Chupacabra opened rabbit Privolzhsk

As a resident of the Ivanovo region PRIVOLZHSKY overnight lost all livestock rabbits.

Animal cells were unopened, they themselves were strangled. In the mass deaths of rabbits Mikhail Orlov, owner monastery, blames a mysterious creature known as the chupacabra. Supposedly dead animals have no visible damage, but predator suck their blood (a Chupacabra on a legend, as you know, a vampire).

Investigate the death of a group of rabbits left Ivanovo branch organization "Kosmopoisk." They found — hacking was, and this is not the work of man. And tracks around the country.

— If this is the chupacabra, the creature could come from the neighboring areas — Yaroslavl, Vladimir, — says the expert organization Sergey Dmitriev. — Vladimir region is found a whole flock of wild birds.

One, he said, it was possible to shoot a recent local hunters. Sergei said that DNA analysis conducted by a group of "Kosmopoisk-Moore" showed the creature — a kind of cross between a dog with a jackal or coyote. His hind legs are lengthened, which gives the ability to the high and long jumps. There are powerful tail, on which it relies.

In short, almost kangaroo. Only with a dog. Being of the same kind in July scared Ivanovo family. It popped up on the road leading to Suzdal, right under the wheels. In October chupacabra have already declared in Yuzha area — also strangle rabbits.

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