Classes in schools Anadyr resumed after warming

Students of elementary and middle school in the capital of Chukotka resumed Friday classes were interrupted on Wednesday due to heavy frost, told RIA Novosti the municipality Anadyr.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the education department of the capital of Chukotka canceled classes for 1-7 grades of schools in the city in connection with lowering the temperature to 30-34 degrees Celsius and wind gusts that reached 14-18 meters per second. In addition, on Thursday in Anadyr began to snow, blizzard began, significantly limit visibility.

"Today in the capital of Chukotka, the temperature rose to 26-28 degrees below zero, snow had stopped, the wind died. This admissible weather parameters to connect to the school students of all classes," — said the mayor's office.

According to a forecast meteorologist Chukotka, the temperature will remain in Anadyr and on the Bering Sea coast and at weekends, and is expected northwest wind with reinforcements up to 15 meters per second blowing. Sometimes cloudy.

Much warmer in the continental Chukotka (Bilibino and Bilibino district), where this week established frost at 45-50 degrees. On Saturday and Sunday the temperature there will rise to 28-33 degrees. The same weather is expected on the coast of the Chukchi Sea,

And on the coast of the East Siberian Sea (city Pevek and Chaunsky district) on weekends while keeping frost at 33-38 degrees below zero wind picked up to 10.5 meters per second gusts up to 15-20 meters per second with a snowstorm.

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