Channeling: The flow of 23. 10. 2012 — Cycle: Sozidanie Himself

23/10/12 A message from a beloved brother Nastsetusa

I AM your brother Nastsetus! Welcome our beloved!
I AM come back and open the stream. I once again had the honor and I'm proud of it. Here it is appropriate to emphasize that this does not raise a sense, it increases the risk.
My brothers always respond to the request of the people, and carefully balance the energy on Earth. Our work never stops, so we can all see and know. We justify your trust and are working in good faith. It can not be otherwise, because it is similar impulses of our souls. Each of us gives his ministry of himself without reserve in our world, all the powers of his essence. And we hope for your reciprocity with respect to us and the cosmos.
In this time of change is needed, any activity, any impulse of the soul, any desire for a better, Divine. Many of you have learned to express themselves in the realities Thick plan, help us your thoughts and make them feasible. Others are trying to do something for others, but there is a big part of the population, which does not know anything, and neither knows nor does. You and I have to work hard for them. This is the Canon of Eternity "One for all and all for one."
No need to complain to your neighbor about his unbelief, ignorance, misunderstanding and resentment comes to him a time of change, and it will change. All the time. One must know how to wait patiently and relate to them. You can not drive a herd, it is not our way. We call for a free-will of each and the choice is always yours.
Everybody wants to quickly change the story, but there are no quick results without creation. Destroy, not to build, and we challenge you to build without destroying the old. We will gradually change, do not destroy our destiny. So we have a lot of time to weigh their actions. And you also do in their relationships with family and environment.
Today the most important task of your to be an example for others. Show the path of development with dignity and to share the experience with anyone who asks you about it. There are no easy ways to God. Know its the only way to Him, not everyone can. A force for enlightenment will need fortitude and relentless desire to go forward. It was only a narrow path, and someone twisting it, leads you to the Heavenly Father Home.
Many of you will go to this trail on the broad road of deterrence, where initially no different from the forces of light, on and on the differences become apparent. There is no flight of creativity and freedom of action, there you are using. Your intelligence, your talent will be sent to work constantly, and that's what you and the good — a question? The difference will come as soon as you realize your compulsion, just get out of the responsibilities you will not be able to do. You sold your soul to them for the promises that you have proposed, for the mirage of illusions flesh that vanished into thin air. So be careful when choosing their way to eternity.
Today, it is a time when many have to make choices. Look around carefully and listen to your heart, not the utterance of your friends and acquaintances. It is time to make the decisions themselves. We give you direction, you choose. Bring in your life in all independence and feel your heart, it will not disappoint you.
We, your brothers are giving you their energy for a decent choice of paths to God, the way of creation, the Path of Creation!
I AM Nastsetus! OM!

23/10/12 A message from Beloved Zarathustra!

I AM Zarathustra! Hello all!
I AM come to you with the news. We constantly admonishes you, it's time has come to cheer.
How beautiful moments to communicate with you on any occasion. We always look forward to this moment, through a messenger to dip into your world. Many of us have not forgotten it.
Your world is diverse, beautiful, full of emotion. Only genuine feelings on earth is present. To revive these qualities inside you all come to this realization. Here, field testing, and only in these conditions, a rapid increase in the Spirit, your spirituality. That's where you are constantly your souls.
Evolution itself is continuous and there is no end to it. And your soul will not end the way. She is always in pursuit of the new, the unknown, we offer you today.
Move on to the news. To all of you I have prepared a surprise. It's time for many to get a reward for his work on himself. Who has found his destiny, who was ordained, will Quantum transition easily and will not notice any sensations. You deserve the highest honor in the higher plane. In dense plan no such honors and privileges as we have. Therefore, the first award of Essential assembly elements for your work on Earth will be in the days of transition.
You, my dear, open all your hidden opportunities. You comprehend all of their talents and abilities. Once you open the entire four-dimensional, and to whom, and the five-dimensional. You have been chosen already, you confirmed this life the right way and it does not matter how old you are, your result is important, your spiritual level. And he's tall, my friends! Perhaps you are not fully aware of everything, but I assure you, this is a decent way to exaltation.
Many of you will Ascension. It will be for each individual. I understand your curiosity on this subject, but we leave open is not the time. We'll talk later about such an important event. While it is enough that I presented to you.
How can I easily in contact with you and I am willing to speak with the Messenger of poems that rank. But not given me all tell you today. Just a part of what I said, you opened. I'm sorry to leave you too, I'm sure I will soon come to you in a stream.
I AM Zarathustra! OM!

23/10/12 A message from the I AM THAT I AM

I AM THAT I AM! Hello!
I close the stream. I am pleased today to do it. Lords often and with a desire to come to talk to you. We rejoice in your growth and success, your increased needs for contact with the Subtle world.
The worlds are so close together that we feel your heart beat, and you have? When the exchange of feelings between us brings reciprocity, then appears slim peace on Earth. Certainly not at once, bit by bit, but the process is and we are pleased with the result. Thanks to many of your and our efforts over the ego. In many it is so great that there is no awareness of ourselves as individuals, not expressing individuality.
You stay in the shadows of society, which lives in recent years. There is no future for these people, there is no development on evolution, not procreation. Everyone chooses his own way. Today there are a lot of examples for you to be around for whom and with whom to go.
My movement is growing, and growing stronger cleared. Accumulating the power is outstripping the pace and no matter how tried skeptics, I am pleased with the result of the common people of Russia. Really long harnessed, but the speed drive is clearly increasing, which brings joy to all the forces of Light. Our joint work is obvious and all of you, My children, that proof!

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