Channeling: The flow of 19. 11. 2012 — Cycle: The Forces of Light

11/19/12 A message from Lord Shiva

I AM the Lord Shiva! I have come! I AM of you! My counsel for all of you, dear people!
Upcoming events of the Galactic importance, and your condition will determine the direction in which the process will change the world and yourself. We spent a lot of time, energy, and gave you the information flows to set you on the right state, to choose the right way forward.
Darkness took up arms against you, but you have everything you need to pass the correct points in upcoming events. No matter how tough the conditions, you can always save your soul love, and love above all else — this energy can create and develop you and your surroundings.
Love is above all! Keep it in your heart and does not replace or substitute. Neither order nor justice, nor any other, seemingly from your point of view, properly understood. There is nothing higher than love, and it can not replace anything.
Is in your soul Love — then God is with you. No love in my heart, all of your business and all your notions and desires are human values and oppose your God, you take away from the true path of the path of arrogance and self-importance — on a dark path.
We give you the energy of love, give you the opportunity to walk the right way, but your free will to determine: whether you go through it, or go some other way. You are still in a world of duality, and you still can change the direction of its path, falling under the subterfuge of Darkness.
I urge you to be alert to himself these days. Look for a very carefully to what your soul is and what it is leaning. It's hard, but I warn you all that the tests are not finished, and they tightened. Is a manifestation of your soul hidden, before qualities. The aggravation of the nature and the true inclination of your soul.
You need a great work of himself and his perfection. And most important to you — your soul. Do not seek to correct someone and someone to teach, look after themselves, do not lose yourself! Creating one of your tests you a pillar of light, which can not have had to absorb the Darkness.
In the upper world you'll be on the other side, you'll choose now to determine which direction to develop. Inspections arranged you can separate the truth from the lies. In these situations, you can LOVE to go through all the success. New world — the world of men Sixth race — world of love. You live in it, to show it to you.
This concludes his message with a wish to all of you to pass the test successfully and provided stability to gain attacks of darkness and save the soul of love and light, coming from the world of duality.
I AM the Lord Shiva! Om!

11/19/12 A message from the I AM THAT I AM

Completes our flow of energy in your world. In closing this thread, I would like to remind you that the desires of your material world can not be spiritual and not giving you advance towards the Spirit.
Your desires are not only material wealth, power, and desire justice, order, religion, spirituality, supremacy over darkness, and the like, with a mean apparent righteousness, but in essence, is a manifestation of human values, if you do not LOVE. Those energies that I AM the Creative everything, and that hold the Universe.
Whatever the case may be, and the desire to have a righteous mind, if this is not in you love, then it is not righteousness, leaving the path of darkness. Initially, it is imperceptible, but over time it will fill you up and you do not know yourself, what was, and what you have become. Only love can hold you back on the path of light, nothing else will help you. And your guard should be on top, do not fall into euphoria only because important events are on the doorstep.
Do not lose yourself and the way of its development! Take care of yourself and the energies that manifest themselves in your soul. Initially you will be able to resist, and when you go down in darkness, it will distort your vision of the events in the right direction and would lead to a different path. Do not let your superiority over others to come into your soul, it's not a good sign of your development — is the path of darkness. Only love will allow you to resist this temptation, but the fullness of its energy will keep you on the right path.

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