will come true. Duality will be history, and you will come great new life, which will prevail peace and harmony.

So now you are in a period of high expectations, and they will be met, as you promised. Your present governments continue to follow its usual practice of denial of all that you know to be true, and the media followed suit. But all this will change soon, and the truth will come out. Many sold their soul to cling to their jobs, and just do what they are told to do. You have to really be able to enjoy free will and not by meekly execute unjust laws aimed at forcing you to keep quiet. In the near future there will revaluation your laws, and those that do not match your rights will be addressed.

As you can imagine, a lot of things to be done, but we are fully prepared for this. We already know where you want to take action, and their implementation will be no delay. Of course, you will actively participate in our joint activities, so be sure that we know who we can call upon for help. By the time the dark forces will be eliminated, and the work can be started easily. Different languages do not offer us any difficulty, as we read you telepathically, and it is our usual way of dealing with your people. Over time, you will also learn telepathy and spoken languages disappear. Past evidence will show that we knew your questions when they are formed in the mind, and respond to them before they are sound.

Your future — to be the same as we are, and you become Galactic Beings with all the qualities that we now show. For example, we do not feel tired as you are, because we are in a higher vibration. However, we can take some action to cool off if we want. We also drink beverages that are the source of energy, but we do it from the surrounding energy. In fact, in a lighter body you will not need to take a heavy meal, and you can have a light meal rather to relax. We have what you might call, fruit drinks, which are very nutritious, but does not contain alcohol. We believe it is a poison, and you will not find it on our plane of existence. You generally will not be any need for heavy food, and we certainly do not eat animals.

Since the higher dimensions you will enjoy good health, you will find that you will not need medications or even surgery, because our methods are much more advanced than yours. We use color and sound for healing, which is much more efficient and does not have the side effects that your treatments. Wait while on earth will the City of Light, and then you will be convinced that we have described to you, and more. We are so happy for you and to what you will enjoy when we give you our technologies. Life will be very different from what you have now, and she is waiting for you right now.

Naturally, we would like to be a lot closer to you than it is now, but we will use one of your expressions, stating "all the best things in life worth the wait." You feel so much stress on the Earth from the obligations imposed on you and rate of improvement of life. All of this will disappear and will not exist in the vibrations that bring permanent peace and harmony. They do not have any "work", as you describe your occupation and do you do that brings you pleasure, to bring benefits to all others. You'll find that you have even more freedom to decide what to do with their lives, and because of its high level of consciousness, you will choose wisely.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I speak on behalf of all the members of the Galactic Federation of Light, wishing you a happy transition and wonderful experience going through the process of ascension. The whole universe will monitor and send you much love to help you on your journey. Over time, you will meet with their friends and families from afar for a grand reunion.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light
Translation: Sergey Z

Category: Channeling

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