Christmas satisfaction: Putins muscles and emotions Eurocrats (Daily Mail, England)

On Friday, I received a Christmas gift a while back, than it should be — I spent 45 minutes at the press center of the European Commission with Vladimir Putin. Maybe it's not what you want to get for Christmas, but I was very pleased. That's such a gift of the Magi: I sit for almost four rows from the Russian president and admired the way he behaves with Herman Van Rompuy (Hermann Van Rompuy) and José Manuel Barroso (Jose Manuel Barroso).

Christmas Joy: Putin's muscles and emotions Eurocrats ("Daily Mail", UK)

His behavior? Like a shark, swim laps in the pool, now I did not eat, but just in case, remember, who's the strongest. I mean physical strength, muscle, and not just economic — it all raw materials — oil, natural gas. With this, Fishing season also all right, and we need it. But on Friday, he used the first muscles to make a memory.

Imagine for yourself — full of people press center, similar to a small house with a low ceiling, pondus with 3 chairs in a row and once in the side — for local "butler", which opens and closes the press conference. Rows in a hall filled with reporters and operators are awaiting the press conference, graduating from the first visit to Brussels by Mr. Fishing season since his re-election in May. And here they come — Mr Barroso, President of the Commission, Mr Van Rompuy, Euro Council, and Mr Putin, President of Russian Federation. Or let's say differently: entered the hall Portuguese politician, similar to the fattened singer, a retired Belgian Prime Minister, skinny as a stick, and muscled past KGB thug with black belts in judo and karate — the president of the greatest country in the world.

I had only to behold, as the trio takes place in the pulpit, I realized that I now will not be boring — no wonder I once spent a very happy afternoon in South Africa watching a shark in the pool, never do not know what she will do in subsequent time . Exactly the same thing I loaf and about Mr. Putin was worth, Mr Van Rompuy to present his report, open the press conference. Belgian muttered a piece of paper all the platitudes that we hear every time he comes to the microphone: "The strategic relationship … global challenges … partnership … upgrade … economic development."

To the left of Mr. Van Rompuy was a competitor on the status of the European Union, Mr. Barroso, busily digging a in the papers that lay on his plexiglass pulpit, and have done them some notes. And to the right of Mr Van Rompuy was Mr. Putin. He held his head high, his feet were placed shoulder-width apart (and they had ample), and his gaze slid through the ranks. At this time, both the Eurocrats looked at his notes, keeping the knees and feet together, just the boys from the monastery school.

Mr Van Rompuy mumbled. Mr. Putin, looking around the room. On his face was an expression of boredom courteous. He turned slightly from side their muscular neck. Under his jacket played deltoid and pectoral muscles. The President bore the weight from foot to foot like a boxer before you go out into the center of the ring. Mr Van Rompuy all mumbled, Mr Barroso continued to read. Mr Putin has remained calm and obviously felt completely comfortable under the gaze of reporters.

At some point, the Russian brushed imaginary dust from the pulpit. Then he raised his eyes and began to enjoy the ceiling. His voice began to read out Mr Barroso. Mr. Putin behaved as before: with longing and haughty, he rolled the handle up and down in the department, and later played back muscles. In the end, it was his turn.

After saying a few words on a piece of paper, Mr. Putin was distracted from her and spoke without cribs. His speech, yet smooth. It was amazing to hear his performance in the women's translated from Russian, as the president's words practically radiated testosterone: Mr Putin referred to European energy legislation aimed at creating a single market, "uncivilized".

"Of course, the European Union has the right to make any decisions, but — I've read about it — we were of great concern is that these solutions have the reverse effect," — he saw. He was "puzzled" as this legislation does not allow Gazprom to keep control of distribution networks. Do not forget about the controversy surrounding access to pipelines and oil and gas prices.

Install all journalists. They were asked about Syria, about the likely abolition of visas between Russia and the EU and how will it help our homeland to rescue the economy of Cyprus. Responding to a question, Mr Barroso, Putin returned to the address critical remarks in the EU gas policy. His statement came a longish and pompous and more like a lecture on the European gas policy — believe me, Mr Barroso was not accustomed to, to the guests called it the policy of "uncivilized".

He denied the words of Mr. Putin stressed that the EU "respects all international agreements, the principles of the rule of law." Then he gave to understand that he graduated, and the bureaucrat which conducted a press conference, announced that it was the last question, thanked reporters and said that press-Conference is over. Only it has not been finished. Shark lunged forward.

Journalists began to rise from their own places, and Mr Van Rompuy and Mr Barroso began to move away from the chairs, but Mr. Putin has not moved — just looked straight at us and said, "Wait a minute." Reporters sat down again, his ears pricked up — Come on, what did it?

Two major Eurocrats looked puzzled.

Mr. Putin leaned on his chair and turned to reporters and direct views of the trustee, "My many years of each sovereign Barroso so sensual and explained the long position, as the feel that is wrong to blame … Discover the 34th article of our basic contract with the European Union, yes, the 34th article of our basic contract with the European Union. " Then he stressed that the binding of gas prices to oil not invented by Russia, and the Netherlands, and added that in part due to his merits, the trade turnover between Russia and the EU headed for 400 billion dollars.

Later followed by several pins in the address European policy and only later graduated from the President: "Thank you for you very much." And then — and only then — press conference just ended.

In my opinion, Mr. Putin did not have to thank the journalists. This we had to thank him for the blood spilled in the water. He deserved applause. Just last week, a recognizable European journalist-international affairs complained to me: "What we are passionate about here, this is not journalism, it's stenography." And usually it's really true. But thanks to Mr Putin, we have seen the press conference live, rather than staging a dispute. It was a confrontation between the man who has no respect for the "European project", and 2 members are not elected by anyone elites who usually slip on Brussels, surrounded by a common respect as the cardinals of the Vatican.

It was a good Christmas gift to me personally. To assess how invigorating it was such an impact, and how it is valuable for anyone who meets Christmas in this town, as you have done to me, for you need to understand where it all happened. If you need fun in at least some form, not looking for it in the European district of Brussels. It's not even in the gloomy, lacking windows halls of the press center, not in a sopo
rific monotone briefing the European Commission, not bloodthirsty orthodoxy "of the project."

The case — in the place, in these concrete canyons of streets stretching from the structure of the European Parliament on the Luxembourg Square to the buildings of the Commission and the Council on the area of Robert Schumann and to the headquarters of the EU High Representative for foreign affairs. It is located above the park, which was laid out on the funds broken in the 19th century ruler of Leopold II of Belgium Congo Straseni and executioner ways.

This place can be turned into stone at least some heart, because it's so valuable a glimmer of light. Naturally, it is surprising that this Christmas has become such a beacon of light for me last KGB agent. Yet, came specifically this: before the hall was a real gift of the Magi and the pectoral muscles flexed.

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