Channeling: The flow of 20. 11. 2012 — Cycle: The Forces of Light

20.11.12 Message from the Beloved Mother Mary

I AM Mother Mary.
Hello, dear people! Today I open the stream, get our support, use it for the benefit of its improvement. Availability contact our worlds allows us to support you as much as you are willing to accept it.
And now for the impending events. All we are looking for your business, your choice, the direction of your development. And always rejoice when we see that you have successfully passed the test to give you. Everything passes, and testing of this dense world will end at the time, but now they allow all of you to enter a new horizon of your development, gain the skills and the opportunities that you will be successful in the future to enjoy.
The tests you pass, complex, but quite capable of all of you. You know that you, and any never really given up the test your strength. Everything that happens to you, all those situations in which you find yourself, it is within your reach. If you choose a service to the Light, filling the energy of love, the test will be passed. You will continue to develop in the direction in which your destination is, but if you change this purpose and you have chosen a different path of development, our direct support you will not be carried out.
We can not go against your free will. Any events and consequences of these are manifestations of your choice, your desire, your addiction. And we look at the lack of understanding of those who choose the path different from the direction of light and at the same time complain about their fate and difficulties of life, the fullness of Darkness. You, beloved, chose that life, in which the residents. Your choice is, you take all that you are wanted.
Many do not realize that neglect all unconsciously choose the darkness that tries to offer himself to all and capture everyone in their network. Just waking up from a dream in illusion, self-awareness and the application of efforts to move in the direction of the light can obezpechit you life is darkness. Easy on yourself can not escape from the darkness. Indeed, some say that the Kingdom of Heaven are narrow path through the narrow gate. Requires constant work to improve themselves.
Work hard — and you will be given all that you want, all the features of light, which we all have and we will be glad to take you all to our ranks, to our family.
Convey to you my energy on your development, I give place to the next channel Master. Good luck to all of you in the way of improvement!
I AM Mother Mary. Ohms.

20.11.12 Message from the Beloved Jesus

I AM the Lord Jesus! Hello, people! I am glad to come to you all, and you have my support in sending energy and guidance.
Message from the Epistle, we urge you to keep the way of the Spirit in the direction of the forces of light. To the other, we will not call you, the other — not by our side.
Our coming to you with energy and information enables you to successfully reach us, find us united and get involved in the implementation of the plans of God, to carry out his plan, the process is allowed to continue to be evolution.
But free will, no one is taken away, all of you are free to make the choice that he wants to do. Find the way that everyone will be able to pass.
Who in the world are separated one from the other people of their choice. Who are unable to pass through transmutation and transition in the sixth race in the world, will go away, and already goes to other worlds where they are provided with all the conditions for re-passing the world of duality, for the acquisition of expanded consciousness, to gain experience, which they did not have to buy on planet Earth. You should not indulge in grief about it.
The human body is not the man himself as such. The shell is reset and the person leaves the world of high density in our world — the world of subtle energy. Who consciousness rose to understand this, then it is easy to resist the manifestation of negative emotions at the sight of dying friends and relatives. Who does and can not realize itself creates additional tests and himself complicates the condition, since staying in the negative energies manifested emotions worsens your condition and knocks you on the path of spiritual development, throws you back a step, takes away your time, which would be used to its successful development.
A time for your development is daily becoming less and less. Attentiveness to his opposite to be more and more. Now is not the time in which you used to live before. You do not even thought about his improvement, but simply lived, as necessary, sometimes even not understand the lessons that were given to you for your development and why do you come to this realization.
Now everything has changed. The same way to live. Unconsciously life disappearing. You take the last final exams to choose your path, and unknowingly pass them impossible. You need to understand your way, its direction and reveal his choice, a manifestation of his will, where you want to continue to live on, what forces.
We give you the Messages cycles at different levels to obezpechit support of as many people. Rouse them from their sleep in the illusion. Of course, not many people know about our message, but this is temporary, then the demand will be more. In any case, no one will be left to fend for themselves, who need, and he will receive our messages, and support in any other way, down to personal contact with us — Hierarchy of Light.
Do not worry about the other one did not. If someone is unwilling to continue the evolution of his life, that is his choice, his path.
I was glad to be among you and give my energy, give you my support.
I AM the Lord Jesus. Ohms.

20/11/12 A message from the I AM THAT I AM

I AM THAT I AM. Hello, all! Completed another thread, another portion of the light energy for your busy world.
We do not leave you, and will support up to total victory, the total transmission of quantum transitions. We will open as many channels of our energies to all of you, how many will be needed.
If no channel ensures a fact that he has to do, then we will close. And this is not something to fear, or complain about it. We see everything that happens to you, and see the way of your life, and I AM I see the overall progress of the Universe and controlled to carry out my plans and ideas.
I AM instruct the people to spend our energy in your world who have been trained and verification, and have agreed to be the Messengers. If necessary, they will be as long as necessary to respond to the scenario of the quantum transition.
Who are tired of the Messengers of the strains that go on them, I AM free him, replacing others, the ability to perform the necessary steps to transfer Messages to your world. In any case, you have to respect for my messenger, they choose the I AM, and they are not comparable, with all of your tests, load.
Messenger remains one who at this stage to carry out my orders and the mission, which is charged. And if someone is released, then treat it with understanding, and do not have prejudice against him, because you do not know my plan and its implementation.
Your task is to take care of yourself, your condition, and to acquire knowledge and use of energy in its cultivation.
Any thoughts of condemnation, frustration and other negative emotions like them, do not give you the benefit of the development, and just throw you back, relegating you to the level achieved at the level below, and you will again work hard to achieve what has been achieved previously .
Be reasonable! Do not waste your waste your achievements! Do not fall back into the development. Time is less and less. Use it to their advantage, since it affects and your development, and the development of your surrounding spaces.

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