Chile prepare for a volcanic eruption Hudson. Authorities evacuated residents

In southern Chile growing threat Hudson volcano whose activity has increased in the last hours, said Thursday the local authorities.

"We can not rule out any scenario," — said Deputy Secretary of Mines of Chile Pablo Wagner. According to him, the columns of smoke and ash out of the three right now craters, whose height ranges from 1 to 5.5 km. He noted that the experts monitoring the situation, any changes will be announced immediately. In the vicinity of the volcano declared a "red" alert.

To date, 128 people were evacuated from the surrounding area, four people refused to leave their homes. Employees of the National Emergencies Office of today will distribute masks residents of settlements, which are located in the area of possible ash emissions.

Hudson is located 15 km from the Pacific Ocean, its height is 1905 meters above sea level. The diameter of the main crater up to 500 meters. The last time the volcano, located 1,600 km south of Santiago, erupted Aug. 8, 1991, which led to the melting of the glacier near its crater and debris flows, according to ITAR-TASS.

In June of this year in Chile erupted another volcano — Puyeue over which a column of smoke rose up to 10 km. Several thousand residents of nearby settlements were quickly evacuated to a safe area.

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