Channeling: Thought Patterns

Get out of the patterns of thinking. Try to think unconventionally, you will continue to have to break the foundations, you're going Astral Masters. When you come as a Teacher of the Soul of the astral plane, then it will break stereotypes.

Be aware of these patterns of thinking, and above all, inside. They are very strong in every person, they are put on the school and the parents, society and life. Often, we remind the bar that breaks the gate and did not see that next door. Mankind is blind, it does not see quite simple outputs.

Output — in the merger.

For example, single mothers can live team. One for all washes, the other — is preparing the third — earn money at all, etc. Collective approach to raising a child than alone …

— In the aboriginal tribes and make …

In unity, not only your future these families, but for all in general. You have to go back to the tribal principle, the principle of nepotism, because humanity is one family, and these principles can be extended to all of humanity — how we should live.

Humanity is one family. You never know what, there are a few continents. You have planes that connect these continents, and the separation is in the patterns of thinking of people that you have to confront …

— In Russia, it is customary to live communities, to build houses together …

— Here means that the state and the state are opposed, the continent with the continent.

— This is only beneficial rulers …

— And the people and elect such rulers with such a program …

Stereotyped thinking — is to rely on the known facts, which were in the past, with a forecast that these facts will be repeated in the future, the future will be based on what was in the past. And while each of you knows to move away from the pattern that the future will not be what was the past, the pattern of thinking creates stable structures in the psychological status of the person. It recreates an algorithm, which was started parents in childhood, at school, in youth.

Take a soldier, whose algorithm is incorporated in the army — strict subordination, control, right and wrong behavior, the need to demonstrate courage and hide the natural fear … Every person in the war is the fear of death, injury, etc., which must be clamped, and the open need courage, boldness, zalihvatstvo (bullet-dur) … And then, when one comes to a peaceful life, the algorithm continues to work at it. Therefore say that a person who has seen the horrors of war and suffering, can not forget them and moves in later life, his mind is "poisoned" by the war. Former soldiers can not forget it, erase from memory as the past, forgive and carry this "template" to life. This is just an example of how to design algorithms begins to poison life, to spoil the happiness.

There is no past, and the man takes the past into the future and based on the same template is building the future. This is evident in every detail, in the daily decision — to do so, but not that way. You do not notice, like you zombified, you see a single point, and the vast space of possible options and solutions around this point do not see. You focus on one point, especially if your life was a failure, rupture, which you would expect with the same pain and fear with the same pain — the next time.

Now you're up to other vibrations of life, different atmosphere around you, other people, there is another light, tenderness, joy, but many of you are still a grain of guilt or resentment that had been there in the past lives of the third dimension. Until now you have these weights have not left …

How to find them? They are inside of your light. They can be dark shell of light, or may be even in completely dark core, though, how much grief and accusations, low self-esteem, guilt, and fear is at your confidence.

Step-by-step analysis of current thinking — what is happening and why, you run into the cause. And as soon as you become aware of these underlying causes, the problem begins to melt in my eyes and turn to smoke. It will disappear from your life, being conscious once. You will realize that you were building their assumptions to "smoke" … You have to build their future on the "smoke" … And when you see that there's nothing there, you start to build again, but only this time on the basis of positive thinking and attitude.

Hundreds of these beliefs, the thinking man and his teaching on the planet basically built on templates. These templates child gaining a child, he was told that the way to do and not do. This is your time — score as many templates and apply them to automatism, so they do not interfere with you to live and think. You are doing a lot unconsciously, automatically, this is the stereotyped. In this case, the patterns are positive, they will help you survive, learn, choose, including a pair. And you, Natalia, has already realized that the templates in you were not helped you to choose the person with whom you would be happy.

There are several layers of patterns. Reflexes — developed automatic patterns are at the level of the physical plane.

The following stamps are at the level of the astral body, when your parents or school teaching — that such resentment, guilt, fear, anger, negative and positive, smile, kindness and happiness. This is also a template: such behavior need to be afraid, in this — to rejoice, then you can dance, sing, and here to run. This pattern of behavior based on feelings.

The next level of templates — the mental plane. Here your settings, goals and objectives, and they are also the! For example — to raise a son, build a house and plant a tree — it is also a target pattern! If people do, their mission on a planet supposedly met. These objectives were designed to put people in materiality. This is neither good nor bad. When we go beyond the template, we understand that we can not build a house, do not raise a child and do not put a plant, but our lives will be fully realized in a completely different, say, in the development of himself as an artist, musician … Do you, for example, no no home, no family, yet you realize his talent, and most importantly, what you have done to themselves and to society.

And we urge you now to the next level, where there is no pattern. Hence, the "top", you can watch them in a very good tracking of the fact that once again I succumbed to its internal settings that I imbibed with earthly upbringing, and believed that this is correct. But when you go to where there is no "right" and "wrong", then you can dramatically change your point of view, to add nuance, and even turn the whole situation contrary. On the other hand, to rid yourself of guilt, the burden of rejection and rejection of other people for their different views, you know, that I should not and "dance to their tune." Your maturity patterns can break them in you.

Not many people can go beyond stereotypes. But we urge you to go up to the higher mental, remove all categories, all stamps even in esoteric terms — dimension, hierarchy, the absolute numbers, the absolute form that someone opened. Now try to move away from all the cliches have arisen that have been accepted humanity, try to think unconventionally, start from scratch, not for someone to yourself — with an understanding of some forms of things, and if they will be combined with the old, that's fine, but they can not be combined, and this does not mean that it will be wrong …

What we can give you something that no one knows? How, then, we can tell you that is not already known? We encourage you to move away from all conceivable dies and in its images easily reproduce what you feel or see.

Of course, the language itself, its logical construction of words and sentences is already cliches, but in another way you can neither think nor speak, so this is a great help to you in understanding the new. But now we come to the new forms and quantum consciousness, which is very hard to take the logic of the fact that you knew on Earth. You were brought up in the physical plane, and all that you know of life, for this density, but it's time to actually start to "live" in the next dimension — the astral, seeing, feeling, feeling their laws, guiding them to Earth — quantum consciousness : heart, the throat center and the ajna. These three centers will "adopt" new laws, forms of energy, information, vibration, a new light that you have to pass on Zemlyu.Estestvenno, they will not be formulaic, of course, they will be hard to take. The images will be, what you have not seen. Unknown in the world of knowledge can be perceived by people in arms, and they may even think that you have a "not so good with his head," so you have to think — if all you give to people, or you can leave something for the future when everything is ripe . And we will give you a lot of new information, and you yourself will be to decide what you can give to people, and that can be shown to hide. And when you will have a lot of images and it has developed a system, this new system you can operate and give her both at once.

I thank you, dear Lanello!
Natalia Kotelnikov.

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