Channeling: SaLuSa, October 22, 2012

We were pleased to see how you come out for their rights, which is a timely reminder of your government that they are in office to serve you, the people. The number of good and sincere people among them are very small, and so far-reaching changes to occur.

If your representatives do not adhere to his oath, then they have nothing to complain about when they will be eliminated. The problem is that corruption and greed spread like cancer and eventually accepted as a normal way of doing business. In the future you will be more involved in decision-making, and will consult with you before you start to take action. Obviously, you need the right people to lead you forward, who has the vision and understanding to move you into a new era. Last representatives of a secret elite are completely inadequate, and they will not interfere with or affect what happens.

Your spiritual era is about to begin, and your progress will be amazing and very fast. Imagine how wonderful it is to be able to trust all those around you, because you know that they are ascended beings like you. Love and Light will be present everywhere, and you will not have any doubt that you are in the higher dimensions. Life will be very different from the one you have now, and it can not be compared with anything else. To live in a world without any threat would be a great sense of joy and freedom. Health problems and the difficulties of existence, that you face in the third dimension will no longer play a role in your life. It is difficult to give an absolute sense of happiness and satisfaction that you have to experience to properly evaluate.

Mindset of those who hinder your evolution and sought to prevent the ascension, been on consolidating his own power because they lack the understanding of unity and, therefore, love for their fellow man. Nevertheless, they still have a divine spark, even if it was very bland, but once again it will be on. They have these same opportunities to be light, as well as any other soul, and God will welcome them back home, just like any other. You all started together, but because you choose your own way to get experience, some plunged into the lower vibrations and drifted away. There will always be a way back to the light, but the lower you fall, the harder it will be your trip. Whatever it was, as with any other soul there is always plenty of volunteers who will guide them in the house. Each one of you is a supreme being next to help you in your life.

In the future, we of the Galactic Federation of Light will work together with the ascended souls, until you are our equals. After that you will be completely independent and will decide its own future, but that does not mean that we have lost touch with you. We will literally thought away at any time, and this applies to any soul, with whom you have contact. And in fact, as we reported earlier, you probably will join those who have a similar level of consciousness. Your experience is limitless, even the movement from one universe to another to expand their knowledge. On Earth, you obviously much more limited, and your low level of consciousness you lost touch with your higher self Consequently, the truth of your present life, I blurred the illusion of the third dimension.

You're about to become witnesses of the beginning of the end, when the old system into chaos. No attempts to restore it will not succeed, because it is intended to complete his time in the current measurement. It is well served to you and Mother Earth, but a new paradigm comes to replace it. You will not miss the final result, because the changes are so far-reaching that they affect everyone. All souls are getting what they want, and most have already made their free choice. For this reason, we ask you not to try to influence the decision of other souls, but to allow them to be satisfied with what it had been taken for the sake of their future. In fact, you can not move higher than that allow your vibrations, and of course it has to be the level at which you would feel most comfortable with.

We are ready as ever to play a role in the ascension of your passing. Our participation will soon be obvious, and you'll know that we keep the peace in the world. This applies to our efforts to prevent the current problems that escalate into another world war. We're burning desire to be more involved and help our allies to bring the event to a climax. U.S. presidential elections are a key point that will determine when we will carry out his divine powers of government to implement positive change. A lot of that depends on the outcome of these elections, and it will be the victory of Light.

Since then, each passing week should show the direction in which things are moving, and will be events that are required for bringing the world into your planet. As you can imagine, nothing is happening, of what we did not know, even if it is out of our sight. We know the true intentions of the various nations, no matter what they say to the world. In fact, they are divided into those who support the war and those who are currently looking for peace, even if their story and says the opposite. What happens is that the light on the earth transforms the lower vibrations, and the whole nation are awakening to the truth. In those countries that want peace, there is a strong movement to unite, and the desire to move away from those who think differently. Warlords become progressively more isolated, and without the support of their plans are doomed to failure.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I see that the various peace movements are combined, more people than ever before. This flowering of people power that will bring the desired results. This also contributes to a constant flow of high-energy from outside of your Earth. As we have often said, you have already won the battle against the dark forces, and only clean up the remains of their activities in order to strive for the Rapture. This, dear, is already being done, as you will see very soon.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light
Translation: Sergey Z

Category: Channeling

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