Channeling: The flow of 20. 10. 2012 — Cycle: The Forces of Light

20/10/12 A message from Lord Shiva

I AM the Lord Shiva! Hello, all! Once again, I have come to you to give your instruction.
All you have to plunge into the world of new energy, new conditions of existence. Everything we told you, every day is getting closer and closer. You all are starting to notice, for many it is an unaccountable, somewhere in the soul. Even those people who still do not wake up, start to feel within yourself that something is coming, something is coming, and skepticism about the key date of December starts to weaken, and thoughts come to mind: "What if something really happen? '.
Every soul in this dense world perceives changes of space, feels it's somewhere in the depths of myself, intuitively, because all of you came into this world for a hearty these important events for this experience, and even sleep in the illusion begins to recede into the background, skipping ahead unusual sensation of approaching events. And so it is.
Changing Spaces affects all souls, and those who trust us, and those who doubt, and those who do not believe at all. Man, being in this flexible space, interacts with the ongoing changes in the energy level, unconsciously. His mind is a kind of unrest, a certain dissatisfaction with ordinary life, he lived the previous years, and the convergence to it bad karma draws attention that something is not as it used to feel all of this.
The wave of awakening comes from within, in the soul of man. All pending events are designed to increase awareness of every person on the planet Earth, the significance of incipient change is of particular importance, incomparable to anything that happened before that in everyone's life.
The process of changing spaces affect all people without exception, whether they understand what is happening, or do not understand. No one can stay on the sidelines. The difference is only in the knowledge of the events, and many skeptics will change their minds and become strong supporters of those who have awakened from sleep in dense world of illusion.
So do not complain that many do not pay attention to the people served knowledge, prevention and energy assistance. In my mind, each will feel unusual events, and will be able to make your final choice. Time for this will be given to each, some more, some less, depending on the development of their souls. You do not need to think that neprobudivshiesya people abandoned the forces of light. Oh no! Each person is unique and valuable, everyone will be given the opportunity to make his free choice, and many are already doing it in his heart, without even realizing it, being in a dream illusion.
The development of each is reflected in his future, no one will be abandoned or left in the dark. Knowledge about the future comes to all people on many affordable to them, information channels, and not necessarily through the Messengers, then all involved so that everyone can know and had the opportunity to make a choice.
Those who have already awakened to improve myself and be a good example for all the others, as well as their change neprobudivshihsya also pay attention to the people and allow them to reflect on the fact that something is not just so, and need to get serious about the incoming information Change of Space, Earth and all humanity.
No need to put pressure on the minds of many such neprobudivshihsya people. Their awareness of what is happening is yet to come in due time.
This concludes his Message, was glad to share their energies to help all of you.
I AM the Lord Shiva! Om!

20/10/12 A message from the I AM THAT I AM

There remains a few days to manifest in your world of impending events that will push many to awaken and self-awareness. Use of all mechanisms available to us awaken people from sleep in an illusion. Time is given to it, and no one can say that it has been abandoned to their fate, and he did not have the knowledge and time for self-awareness in the upcoming New Times.
Future events will serve as an additional element in the revival of many, will allow them to make their choice and accept their fate, their way into eternity.
Each man for himself, with no one no one to compare, and no one is neglected. I AM all give opportunities to express themselves and their free choice. No one can be justified, or to claim that succeeded not what he wanted. This will not happen. Everyone, without exception, will show his free choice and get on it. So do not worry about the state of the other, each time awareness, some people may be it will come to the third peak of the quantum transition before him did not occur to him that it was able to rob him of his free choice that determines the future path in Eternity .
Rejoice in your awakening, focus their efforts on their cultivation, leave others alone, do not force them, and do not force a hasty, unconscious choice. Enough of you and what you pray for them and send the energy of light and love.

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