Channeling SaLuSa, October 15, 2012

As soon as we look around your world, we see that your personal awakening becomes stronger, and people are more willing to talk to each other about the Ascension. Of course, there are some difficulties with the transfer of what it would mean for the individual, but at least the knowledge of grain sown, and it will grow.

Naturally, there are plans to provide information on a global level so that people can see what a wonderful opportunity to open for every soul. Among those who first learns of the Ascension, will be ruled by fear and lack of confidence, but when they see how others welcome the news with open arms, they will become more confident in their future. In fact, people tend to cluster, and your instincts tell you that in union power.

It is in the family are likely to occur most difficult, because when there is a strong unit, they usually stick together. Chances are that they are already planning to go into the future together. However, there will be occasions when one family member may be vehemently defend their feelings, which may be the opposite of what it was other family members. In these circumstances, you should give this person to make their own free choice. On a subconscious level, each soul instinctively knows that it is best suited, and of course it has to be good with their decision. In general, families with young children will find that they actually go forward as a single unit.

As we often remind you, love ties relating to families and friends to do so, that between them there is always a connection. So do not worry that you will run into a permanent separation, when one of you will choose a different path. In the higher vibrations you can discover each other's thoughts, and one day you'll be able to instantly move where you want. In fact, as you grow you will usually be increasingly involved in group activities, and as a group consciousness. Due to the fact that at these levels there is no dark energy, you will realize that every soul you meet, has a great love for all other souls. Between you all have an immediate acceptance, trust and harmony that comes from unity with All That Is.

On Earth, you often feel that you have to "fight" for self-assertion, and you can not easily determine who your real friends. With this thriving greed and corruption all around you is hard to know who to trust. But this will soon be a relic of the past, and already those who belong to the light, keep away from those who do not belong to the Light. The Law of Attraction works, and it's quite a natural reaction, so even now you are attracted to people with similar views. In fact, when you embody and agree to work for the Light, you are very easy to find their colleagues, who also did the same. You feel more comfortable with some people than with others, and this is because you have something in common. Of course, according to your life plan you are destined to meet some of the soul, which are also part of it. This also applies to those who are connected by marriage, and it does not happen by accident.

In higher dimensions, you will have the ability to more easily identify those who are your real brothers and sisters. Often this is due to the fact that you came out of the same civilization, the Star, and serve in one of the Galactic Federation and the Brotherhood of Light. Of course, there are those souls who would prefer to serve with those who are still developing their scientific knowledge and they are usually found in other councils involved in this aspect of evolution. So, if this is included in your circle of interest, you can continue. All knowledge is free and available to every soul, in contrast to the Earth, where it is used to gain power over others. This is the main difference that you will notice when lifted up, and when it will be available to everyone.

Dear ones, when we look at you, we see that you are overly worried, but you have a lot of helpers around you, so that will ensure that your life will end the way you planned. However, you can look for something more, but for your evolution all that matters, it's your life plan. Your current life is the most important, because you have decided that you need in order to complete your stay in duality. This may not be the way you wish, but take it as it is, because nothing important happens without benefit to you. Also, the end of times is when you start to get rid of all that connects you with the lower vibrations. When you finally ascend, you should have only a minimal amount of remaining karma, and it will be written off.

In these last days, we suggest you concentrate more on your personal journey, knowing that everything else will take care of. Be sure that when the time comes, you will witness the manifestation of various events, marks the final change, even if you do not know the details. Of course, there are great expectations of global change, and Disclosure is getting closer and closer. Changes in the financial sector are the first in our list, and it is a mammoth task to coordinate them in such a way as to avoid excessive chaos in the currency markets. The situation in the banking sector is increasingly getting worse, and no matter how they tried to overcome the problem, they will have to accept the inevitable collapse. This will be the signal for the introduction of new systems that are ready and waiting in the wings.

Most importantly your ascension, and you should do everything to be ready and to make every effort to help create a new era around you. Live as you imagine all will be after you ascend, and look at all the other souls as one with you. You do not have to be their guardians, but your kindness and love for your fellow man will bring more light to the Earth. When we look at you, you can see a beautiful sight, because in such a short time, you create a great flame of light that is visible in the universe. You truly rose to the occasion, and in some ways even surpassed more than they expected, and it is a credit to you, as a human race. There were times when it seemed that you do not do this, but here you are, on the eve of the Ascension.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I congratulate all of you for your part in achieving success. We love you all and are proud to stand with you. We are a unit.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light
Translation: Sergey Z

Category: Channeling

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