Curiosity again shut off

In the near future Mars rover Curiosity is shut off again. The reason for that is looming on Mars most powerful solar storm …

According to the official statement of the Mission Curiosity, the rover could again be returned to sleep mode, although only recently been transferred from it to the active excretion. As it turned out, this time the cause of the American translation of the fourth rover to sleep is a solar storm, which is moving in the direction of Mars.

Solar storms are quite dangerous for avionics. They can damage the unit for a while or to inflict significant damage, so that the work equipment will be completely broken.

To avoid this, for preventive peace, project managers Curiosity mission intend to turn off a solar storm rover active mode in order to save the most recent and advanced of the Mars rovers of unforeseen technical problems.

Especially because the engineers have one more reason to re-translate Curiosity to sleep as computer experts are still not completely eliminated the previous problems associated with the work of the rover's main computer.



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