Channeling: The flow of 06. 10. 2012

06.10.12 Message from the Beloved Mother Mary

I AM Mother Mary.
Welcome our beloved people! Today I give my instruction through this Messenger. All you need my energy in this current time, in anticipation of things to come.
My speech will go about the same thing, your mental attitude to UNITY.
In the remaining time you want to feel the relationship with each other through communication, through a promise. Fold out your inner division, stepped over his ego, do not look for your ambitions, but it is better to send their forces to achieve real unity between you. Let it be in the shower, in the energy sector, and it is then manifested itself outwardly.
Do not break your single powerful stream of light into separate, independent beams. Acquire the true power of light through your unity! It can understand and execute every one of you, to cast away their individuality, to forgive all, to ask you to forgive, let go of the inner cold end and merge with all in one powerful stream of light. Begin to harmonize and change the space, besiege it the image of Holy Russia, which you created in the subtle world. You can do it, but need the power of the Unified energy rush for this manifestation.
We are pleased that many of you are awake, are rays of light in your darkness, but now need all these scattered rays merge, synchronize all of you with Egregor Holy Russia, to strengthen it and get from him the protection and support for everyone.
This is my little addition through this Messenger.
I AM Mother Mary. Ohms.

10/06/12 A message from Beloved Pallas Athena

I AM Pallas Athena. Hello, our beloved people! We once again with Mother Mary come to you with their energies for your support.
Time inevitably reduced and all of you is to switch from the petty worries dense world, from its bustle on the necessary things for the planet Earth for the future of humanity.
I understand that your material things one does not do for you and you need to engage in daily activities, ensures a tightly their livelihoods in the plan. But we are coming to you, you are set up and work the inside, in the small plane, the energy work that for you too, no one will. And safely this inner work is determined by your unity, attunement to one stream of light.
Try to feel one with everything, do not look at the external difference between you, the higher plane you can all be one, you are the light-bearers, who came into this dense world during the transition to its mission of Light. Remember this, and do not pay attention to the external differences between you in this manifestation, they should not be a hindrance to your inner attunement to the overall flow of light.
You all go together in the Creator and in your unity is displayed Power of Creative Beginnings Beginnings. You all is subject. Space is subject to you when you do not have each other apart and to pour their energies and fishing in one stream, the creative space.
You are standing at the border in the dense world of manifestation of the way of Holy Russia, you were trying to create order in the higher plane.
The level of development of each of you is different, but this is not important, as a powerful river is composed of many small streams and creeks, various minor streams, and as a result has enormous power of a single stream that is inaccessible by brooks individually and create your UNITY the powerful flow of energy that can create and change the space that is not available individually.
Feel it, put your soul into a single image of the river, and feel its power. This union will bring you, and we look forward to a complete success!
I AM Pallas Athena. Ohms.

10/06/12 A message from the I AM THAT I AM

I AM THAT I AM. Mostly our stream for the duration of your energy is giving at this time what is now needed.
Waking everyone — well, even great! But apart you can not create space as required by the current situation. Every single straw can break, and if they relate to a single beam, it will not succeed. The image is simple, but gives you a sense that the unity, albeit only on the energy level, already gives a whole new quality of the vanguard of the people of the New Age.
Having joined into a single stream of light, you will be able to take control and the formation of the surrounding space, start showing new world, to change the old and step into a bright future.
We were all in vain you point to the most recent address UNITY — is now one of the main reasons for the correct display in a dense world, subtle world. Only a powerful energy message can really make a space, to show creativity in it.
UNITY you — the key to success in building your bright future!

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