Channeling: What can be expected in the period from 21 December 2012 until 21 March 2013?

Published following information was obtained from the Force September 20, 2012.
Inessa Guterman (contactee)

Question: "What can be expected in the period from 21 December 2012 until 21 March 2013?"

"In the period from December 21, even a few months earlier from today, for a few months until the end of March — mid-April, the event will happen that will change people's minds adoption information. People will receive information in a more positive context than in negative, what's to stop them from rephrasing all information and events at the track, which is trying to impose on the media. For example, what is happening now with the events associated with the interpretation of the film about the Prophet Muhammad, it is made artificially in order to make some changes in the management certain states, once again. Here in this case, it will be especially activated December 21 — 22, people's minds will change so that people will take this information no more than a farce, the media, and will not begin mass strife. All this — in order to maintain stability and its balance sheet and to focus its action on the favorable development of his mind and his soul.

Next — some changes are coming in the groups that are, or are positioning themselves as a group of contactees who want both to organize people for a "slave." Such groups will break themselves as people begin to realize that everything that is given to these groups, is not the truth, is not reality. The main goal of creating buzz around the date December 2012 is the target set by the collapse kontakterskie those organizations that are blatant nonsense.

In addition, we believe that in a few months will be a positive fact that the soul, which can no longer be here, they would be given the ability to easily and harmoniously to leave the area of the planet Earth. For this will be provided by various methods. In other words, will increase the growth of consciousness of people, those — who have made the choice to be here.

The group, which leads and guides the development of the Earth, which includes the highly essence of your galaxy and outside the Galaxy, done a great job, and now all the work and activation processes have been completed. Therefore, none of the Force can not reverse this process. Group of beings with a sense of high density to thank all the participants, including all of those people who are the strength of his mind direct the flow of energy, which seemed to break the laser "wall" that did not allow to break through to the consciousness of most souls who inhabit this planet.

You can still see that now many Ascended Masters who have participated in this work, as it moved to the side and do not want to disturb the harmony of energies that different pulsations, at different times (which opens up the space), and with different frequency ranges Galaxy penetrate, penetrate slowly, surrounding the solar system, circling so that the solar system is as if in a cocoon, and more stringent energy approach to such a cocoon transformed and harmoniously blending with the softer energies, penetrate into the space of the planet Earth.

This process of building such a movement of energies, as we have said, has been completed, and so you do not feel at the moment visible presence of your teachers. Although, with each person will "be" Christ consciousness, with each person will be conscious female incarnation, with each person will "be" other than his Angels 2 — The flow, which allows a person with his desire to change his choice.
This is one of those souls who decided to leave. '

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