Chupacabra mystery

Night. Complete silence. Suddenly a shrill bellowing calf — and was followed by thumping on the wall barn. Man jumps out of bed and rushes into the yard, his wet nurses at risk!

He opens the door to the barn, ran inside, and at that moment by a silent shadow slips something. It is large, growing almost from the man. Face / faces he could not see, but remember the huge eerie red enormous eyes. Something rode off into the night, and a man on his feet trembling with fear at last entered the barn. The calf is still in hysterics about hitting the wall and moaned piteously, and the cow was lying on the floor.
She died, and her body shook with convulsions. Man, to relieve the suffering animal, slit her throat and bounced, that the blood did not get to it. But there was no blood.

Not a drop of … It was not supposed to be. Where was the Chupacabra, the blood does not happen.

The stories of the terrible beast Chupacabra few years ago frightened Russians. Like, in South America, has brought something strange, not giving any explanation. And suddenly, like a bolt from the blue: Chupacabra showed up in Russia! Exactly the same unexplained killing of animals. Two small wounds on the neck, completely bloodless corpse, the smell of sulfur and a hideous red eyes. Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Orenburg — everywhere witnesses everywhere corpses of livestock. African Village Guest Vozdvizhenka Orenburg region. In the spring of 2005 for a few nights killed about 30 sheep and innumerable chickens. All the animals in the morning looked alike: a couple of holes in the neck and a complete lack of blood. The villagers were in a panic: this has never happened. What to do? What to do in such cases? According to the villagers, they are about any Chupacabra and never heard.

— Our became afraid to go out. Those who dared, to intercede on duty: I wanted to somehow protect animals from attacking the unknown predator. One could see a strange creature, never before seen in our area. Rise more than a meter, move the country jumps. All black, and only in the dark eerie red eyes give — says the eyewitness, who asked to remain anonymous. — Here's be honest: when I first saw him, stood rooted to the spot and could not move place of horror.

True, and the animal was afraid of people. Eyewitnesses claim: Chupacabra easily passed guard dogs. They dared not even utter a word — fear. But it was enough to see the man as a chupacabra to flee.

The next area, where he announced a monster — Nizhny Novgorod. Here, several witnesses saw a strange kengurovidnuyu dog. The last case — in the past year. She managed to capture on film, however, it turned out that it is very good, but the montage. Then Chupacabra seen in Tatarstan, but mass murder of livestock were reported.
— Chupacabra in Russia — a very strange phenomenon, — the expert on the mysterious predator Dmitry Volobuev. — I think that we came out of it … Africa!

Sam Volobuev never Chupacabra seen, but this phenomenon has long engaged. Even though he does not have a clear idea of what constitutes the unknown animal.

— Unfortunately, my attempts to speak on this subject with the scientists ended in failure: they do not believe in the existence of the chupacabra — says Volobuev.
With that faced me. Experts, these biologists with whom I tried to talk, said the same thing:

— Chupacabra? Really! There is no such animal! If we start to talk about it, then we'll be laughed colleagues — told me the same words serious professionals. Background The word "chupacabra" — Spanish origin. Stands for "drinking the blood of goats." In the early 90's in Puerto Rico began in quite inexplicable phenomena: goats died. Most surprising was the fact that the dead animals were found at autopsy not a drop of blood! And then the bodies in the neck , then in the chest is a pair of flat holes. Who could commit these murders, it was quite clear. And then it appeared the word "chupacabra" — "drinking the blood of goats."

After a while there were people who were lucky enough to see a live predator. Animals of various descriptions. Some have seen something like a hybrid of a bald dog and kangaroo second chudilis wings behind the back, and some claimed that Chupacabra — humpbacked monster, well, the fourth remembered the terrible spikes on the back. Only one detail coincided: the animal huge and quite eerie red enormous eyes.

In addition, those who have seen the Chupacabra, argued: inexplicable horror paralyzed consciousness. Some fear just could not move, they say, nor sigh nor gasp. And it sounded incredible recognition of witnesses that appeared when a chupacabra steady "smell of the devil" — that is sulfur. Visitor from outer space, or the result of experiences — there are several versions of the appearance on Earth Chupacabra — said my companion, an amateur cryptozoologist Nicholas. — First — the most common — the result of genetics. They de brought a new animal, and it fled from them, and a great stick. However, this version does not hold water. Worldwide, there are about 1500 Chupacabra attacks on animals — so what? They escaped from the laboratories? And then, what's the point in that animal as El Chupacabra? Next version: Chupacabra — a descendant of the ancient dinosaur velotseraptora that somehow survived to the present day. Crocodiles, too, are considered dinosaurs …

If the first two versions still somehow possible to note that the next two, as they say — on the fan.

— One of the most incredible versions: Chupacabra us accidentally started by aliens. It is likely that they are being held, as we have dogs. Once arriving to us from the alien craft fled some strange animals that have survived on Earth, feeding on the blood of animals. However, in this case the question arises: why chupacabra appear only for a short time and then disappear? — Asks Nick and continues: — But there is another interesting hypothesis. Chupacabra — is representative of a parallel world. From time to time the space is curved — and people may find themselves in an unknown world, and their representatives — in this. It is likely that the unexpected and always short-lived visits Chupacabra and a consequence of such distortion. That is, there is no sense to look for the causes of these monsters in the world — they are inexplicable.
However, and this version does not hold water. Something suspicious is often curved space!

— You know, I would not be so categorical, — says Sergey Kozhemyakin ufologist. — If for a moment imagine that the chupacabra — representatives of a parallel world … And what do we know about the world? No-thing! Let us assume that there is a completely different course of time. If the world did not hear about the chupacabra two or three years, and this was, it does not mean that they have disappeared. It is likely that in a parallel universe was only a few days. Animal blood is digested and again come to Earth for a new portion of food! Chupacabra does not exist — The sleep of reason produces monsters! — Repeats the well-known truth about rumors of chupacabra my namesake, cryptozoologist Valentin Makarov.

— Vitaliy Bianchi has a story "Black", where experienced hunters can not identify the animal, rob in the village. Residents see something black, not clear, and only after the killing of the beast is that it is an ordinary glutton. Unrecognized animal was only because which was unusual for that area. Going on. Chupacabra very unpleasant smell in the place where she had been, it smells of sulfur. Now ordinary biology: ferret highlights from prianalnyh glands odorant. Additionally, many of the ferret family Mustelidae produce such a secret, and this is their smell just gives a gray By the way, it is of prey for weasels typical habit to drink blood. Cunha can kill prey much larger than themselves. They are very agile, fast, has a flexible body. Predator jumping on the victim's back, bites her throat and does not let up As long as the animal does not fall. Similar to Chupacabra? Very!
Valentine's Day and have an explanation of why was not there before such massive attacks on livestock.

— Why chupacabra appeared only relatively recently? After all, before they are not heard a word! And here it is necessary to pay attention to a strange pattern: Chupacabra appear only in the hottest time of the year! During these periods, the natural food supply for the predator weasel family in nature undermined — and he gradually develops new food sources. What has undermined food base in Russia? I think that the answer to this question a lot: hunting, pollution. It is clear that in such periods predator goes to a person who has a chicken coop or barn lot of innocent animals — said Valentine. So the phenomenon of red eyes, no chupacabra. It's all marten and other predators … But excuse me! What famous horrible red eyes that have seen almost all the witnesses? And then I remembered the words of the famous throughout the former Soviet Estonian ufologist Igor Wolke.

— Why does everyone say that the newcomers — small little green man? It is actually a long time ago told psychologists. Feature of the human brain is that any new information which has not previously encountered, even though he tries to compare with something known. It turns out that when he saw something strange, people automatically try to adjust for this is known. I am often faced with the fact that one of the people looking at the same strange object, describe it in different ways — that is, as he tells the imagination.
It turns out that the chupacabra, which was first found in Puerto Rico, at least in Russia, is not there? A unidentified footprints in the sand that they had seen the witnesses?

— For the next Chupacabra in the Orenburg region, then they were traces of … American mink! A former classmate of mine, a native of Udmurtia, told me about a similar case in his village. Grandma discovered her sheep with bitten throat and bled. Local hunters said it was rude trot. After some time, the hunters really killed the lynx, the killings of cattle were no more … — says Makarov.
Seems to be clear, more questions arise. But really, and in South America, where cases strange death of livestock are already thousands, also behave disgracefully weasels?

One day and many times in America

— Of course, it is work of predators, which people forced out of forests and habitat change. At least, most of the cases can be explained this way — says cryptozoologist.

However, there remains a certain percentage of unexplained phenomena! In South America, the cases when a bloodless animals at autopsy did not reveal any single internal organ! Or heart, or liver, or brain.
— No predator is not able — says Makarov. — So most likely chupacabra really exists, but what it is — is not known so far!


Mexican newspaper "Powo da Beira": "Toothless wolf killed nine sheep — a mystery, sleep deprived residents of nearby villages. In Tuloese people are frightened by this mysterious possessive case of sheep, on the neck of which countries are opening. Results of research conducted by biologists and veterinarians allowed to conclude that this is only one wolf fang. "

Spanish "El Mundo", "About a hundred dead sheep with a strange puncture neck found in the Bay of Biscay. Farmers believe that this is the work of a madman, followed by an animal with only one tusk. "
Magazine "Enigmas" (Chile): "We managed to see the documents relating to the events of interest to us, pictures of the dead animals, and get addresses and phone numbers of the affected farmers. Relative to the wounds on the body servant, collecting evidence, said the wounds are not like the ones that usually leaves the wolf. Has also been seen another important feature. According to one of the farmers, some animals broke several bones and vertebrae, as if they were hit by some heavy metal object. "

Magazine "Enigmas": "Chupacabras are hidden danger for all living things. The results of the autopsy conducted by the staff found that the hole in the chest of animals are right in front of an important body — heart, lungs, and liver. The animal suck blood and sometimes removed organs through the hole with a diameter of 2 to 3 cm in 70 percent of cases the day before the event or on the night of the event, eyewitnesses observed a UFO. Genetic analysis of available samples of hair and blood of the animal does cause suspicion. The results indicate that these samples may not belong to any known living organism …

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