Chupacabras phenomenon

A documentary film about the antics of Chupacabra in Sumy region called "Phenomenon Chupacabra" was filmed by TV journalists Sumy TV "Academ-TV" on regional television premiere was featured January 29, 2012 (in repetition February 29). Finally, in late March, the film appeared on the Internet and available for viewing general readers. What is a kriptozoologichesky object called "Chupacabra" and what it does in the Sumy region? TV reporters tried to find answers Igor Nazarenko and Valery Kovalenko.

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— Theme "Ukrainian Chupacabra" pretty corny, however, we decided to conduct our own research, — says Igor Nazarenko. — Our chupacabra, unlike Latin American not attack cattle (although one attack on a goat allegedly happened, but who it was — it's hard to tell) and do not suck blood, but simply kill their victims.

Maybe that's why the local people, where we met these creatures, amazing affectionately call them "chupy." We have checked all of the certificate of sucking blood — fiction influenced by the Internet. Victims of "Chupacabra" in Sumy became mostly rabbits and poultry. There are many other false reports of chupacabra (for example, in Western Ukraine one old woman had called Chupacabra beavers), and we had to spend no small work to filter out explicit tales.

Recall, the film was made with the assistance of a tireless researcher, biologist and cryptozoologist Vladimir scythe of the Sumy region, with which the film was made available for all those interested.

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