Channeling: The flow of 21. 10. 2012

10/21/12 A message from Beloved Kuthumi

I AM Kuthumi. Hello, our beloved people! Today, I am entrusted with the next open flow of energy in your world.
Comes an interesting time — a time of real change in your life, in the life of the planet Earth. All the preparations that were needed for this are fulfilled. It remains to show changes in a tightly run.
Our warning to you, guidance and support have been implemented at the time and all you have prepared internally. Of course those who were far away from reading our messages has less resistance when entering a period of change. But you — the vanguard — falls role to help and explain to all the people around the meaning and reasons for the changes that will occur in your world.
Everyone has everything to go through these changes, these events for the benefit of ourselves, for the improvement. Find that unique experience, which can be obtained only at the time when such events.
We have prepared a long time, given the energy and guidance to the perception of things to come was not in fear and lack of understanding, but in the full awareness of the need to change Thick world. The exact dates, we try not to call, because the future is variable and depends on many factors. Events occur when the sum that necessary energy situation, which matures to a level at which there is a manifestation of your busy world. All your thoughts, desires, and manifestation of consciousness affect the maturation of this situation. And either accelerates or slows down the convergence of events in the Heavy plan. This is normal, and in the future world, you will see evidence of this when you manage different events on their own, to show that you will be conceived.
On the threshold of manifestation in dense plan changes, I want to wish all of you to remain human, and not roll up to the level of animals, rushing to and fro in a misunderstanding of the events. Take all the dignity and go test with flying colors, the more that you provided such a versatile support of all the forces of light, at all levels of your life. With such help not go well is simply impossible. And remember that at all times you can call us for protection or advice for clarification. Those who can not communicate with us his thoughts, can still call us. We hear all the circumstances and will provide you the help that would not contradict the Law of Karma. In any case, the tool of repentance is always with you using it, you will be able to harmonize their state, to the extent permissible for you in this situation.
I wanted more and more to give you their energy for your peace, but time is running out and I had to part with you until next time. And now provide open thread to follow the hierarchy of Light.
I AM Kuthumi. Ohms.

21.10.12 Message from the Beloved Mother Mary

I AM Mother Mary. I went to the stream behind Lord Kuthumi carry their energy for all of you, our beloved people!
So much we have given you guidance, energy and showed their involvement in your life in the higher plane, as submitted by the Board and the clarifications that were with you as good old friends, who share the joys and sorrows together.
We all love you, and those who are awake and those who are asleep. Take care of your successful completion of the quantum transition, and getting into a new race — the people of the New Age.
All events, with whom you will encounter, you are in favor of improving himself, gaining a level of consciousness in which one of the man-animal is the formation of a human co-creators. This step is not a one-time, it is long, but there is always the beginning of change, the point of no return, you want to go to find a new level of development. And this applies not only to individuals but also to the whole space, and all diverse manifestations of the Creator. All make their changes, all will go to a new level of existence. How will it happen? All of you must feel it yourself. You are in the middle of it, the diversity of expressions, impressions will be available to you, the residents of dense world. But the men of our subtle world will be watching you from the side and when you need to maintain available methods, which do not violate the principle of free will and there is no conflict with the Law of Karma.
That reward, which has matured and should go on you will have to happen. Repentance can erase negative karma energy while they are not ripe and not gone in your busy world. That you mentioned, is that you already know, and we are pleased that many people use this tool for their cleaning and harmonization of your subtle bodies.
Passing any event, do not forget that we are invisibly standing next to you, and our love is directed at all of you, it is their energy helps you endure what can not survive under different conditions. Love getting away, do not forget to share it with the people around you and do not make distinctions between them, whether awakened people or still sleeping. Love — it is unconditional, it is all your energies, all helping to take the highest level of development, to find the true divine qualities. On the basis of this love for you to come all the forces of light and spend as much time with you, so you also have ownership of light, were his sources and spread the energy of love in the surrounding space for the benefit of all the inhabitants of the universe.
Operating on the principles of Divine Love, you can feel in your soul happiness. Someone has even now come into contact with it, but that's not what you will find in the New World, in the new conditions of existence.
In this wish to all of you to keep in mind calm and complete understanding of the need for change in your busy world. And try to keep in your soul attunement to the energy of love.

I AM Mother Mary, with love for all people of the Earth! Ohms.

10/21/12 A message from the I AM THAT I AM

Lords of any visit and use every opportunity to convey to you the energy of peace and spark in your hearts the light source and start the generator energy of love. This is important not only for you personally, but for those situations in which you will be in the near future. Everything is prepared to exercise them in your busy world.
The events that unfold before your eyes, are necessary for all and will provide an opportunity to realize a lot and everyone understand in what way it is, and to what level in the development attained.
Many people probably have been waiting toe changes in your world, but do not underestimate what has to happen. It is better not to wait for something, just losing and losing time for their development, and to use this time to benefit for themselves, for their self-improvement.
Leave the dual world of high density, and so you will not be able to improve rapidly as possible in it. In all the world, no matter where you are, you get what you give this world and not get ahead of ourselves and be willing to possible discrepancies to your world, your living conditions. All the time.
I AM THAT I AM, with love to you all. Ohms.

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