Curiosity is falling apart on the go!

That news arrived from Mars. Shiny object that Curiosity found under him, his skin was chip. That, at least, says NASA …

From which part of the rover separated the fragment, until NASA experts could not be determined. They only found out that it was a piece of plastic, presumably soft.

The study found the fragment will be continued for another day. By the planned research program "Kyuriositi" will return only after the NASA experts are convinced that the rover's health is not in danger.

Shiny object was discovered on October 7, when the "Kyuriositi" held the first sampling of the soil. NASA experts have suspected that this object is not a Martian origin, and some detail of the rover. Work within the Mars exploration program, scheduled for October 8, have been canceled, but instead it was decided to focus on a careful study of the detected object.

Mars rover "Kyuriositi" the creation of which has been spent about $ 2.5 billion, was launched November 26, 2011. He arrived on Mars Aug. 6, 2012, landed in the crater Gale. One of its main purposes — the search for water and signs of life on Mars. Also, the unit will study the geological history of the Red Planet.



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