Channeling: The flow of 26. 10. 2012 — Cycle: Sozidanie Himself

10/26/12 A message from a beloved brother Nastsetusa

I AM your brother Nastsetus! Hello dear!
I AM come and start a regular flow of our energies for you.
We strive to create favorable conditions for your spiritual growth. Maybe your growing daily. Just do not all of you use them in full. There are many problems in life that they now closer than spiritual work.
We both understand you, but you just can not understand that such a unique time in the history of change is no more. This is an experiment, and if so, then you need all the time to take part in it. As you can postpone the meeting of the worlds? Who among you does not want to change for the better? How long can you live in an illusion, it's time to use your personal potential. You pull back to the past. Care, chores, life, children, family, family … all this will be with you, and on, and time of the change itself will take forever.
We send you our guidance and energy for change today, after all the changes of the quantum transition, really. Others are flows of energy, other vibrations, the other will you. This part of his instructions I had to give you, as a doctrine, as pushing you to know yourself, your inner depths.
To many of you come to the high Lord your awakening and cleansing power of dirt, which prevents to go to the heights of your spirituality. Read their work, thanks, do not reject, and humbly ask for help to get your contact with the light, not the darkness, or astral entities. Your narrow-minded desire to have a relationship like "like everyone else, and I" leads to communication of another kind, non-divine.
Remember, only your heart will tell you of the need to communicate, but your soul is to God. Your mind takes you away from the goal of truth. No, the desired contact you when you have is selfishness. Not With your higher 'I' in this way. Remove yourself from your ego, to be filled with humility and love, then you shall be clean from all the non-divine, with all the negative that you fill. Only with a pure mind, free of coercion itself, naturally and easily, in a calm atmosphere will communicate with the Subtle world.
Learn this, there is still time, we will diligently assist. Do not be lazy, understand the spiritual knowledge that you are the forces of light and waking up at night for the perception of our world. Who do not like this attitude, this rhythm of life, nevolte themselves. And your time will come for insight, perhaps after the transition, and without our help. It you will have your followers, your guides in the Spirit, but our energy will not be, they will remain in the message. Power, knowledge, energy Messages remain forever, so arranged Divine Grace!
We continue to remind you of the uniqueness of this time, remember, and use every hour of his short life to the benefit of themselves and others. I was with you today and shared with Love energies from my brother to all of you, earthlings!
I AM Nastsetus! OM!

26.10.12 Message from the Beloved Mother Mary!

I AM Mother Mary! Hello my beloved!
I AM come to the stream with great joy. I had the honor to tell you about the beautiful. Your life is filled with divine blessings in everything. So far, few notice them. So I decided to pay attention to them.
Look around you, beloved! How close we are to you. Our contacts are mutual exchange energies of love and understanding in all things. We are pleased to meet you individual and group. I always fills with pride and joy for the people of Russia. How you suffered his near and radiant future. By — another really.
It is not easy was a process of awareness, cleanse you. Undivine many still around and many sleep in the illusion of a dense plan people, but the overall result is achieved and guidelines, examples, beacons, vanguard on who to look up to. Do not copy, repeat, and see and use to develop themselves, their abilities. So open your individuality in all that is rich in your essence.
Talents are endless and each person unique. Must reveal his soul to change space, and you will find for yourself the creativity, its use of talents and abilities. Look closely at their surroundings. Everywhere today there is a need for love, kindness, attention.
You lack the elementary good-natured communication. Your society is so embittered that you have forgotten how to smile sincerely, one mask of feigned politeness and courtesy. Forget the old, hypocritical attitude. Drag each other souls, they you unite, unite, unite in love. I often have to intervene in family feuds to your requests and pleas. So I know the problems of your society are much better than you.
My teachings are instructive. We had the opportunity to assist you directly through the Messengers and the individual channel. Be sensible, use this as an opportunity for you to their training and spiritual growth. The time has come for a quick change you, but if your on a quest. Not only have the desire to move to fervent goal to the targets set in your life.
Take our energies for your development. We invest in you a part of themselves with love and warm light. Consciously use our gifts. They are beneficial for good intentions and deeds. To increase the negativity our gifts wrapped for you negative energy damage. Pay close attention today to space, and it will reward you richly in return.
Today I say goodbye to it.
I AM Mother Mary! OM!

10/26/12 A message from the I AM THAT I AM

I AM THAT I AM Hello all!
I will list some thread termination instruction.
We used to train you for rapid spiritual growth. A lot of you have achieved in the knowledge of a lot to come. Each, in their efforts to become everything one needs, and act for the good of the world. We encourage these people and afforded them horizons.
Who priotstal in its way, do not worry, a lot of things ahead for you. During this life you are used to reach each other, showing jealousy. Should not be any in your relationship. Humbly accept it as is. You never know what your tomorrow, and I only cook it to you.
What are your thoughts today, is the result in the future. No one to blame and reproach, all according to your deserts. Time was given one at all. Who and how to use it, show your progress today. The solution has always been up to you, we waited, trained, prodded, directing everyone.
Results of your development are different. They are proof of your work on yourself. No need to worry for those who are close to you. Changed you, and they will gradually change. Like attracts like.
I love each of you the same way and only your reciprocity makes the difference between you. All in My Universe is built on mutual love and commitment in the service of all and myself. Shall see the difference for yourself.
I sincerely regret that I have to part with many on the way home. Each of you chose it. My call, my direction for you have been going on for more than eight years. Whose soul had the strength to wake up, the transformation goes with me a quick step on our path of light. Who sleeps and plays in the passing illusions of the world, have the last chance for their choice for what it is for them to solve it.
We have no one else will persuade. Examples around a lot, enough theory, practice in action. Left to make their own efforts and diligence. None for you, you will not change, no one!
We all emphasize your unique moment in history, and data capabilities. Only the blind can not see it. Today your UNITY shows the spiritual growth of the individual. Collectively show their ability to collective consciousness. It sprouts sprouted long, you need a plentiful harvest.

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