Christina Shatsikava questioned in Minsk

Mogilev human rights activist of the civil campaign "Our House" Christina Shatsikava questioned the First of the district police department of Minsk. Activist summoned there as a witness in criminal case of the riots on December 19-20. The interrogation lasted for four hours. It was run by the investigator Alexander Feytsar.

Christina Shatsikava"It seemed to me that the investigator is really trying to understand the case. On least yet he apparently did not receive any other orders. So I say, because I compare interrogation by the KGB and this investigator. The investigator asked specific questions and literally everything down. The KGB's just fooling. Provoked. "

Activist investigator gave two dozen photographs. On them, as she claims, witnesses who saw who vylamvav door and knocked out windows at Government House on December 19. They can confirm that it was not the opposition, and provocateurs. Photos Shatsikava did itself. She gave them and KGB investigator on February 4.

Shatsikava"These photos are not committee members seemed interested. They have not given up on them, took, but I was told so. Minsk detention they are interested. I do not know, however, how they will help the investigation. This will be, probably, the management estimates that they need to actually. But at his level, current, he considers them as evidence, at least I thought so. "

Christina Shatsikava — participant protests in Independence Square. Once the unknown began to beat box at the Government House she had to take the camera with pictures to friends and come back again to the square. During the dispersal of the rally she was detained.



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