Circles on the Lake Baikal arise from methane?

Ring in the southern part of the lake there was April 5, 2009.Scientists are going back to the expedition — to study the anomaly in the Siberian lake ice.
On the giant circles on Lake Baikal started talking in 2009, when the Americans posted a net mysterious satellite images NASA. The Internet has made the business: the hype around the two huge four-meter laps rose unusual, lake frequented ufology, the people went to different versions. Mostly seen in the appearance of circles "hand aliens", and most likely from Mars. Here it is bustling and scientists were quick to refute the quaint assumption about the aliens with the manners of artists.

— The reason for the anomaly — a rise of internal water — gave almost immediately explain the miracle of the Baikal Irkutsk scientist Limnological Institute Nikolai Granik. — There is a warm current, it moves around the ring clockwise. In the circle center ice as if "pressed" into the (water temperature under the ice are higher by about 0.5 degrees), and the edges of the circle, two kilometers from the center, thinner ice twice — this is because there during stronger. In the ring of vertical cracks run through the entire thickness of the ice, so the satellite images and there are rings.

Why water rises? Scientists have demanded an answer — what kind of wheels are they? Study and to provide an answer! To convince the skeptics, and answer a lot of questions, sent the Russian Academy of Sciences to study the Baikal rings a group of scientists: the phenomenon of the third year studying for Baikal experts, geologists, mathematicians, physicists.

— During this time, we explored a lot of these rings — says Nikolay Granik. — Fathom them, found the temperature and flow rate. This year in April, as soon as they appear, the expedition will leave again in place. To continue research to new hardware: in places where there are circles, you need to put the buoys, sensors that measure temperature, flow rate. And be sure — methane sensors!

Scientists believe that the cause of the rings may be just the emissions of natural gas fuel — methane. Worked in the past year on the lake "Worlds" just in mysterious circles discovered gas hydrates — ice cubes with bubbles of this dangerous gas. Rising methane "tighten" the flow of water in a circular flow. Melted ice saturate with water, here on the ice surface and shows a dark ring. There is another version — blame the mud volcanoes, occasionally spewing water and gas. But who said that the cause of the Baikal circles can not be combined? Moreover, abnormal gas emissions probably occurred on Lake Baikal is always, at least they've been taken from space in 1999.

Gases that are released from the lake bottom in the "circle" may represent a serious danger to the inhabitants of the lake, and for the people who live near. This is confirmed by historical records.

From space, one can see the two rings on the surface of the lake.

From space, one can see the two rings on the surface of the lake.

— Specialists of the Institute of the Earth's crust have made a selection of publications of the local press in 1912, when there was a great earthquake Baikal, — says Nikolay Granik. — There it says: the earthquake in the village Sharyzhaglay visible emissions of gas from the water, a lot of fish are killed. Methane even in small concentrations harmful to all living things.

Scientists have vowed: study circles on Lake Baikal will be continued this year, and beyond. What else?

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