Channeling: The flow of 26. 09. 2012 — Cycle: Sozidanie Himself

26/09/12 A message from Lord Shiva!

I AM the Lord Shiva! Hello dear people!
I AM come to open this thread. I am very pleased to visit you again. (Vzaimno!) Maybe we will meet with you more often when your next test in the world. Everything was planned way. And future events will come to you quickly. We will not dwell on them your attention. You are old enough to be able to plan for it.
Your inner being rebuilt, and you become immune to any situation of your surroundings. It's gratifying. However, not everyone is ready internally. Many allow irritants in your soul. We often like to draw your attention to this. Now it's time to check your learning in practice.

No need to guess what and when, where to happen. Every day, the world is a different kind of event. These little publicized, they are not talking to the media, they simply remain silent. We warn you in advance for taking a relaxing them. That did not happen, all the will of God! Keep this in mind and do not forget to thank. Ask how can thank for the disaster? Suppose you are not confused and do not grieve, but great is the mercy of God for the coming events and for them you will have to repent and give thanks together. Understand it yourself later. I'm not going to mislead you, but will direct your attention, you have to be present at all times. You are in control of your life, you are commensurate with their forces and to relate to everything around. So do always not to happen, calm and confident.
Many of you need to keep your self-control over emotions. There is not enough in your skills to subdue. Work in this direction for a short time break. Mass psychosis can occur in view of future events, but it's not terrible, though a wave of shock therapy will be on the earth. This wave is needed to cleanse the space, for more insight into the sleeping people, but ready to come to God. So I say to you and thanks. See for yourself and you'll understand. Do not go ahead and do not guess. Will give you rest that planned, world-scale events to all of you will like. You are in the higher plane of all the long program, and this is the time comes, they go into the dense plan in your real life.
Within the meaning of their events like all sensible people. No need to overextend yourself expectations. This is a lesson on your tolerance for humility to serve. Every touch, but to varying degrees. Some of you are going through these trials, in part. The overall magnitude of the front. Be ready for everything and calm. No spontaneous action. Everything is thought out and balanced. Save your strength and energy, you'll need in acute situations.
I have carefully introduced into the heart of the proposed design of Heaven. I hope for your ability to meet the unknown. We are always there. Do not forget about karma and keep your thoughts clean at all times. God sees and hears everything. Be a helper, not a burden. For this, you have grown up and learned a lot. Checking each, show the results of your achievements to date. So we allocate you a job on your future. Who and how to show themselves in this difficult time, and to entrust to his works. We have no other exams on loyalty and love to all. So you have shown. All true on the surface. Simply and clearly, without fog, deception, flattery.
I was glad to have this conversation with you.
I AM the Lord Shiva! OM!

26/09/12 A message from Lord Surya!

I AM the Lord Surya! Welcome our beloved people!
We lined up for this thread. You can not believe it, but it is actually the case.
I AM come to share with you the joy of the coming changes in you and in Space. Why we are all excited for things to come, your trials? I would call it a test of wisdom, grace and compassion. Therefore, we are given the opportunity to test each one of you on maturity. Lord because we also have a responsibility to you, and everyone sympathizes for a particular person, as it passes through these events.
We have repeatedly warned you all about the various tests, but the upcoming event will be unique in nature. None of them like you, whoever they may be liked. Realized soul is happening you will rejoice! Yes, I misspoke. The uniqueness of what is happening will shake even the skeptics. This version of events is the gentlest of all that is offered to you, and he found the greatest response in your souls in the higher plane. All have been planned not only by us, but by you.
We are working closely for a long time, but now it appears, is appreciable and we are extremely pleased with the results. Therefore, the turn to the stream. Each of us wants to make its flavor to the event and share with you what was intended.
Have you noticed that we have become more open to talk to you. It will be even more interesting to us all working together. Be careful and calm. Temper your ardor of curiosity. All the time.
I AM Surya! OM.

26/09/12 A message from Beloved Babaji!

I AM Babaji! Hello all!
I AM come, waited their turn. This is not common, but there is simply and purely by doing may influence your candle (I was burning the candle) and we gladly share such grandiose events that will soon stir up your world.
Very nice to see the results of work that will be seen everywhere. Someone they seem threatening, someone cleaning. Every inhabitant treats them differently, how he set up, with what thoughts lives, it in the ground and get from these events. I almost gave you the secrets of the future, I hope you will understand all the soul, and to prevent any panic.
We have prepared a long time for different tests, assume they came to you. Checking maturity has come, you have time to make an assessment, so you sum up all the full result of your lessons. So I spoke with the Messenger of poems. Our energies resonate in the joy of the coming of purification. Therefore, the influx of poetry comes together. That's how we'll create, albeit in small ways, but will soon begin, and great deals.
I am very happy to tell you about it. You are close to us, and our overall results show up soon. There is not much time, and all will become clear.
So the future is not to scare you, but to attract. What today we tell you with great joy.
I AM Babaji! OM!

26/09/12 A message from the I AM THAT I AM

I AM THAT I AM! Welcome our beloved people of Earth!
I am glad that will flow on the wave of enthusiasm for the future. May the coming events and trials, but they are positive changes in your life, all that is very good. We all worked long and hard for this go. I used to push you, and that's the result. Together, we are building tomorrow. What lies ahead will soon see for yourself, but this is only a small part of the beginning of our joint path.
In each case, there are pros and cons. So it will be in this version of events. Maybe many they will seem terrible, another beautiful. It all depends on your perception of life around you. I am sure to all the optimists will inspired by the upcoming events.
So we started with your new stage of creative affairs. Together Let Us make profit on the dense plane, carrying her out of the subtle plane, showing your thoughts and prototypes. Plain text, expressing what was going on, we open at the time of the veil between the worlds. Do not miss the opportunity to participate in these events. Every man for himself finds cause. As you have shown, your exam.
I am pleased with the mood of the Lords. They all believe in you and each of them is waiting for the results. Remember, I talked about the germination of seeds that have sprouted? Here we are with you and check their growth, their strength, their necessity.
The time has come home my children! Come!

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