Chat Q & ZetaTalk for September 22, 2012

Would the Zetas care to shed some light on the design of large-scale underground construction work being carried out in the White House? I suspect that this is due to PH, but the scale of construction (in my opinion) go far beyond the normal expectations of security for the neighborhood with PX. [And from another] construction project (the official purpose of which is the long-awaited upgrade of service facilities of the White House) began in September 2010, when it was dug a huge, multi-storey pit in front of the west wing, which reaches Western Executive Avenue — the street that separates the White House from the old office building (Eisenhower Executive Office Building). The General Services Administration, which oversees the work, reported that they are maintained to replace aging water supply, sewerage, drainage channels and wiring. Heating systems, air conditioning and fire safety are also updated. But what they saw reporters and photographers during the site visit, goes far beyond that: a vast, multi-storey structure for underground construction which required a stream of cars, loaded with heavy-duty concrete and steel beams. Existing bunker in the White House, known as the Presidential Emergency Operations Center, located at the east wing and was created during the Roosevelt administration.

It is obvious that this upgrade includes a shelter, as the ability of bombs to destroy concrete improved since Roosevelt. Update is also due to the expected crowd, because after the collapse of Wall Street in fall 2008, the U.S. and the world is clearly caught in the grip of a second Great Depression. Domestic terrorism in the United States by the far right who believe Obama is the enemy — another real possibility. None of these questions could not be recognized; depression called protracted recession, Obama and the opposition, no matter how annoying it may be, is a political expression. If doctors in abortion, publicly murdered, then there may soon follow the assassination attempt on the life of Obama?

Location Washington denies its viability as approaching pole shift, as this plain, which will be completely submerged during the violent fluctuations of recent weeks. The city will leave long before the chaos caused by the earthquakes and floods. The U.S. government has already moved to Denver, but it will not be recognized in public until the city deemed unsafe for the seat of government because of damaged infrastructure. In 2010, when the project was initiated construction of the bunker, the date when such damage to tip the scales, was unknown, as is true today.

Please Zetas share the news of what is now most concerned about those in power have a 93% probability of disclosure of the HRP? Disclosure to happen anyway. Scenario 1: The tail of HRP, in the end, will provoke an official disclosure of HRP, as to shock the public will demand answers. Scenario 2: 7 out of 10 is gaining momentum, forcing affected by people doubt the veracity of the official explanations of Earth Changes by the mainstream media. Scenario 3: The intense pace of Awakening lead to the disclosure of information to small groups and inhabitants of the earth, including billions. Scenario 4: The longer putting off an official statement on the disclosure of HRP, the more, after all these years of hiding, growing tension among the uninformed public, as in a situation where the zebra saw a lion in the bush.

Expressed concern involved is different from their real concerns. Those who resist the property, think about the anger that the public turned against them. But the words are decades expressed concern that people will rebel, will cause failure of banks will refuse to go to jobs or pay their bills, and swing over to the mountain stream so that the protection of the owners of the land from the invasion need martial law. In general, the total collapse of civilization. How these arguments are true?

Riots are traditionally adventurous — rebels carried out of the store all the goods under any pretext. It has long pent-up fury breaks even if it does not apply to the situation. Greed and outrage at the social inequality are the key reasons. Rebels may argue that they need survival gear, but the new TVs and expensive clothes that description does not fit. Historically used for any excuse. The antidote here is the police and military action; extreme measure — martial law. Will there be any such unrest with the expected announcement? We forecast that the sooner the quiet state of shock.

Bank runs when any funds or savings can be withdrawn from accounts — one of the problems. Since banks do not have sufficient cash to meet such requirements, the bank must either declare bankruptcy or close their doors, which in any case is an emergency situation that requires government intervention. Whether there is a wholesale withdrawal of money from banks in connection with the announcement? To some degree, many people will keep more cash in their fear of bank closures, but when bankruptcy is not forthcoming, they will return to the use of plastic instead of paper. Banks were actually warned to have notes in there, but they were not told of the reason for this move.

The argument that the public will refuse to go to work, send their children to school or pay the bills — is absurd, although used by some when they paint a picture of the complete collapse of civilization, which may cause public awareness of the impending passage. Undoubtedly, the employees will be distracted and will not talk everywhere about sports or gossip, but simple people will consider what is lost as a result of such actions, and it will outweigh potential acquisitions. Why? To become homeless and destitute? For most it will be only a fleeting thought and action plan will be for the very few.

Similarly: pack up and get away from the coast or cities to the countryside — this course of action will follow, not all, and even those who try to do to change his mind almost immediately and return to their homes. Whether they think that a friendly farmer just waiting their arrival, cooked a clean bedroom, a dish at the dinner table, and can not wait to hug each on arrival? They will find that the savings at the end, which helps families and friends lose their patience, and that life as a homeless person on the horizon. The result of such pulses will be little more than a phone call, and then there will more moderate plans.

In the end, the public will be shocked about the future, which suddenly opened more ways than ever before. Presenters will discuss the options infinite possible outcomes. Churches and mosques all religions would be suddenly filled with prayers for salvation on the lips of the faithful. In serious and responsible families are making plans, and where there is no way to avoid death or hunger is not there, as we predicted, to prepare for this in accordance with their spiritual orientation and maturity. We are told that love will blossom, but also selfish opportunism manifested in a shocking degree.

13:27 16/09/2012. In position 5:00 Magnetic Bully at its best. HRP revealed!

Photo by Alberto shows a very bright object in the 5:00 position, surrounded by a beautiful halo, but the body is clearly visible in the center of the glow. This is the body of Planet X. Why is it so much in this photo, if usually in the pictures you can barely see the Alberto dull fluffy ball? Is visible tail, Moon Swirls visible in the form of tubes or balls, but do not see Planet X. Was she close? At present, its glow was enhanced by request of the Council of Worlds, to the Earth, it seemed bigger. Physically, she has not moved closer to the Earth, but of course we could increase the light rays. For hearted aliens is not difficult. And it will continue to artificially increase gradually until the announcement.

So it can already be seen with the naked eye? To a certain extent, yes. People are noticing something in this place, says: "What is that? '. Of course, all this time they noticed Moon Swirls, which look like a very bright balloons in different places around the sun. But this will take on a reddish hue, and we can expect that it will grow. Alberto, of course, will keep you posted. When will the murmur in the streets, and people will see in the sky, a red object, ad hurry to do. This can happen tonight. This may happen tomorrow. This can happen at any time.

It should be the government of China led the anti-Japanese demonstrations, showing their displeasure so Japan? Chinese protesters gather in front of the Japanese Embassy in Beijing is the 7th day in a row. They complain that the Japanese government announced the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea with their possessions. On these islands also claimed by China and Taiwan. Only a few Chinese newspapers reported vandalism and looting by Japanese companies and stores across the country. [And from another] September 17, 2012 1000 fishing vessels will arrive in the waters near the Senkaku-shot (Chinese name: Island Fishing). [And from another] most powerful military leader of China in an unusual public statement last week ordered the armed forces to prepare for battle, after which the Chinese warships headed to the area of the disputed islands, and anti-Japanese performances across the country were hardened. Resentment against the Japanese government purchase three separate Senkaku islands led to massive street protests, burning Japanese flags, as well as attacks on Japanese businesses and cars in several cities. Some carried signs saying "kill all Japanese" and "fight to the death" over the disputed islands. One of the slogans called on China to begin to threaten Japan's nuclear strike.

Chat Q & ZetaTalk for September 22, 2012

China deaf to the protests against Japan over the capture of the Senkaku Islands, as it is preferable to unleashing a war over such petty dispute. In this way they incite a kind of civil war in the region, pushing Japan. Senkaku Islands are very close to the mainland of China, in fact, much closer than the southern island of Japan, so China will be the owner of the small islands in practice. What's the truth behind? Japan feels that it is losing support of the U.S., which seems to enter into an alliance with New Zealand and Australia, preferring their traditional alliances with Japan and South Korea. All this is clearly with an eye on the future. China fears that Japan will side with immigrants from Southeast Asia, who are losing territory as lowering the Sunda plate.

I want to ask about the strengthening of ultra disturbing elements and ideologies in Europe, especially in countries with serious financial problems such as Greece and Hungary, but also in countries such as Germany. I know of people who go to a strong polarization, as the pole shift approaches, but is there in this turn of events, something more? Maybe it's a trick of the European elite to impose martial law, which will put the fascist regimes in power in the greatest possible number of countries or, perhaps, just another tool in the hands of the bosses of STS, which will allow them to further worsen the conditions in Europe that they can collect better yield? How real is the danger?

Early in the ZetaTalk saga, we have described the spiritual polarization, which will take place during the Transfiguration. The growing influence of the STO and essentially causes panic STS, who are accustomed to rigid rules and class structure. STS learned to lie with a smile, to deceive others, and to integrate into human society and the labor market so as to maximize the benefits of others. During the period of polarization of concern is that the rules and class structure replaced cooperation among those for whom a more comfortable working environment in STO.

At first, their concern is expressed by angry demands to follow the rules thoroughly, and attempts logically argue the necessity of these rules that benefit STS. This can be seen in the unwillingness of Republicans losing received from the Bush tax breaks for the super rich. No connection with the creation of jobs and building the economy was not even shown — in fact the opposite was a statistically, but they are trying to argue about it. The desire to impose martial law, as expressed by the far right, is another example. They want that their assets are protected, and their slaves — the workers, forced
take their jobs. What happens when they panic skyrocket? Their demands will become more shrill, but they also become increasingly ignored. They turn inward, looking for like-minded people behind closed doors at the same time becomes irrelevant.

I read the news on the Huffington Post, and I could not believe it. Is there a real intention to initiate in the U.S. something of this magnitude? This is pure madness. [And from another] U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are ready for the zombie apocalypse. Gun owners are ready for the zombie apocalypse. Now preparing the military and law enforcement agencies. Next month, they will begin training. Preparation comes at a time when the term "zombie apocalypse" is so common that some branches of government issued statements on the matter. Earlier this month the Department of Homeland Security said that "zombie attack" — as a fun warning to stimulate citizens to prepare for a real disaster. [And from another]

How best to focus the participants in the planning exercises restraint when citizens are starving, rioting, the sick and wounded, mad with grief and madness? Name of exercise — preparing for the zombie apocalypse, instantly gives participants the right mood. In history there are no analogues to which to draw parallels. Thus, making this almost a comedy, something of a fictional film, those who organized these exercises are exempt from the need to explain. There is no need to talk about the upcoming earth changes and the pending pole shift. There is no need to explain why disappear usual social security network. Label zombie apocalypse — a convenient way to cut corners!

King salmon numbers consistently decreasing in the rivers of Alaska for the past 5 years, with no apparent reason. This decrease is associated with increased tremors — the result of cold air and water temperatures from daily repulsion Planet X, which puts South Alaska under cold cold air from the north?

Fluctuation caused species to migrate and change their migration routes. Although extreme temperatures, drought and floods severely affected the land, oceans are more susceptible because the water stays in the atmosphere for longer places which has been moved. The air heats up and cools down, or reset the accumulated moisture, but the oceans need more time to warm up or cool down when the water is moved — the distribution of their nutrient or chemical composition is slower. Hence the appearance of algae in the Arctic. Salmon, like all species, responds to thousands of factors during its annual migration of temperature, water chemistry, density familiar nutrients, sunlight filtering intensity, day length, and the release of hormones caused by seasonal changes — these are just some of them.

Whether comments or details about this roundup, which says that the Chinese and the American navy is currently struggling with a UFO in the Pacific? Reported a "complete operation against what is called a very unfriendly extraterrestrial threat." [And from another] Last week there were reports of Chinese naval vessels, seen off the coast of the U.S. In particular around Northern California, but is denied. At the moment, one of the Asian intelligence reports on cooperation between the U.S. Navy and China, is an expanded military operation against what we are told, is "a very unfriendly extraterrestrial threat." Witnesses of this military operation are many, but the U.S. did not receive any confirmation, though Navy ships have been seen each ship sailed from the coast. The true nature of the threat and the degree of involvement of multinational military forces are beyond imaginable levels of classification. Classified reminder service available to a very narrow range, mentions only the following:
* The opposition of extraterrestrial origin, is extremely aggressive and unfriendly
* The threat of a "clear and present danger" and isolated in the Pacific
* China has to take responsibility the U.S. because of our own naval capabilities are located in the Persian Gulf, while America in the present danger
* Attempts to seek confirmation or directly verify this information will lead to fatal consequences

This is a serious article on the site Veteran's Today proves that this is not a hoax, and a report on the military views and actions of the USA and China, caused an increase of UFO activity in the Pacific. UFO activity increases everywhere, so why is it worthy of press coverage and is considered a military threat? These UFO aliens used in the orientation of Service to Self — they were forced to leave their massively underwater park in plate motion. UFO demonstrations performed by the rules of the Council of Worlds aliens in the orientation of service to others. But in a panic STS (which act in a physical third density is on the ground) did not manage to disguise themselves properly. That is, they jumped out of the water by ships in the area, and their actions are interpreted as aggression.

Such a military response is not likely to be followed, whether those responsible for hiding alien presence, as usual defense. The expected announcement of the presence of Planet X in the solar system will inevitably lead to questions from the public about the ongoing cover-up of the alien presence. Those responsible for the cover-up, has tried to protect myself in the past, as with the documentary National Geographic: When aliens attack. Zealously striving to advance their claims once again, for the concealment of Planet X is vulnerable, these people seized the opportunity to put the rumors to the press about the attack of aliens.

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