Daria Katkovskaya: This wave of donations, support, assistance has not been

The very next day after the election and the brutal dispersal of the protest in Minsk was created by a kind of headquarters of the detainees and their families. There were dozens of volunteers, charity began collecting things, food, form sent to jail for those who put on the day. Over time, help it become a more diverse and far-reaching.

Lawyer Daria Katkovskaya — the initiator of the unprecedented action of solidarity with detained protesters and their families. In his blog, Daria first announced the collection of information on the fate of the detainees. Then he began work on the collection and delivery of convicted necessities. Volunteers organized a transfer to anyone who put on 10 — 15 days, passed gifts and greetings for the New Year. After his release, helping people pay bills and fines for being in custody. Materially helped about five hundred people. Daria Katkovskaya said:

Materially helped about five hundred people …

"There were times when people came, filled the questionnaire, just to human rights organizations got the information, and said," I do not want money, money I have, I just wanted to convey this information. That is, the cases were different. "

Secretary of the BPF Sergei Semeniuk said that the work continues to this day:

The main help now turns to those who lose work, study …

"Some of those who sat on the day, we have yet to come for help, but this unit.'s Main support is now to those who lose their jobs, their education. Give information to better treatment, which claims to write, where to look for lawyers qualified help do it. We try and keep in touch with relatives of those who sit in the KGB detention center, and somehow contribute, to help pass the transfer, transfer funds into their accounts "

Sergei Semeniuk very amazed that people responded from all over Belarus, calling, voice support in words, ask what they can to help their cities:

students themselves organized and have all the necessary assistance …

"The other day in Grodno also announced a fundraiser to help the family Alexander Kirkevich, which also now put in jail. It turns out that not only organized people can help, but spontaneously organized local groups of people, as was the case at the philological faculty of BSU. All those who have served in the square to us for help did not come, because the students have organized and have all the necessary assistance. "

The wife of former presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich Milan, which was left with two young children, said that people's support is very helpful and moral support:

Milan Michalevic

"We are not alone. Assist, support and acquaintances, and strangers. I do not know how to thank people because sometimes people help, something passes through someone else, and I have a problem, as people to thank for it all, especially if it is unfamiliar to people. "

Such solidarity — a kind of response to the brutality of the Belarusian society government says Daria Katkovskaya:

"In this situation a wave of donations, support, help me very surprised and pleased. Consolidated and people were able to do much. Before I do not remember this, so I'm very excited. Those who work with me also say that such a wave of support precisely monetary and human resources, has never happened before. Solidarity was very big. "

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