Chinese diet cloned sheep

Chinese clone "diet" sheepThe Chinese brought sheep to the "correct" zhirami.Uchenye from China could raise sheep on means of genetic engineering. In general animal genome was inserted portion of the gene responsible for the formation of fat in the animal body, the most suitable for human nutrition.

The gene was taken from the roundworm. Lamb, who was born as a result of the experiment, dubbed Pen — Pen. Klitschko became the acronym of the names of the scientists who produced and genetic changes. For the experiment have been searching for a suitable place. We examine the territory of neighboring villages, special attention is drawn designs of detached houses with garage to create favorable conditions for sheep during gestation.

Lamb was born on 26 March this year. All indicators of its development is assessed as normal. The sheep is the breed Chinese Merino. How was it, this breed is not reported. The first development of the project started two years ago. During this time, developed a clear strategy of introducing a gene into a gene, accelerated and simplified compared to previous methods. Transgenic egg is incorporated in the genome of worms was introduced a surrogate mother, who endured and Pins — Pins.

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