Channeling: The flow of 22. 11. 2012 — Cycle: Sozidanie Himself

11/22/12 A message from the Lord Buddha Vairochana!

I AM Buddha Vairocana! Hello dear!
I AM come to you again with the flow of our energies. They need all of you.
Our support for you today is in everything, so that you need at this time, which opens up new possibilities for you.
Beloved, there are many problems in the world that has fallen to you. Education and training of your was, and continues all the time, and there is no time to waste it for nothing and relax.
Today I will tell you the science of communication between them. You often have to deal with the various conflicts in the home, in the family, in transport, at work, at school, wherever there is communication between people. Communication with talent you are not afraid of controversy for all the reasons that occur in the course of your life. This was a decent quality of communication we speak with you today.
Among you are often the instigators and amateur fights. Some people can not restrain myself in anything, so they are what are the basis of gross relationships in your community. Everyone has long understood that human behavior in society depends on the education of his family since childhood. And we still have in the future to build this relationship the family and society, and today we take as a basis for your behavior.
Reciprocity is important in everything and everywhere. Today in your life there is no area of activity without a human presence. But be reasonable Beings always. Your talent — communication is in everyone, and your duty to find it in himself, and to use the benefits of the new society.
We will not go back again to your non-divine behavior, and we briefly recall the inherent qualities of the divine creators. Remember our training, beloved. When there is time and opportunity to re-read our messages from the beginning to now. Will find a lot to them. Your consciousness has expanded and the perception was different, so our knowledge of the early additions will bring you to the mind and the necessary energy.
Many saw you and the divine virtues of your new life. Mastered the necessary knowledge for yourself, you can easily share them with the people around you. It does not dry up the spring of our knowledge in the world. Without recurrence of the same, we recall with you the basic of the studied material, but very necessary for you today.
Realizing the importance of mutual respect, you never go back to the old way of life in the illusion. Subtle world consists entirely of reciprocity. There's no place for solitude. Creativity is always bordered with another creature and the only supplement, to create a masterpiece for all. Understand and describe the process of creation by the forces of each today, but to apply it to all, not everyone can.
Created together, you come to an understanding of its usefulness in society. To do this, you have the personal ability, which no one else but you. Apply them in everyday life here and now, where you are and with whom. Do not have far to look and nod at the others.
You are the vanguard of light upon the earth, and only you can decide the fate of their own and people close to you. Of small relationships in your community develops a general background of stability of society. Take any of your family today and see one day of their life together. You'll find in a short time all the pros and cons of your relationship with family members. And in general throughout the country.
There are no divisions among you who you are and from where. You have — the fact of God's creation on earth and there is nothing higher than man. Be aware of the greatness in all. Just do not confuse it with exaltation, it is not the divine quality of the soul. Each of you personality that develops and constantly self-improving. When this process stops — the person disappears, it dissolves in illusions. Do not let a negative emotions and conflicts with society.
Your task is to get for yourself and others a harmonious relationship to your society. Today and always, you sample everything! Worthily carry the title of co-creators! We will help your instructions and energies. Be beacon for the rest of the new society of your country and the Earth.
I AM Buddha Vairocana! OM!

11/22/12 A message from the I AM THAT I AM

I AM THAT I AM! Hello all!
Today, a small stream, and I finish it. I am pleased to give you energy for the general reciprocity in all.
Many fine qualities you have acquired during their studies. Try to apply the knowledge in your life and practice.
There are always reasons for the differences, but you of our knowledge acquired wisdom and dignity dissolve them with its light. My instructions to you today is short and clear. Be attentive to each other and supportive throughout, and your reciprocity will bring the joy of communication for you.
Society longing for your mutual love, royalty-free, of course, carry it in ourselves and give to others. You will see a joyful response to his address, and understand how to give love a great, simple and without obligation.
The vast and creative feeling you bought for yourself, it has grown in you, and fills your being. So comes the time to carry it to the people in your society. Today we have prepared you for this change in you. At first flush of your mind, you are ready to share with neighbors all that you hold yourself.
A lot of talent in you. Open up your treasures in my heart and giving to society. Changes in each of you will bring changes in your society. Complementing and filling each other, you have broken the ice and create unbelief his earthly paradise.
I believe in you, my children! Your reciprocity in love and unity will bring a new world in your society. Like all living things around!

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