Channeling: The flow of 20. 10. 2012 — Cycle: Sozidanie Himself

20/10/12 A message from a beloved brother Nastsetusa

I AM your brother Nastsetus! Hello all!
I AM come back to the flow of energy in your world. We decided to help you today before the events that will teach you to see the truth in your life. I had the honor to open this thread and tell you how to be behave in times of trial.
Of course, for each they will be different. You are all different and the perception of the world have their own way, so your tests during the event will be held individually. Some of you will be glad to them, some sad. We have repeatedly warned you about this, not out of place to repeat the material again.
We can see by how many of you are irresponsible to our warnings, we are more and more time on repeating them. Events affect the value of the planetary world. Will not be at any point of the Earth, wherever there were changes. Today you find this hard to believe, as we can, so carefully prepares you for it.
To my brother and it will be difficult to keep a balance of energy in a given period of time. This will include full of objects and events of your life. Therefore, a huge request for you to care, restraint, reciprocity. You will need to act as one single family. Even at such events you will show their collective solidarity. We will watch over and guide you thought no longer be able to help, this is your test of maturity.
Everything should not be repeated, no time, and not have your interest. Your mind will not accept our warnings, but the soul of the message for yourself to take the necessary vibration attitude. Each of you is a part of God. Behave with dignity in all points manifestations of nature. There is nothing that gives too hard. All meted out by your forces, deserved yours, when ready for new life.
That's the way the evolution of development, and only allows you to quickly pass the difficulties its stages of elevation. When all is well, quiet, serene, well slows the process of perceiving the world around you, quickly gets used to the fact that has saturated everything around. Therefore, for your awakening of satiety, the illusions in life, you have to go through the difficulties with dignity tests.
Do not be afraid of the event ahead of time. There is nothing wrong with them. No horror of war, there is no mass grief and the sea of blood that occurred earlier in your story. Possible loss of life, it is inevitable for cleaning the earth from unnecessary ballast, but it is not comparable to the wars and disasters.
Events are selected in this scenario, the person does not even have time to get scared, like go into a different world for rehabilitation. So it decided to continue the evolution of the soul in eternity. Believe me, it is the result of his life and he's the best for everyone. And it's better just not to think.

Today is your opportunity so great that you can erase your karma Repentance, to direct my life from darkness to light, become active assistants to God. He cares so much about each, so attentive, so going through your failures, that we sometimes wonder what is going to look at and admire his patience. Great Heavenly Father in everything!
To my brother and was honored at this historic time to help earthlings and to be your protectors in difficult situations. We give it to you today the desired energy. We see the way every where and when to help. Sometimes someone has to cover the feed channel energy because of its misuse. When this happens, a person loses strength, becomes ill. Do not force us to such measures, be wise, behave yourself.
Many scientists in the Land of Education of Man, about the ethics of behavior in society. Accustom themselves to the divine qualities of behavior in different places of life. You have no time to argue, empty talk, the more a waste of time in nightclubs, bars, and hangouts. Feast or Famine canceled. To relax when dealing with thin world. When dealing with us you will get a lot more variety than in the illusion Thick plan.
You, when you are ready, will provide the opportunity to visit any planet space for information and training. Someone will be assigned to various tests, some training, who just as encouraging. Worlds closer, and all possible, do not miss your time on trifles here, aim up into the unknown and you will be given.
Your aspirations for self-development, self-discovery and worlds will bring you a huge selection of options for the development of the future in you. Time itself offers you the options of events. How do you live today, tomorrow and this will have no one to blame for the fact that you are not worthy of anything.
Show your independence now. Select a goal path and move with God's blessing on it up. All terms and conditions of growth for you a long time there. We have created so "hothouse" conditions of your growth as such in the history of humanity has never been and stupid not to use them today. No specific instructions what to do, but there are directions, instructions for you and there are examples of lighthouses, going forward. All you have to just be careful and decide where and how to move.
Nothing complicated, it's simple and clear as a bright day. Global events will point the way to many, direction. Will master the path going. Bring in your life divine change. Use our instructions and energies. Be attentive to yourself and others. Bring joy to your life. Be optimistic and never lose heart.
I AM Nastsetus! OM!

20/10/12 A message from the I AM THAT I AM

I AM THAT I AM! Hello!
I always have in the conclusion sum up and close the stream. Today continue.
We gave you a lot of information about upcoming events. Besides us options spread on the internet a huge amount. The main thing they focus your attention on what is happening, prepare mentally, that there was no panic.
Modern media loves this kind of sensation and begin to escalate the situation in the society constant repetition of stories going on. Not to do so. The human psyche is on edge and the slightest overdose in this direction could lead to mass insanity people. Need today to submit a balanced information. So we are well before the events themselves purposefully you prepared for them.
We have high-class teachers, to help humanity for millennia. Take our instructions, messages or not, the case of each individual. Our words carry you the rest energy, confidence and stability. In any situations we train you to be calm and reasonable. Your mind is in a state of balance and even fluctuations in the society will not be able to make a disharmony in you for negative emotions.
All this took the one who reads the Epistle, who are far from them has a our installations, so you need to be an example for such people. We can not allow chaos in public relations. Today, any surge of negative impact on the passage of the quantum transition, either. All are well aware of the consequences. When your world is set to take an additional portion of the energy of the Cosmos with positive emotions, expecting a miracle Bogoproyavleniya, or when negative, awaiting the destruction of the world, that's the main difference in your mood.
None is more important tasks. Events are coming, and will not return them back, this is a test for the Spirit of Faith. Who and how to prepare yourself, and he will accept. No single option. As you are unique in their forms, so pass the coming events. No faith, then you will live in fear, and to blow in order to purify themselves from this negativity. Weak spiritually, means there will be fluctuations, whose side to take, who to be with and make the final choice for themselves and their loved ones. For it is said, will be saved, he shall be saved, and thy kind.
My words are always in effect, My business is always in action, I'm nice, I chasten. I bring bad trouble your punishment, but without them you can not do. No matter how much I do not teach, not taught, not the result you want from you, and therefore resorting to punishment, I work to change your life to the evolution of development. There is no way a human-animal unavailable. Be humble and learn its lessons, there is still time, My Children.

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