Curiosity, where are you?

Maybe these pictures will be available soon, not only with these children, because the inhabitants of America appears that the mission to Mars this year, as well as the Mars rover Curiosity stay on this planet could be a delusion …

More debate generate images taken on Mars by the machine Curiosity. Shots taken today gave a new basis for doubt, is it really survey conducted on the Red Planet. Thus, part of the landscape in the photo is very similar to the landscape of the Mojave Desert, the familiar residents of Southern California, Nevada and Utah.

Especially surprising similarity mountain range on the horizon, even sandstorms is as at home, write some nick Twitter. Meanwhile, NASA employees insist that the rover is not his scientific work in the world.

In my opinion, forge such a mission of course you can, but the question is: WHY? Not really need to invest so much money in the creation of the unit, which is just after the release in the desert in the world to ride and show the world what America is a superpower? If so, then all sad.

I will still hope that humanity is interesting is something beyond our planet.


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