Deep Space Industries. Mining operations on asteroids

In the future, using the space station created by the American company Deep Space Industries, comic travelers will be able to get energy from the sun and extract minerals from asteroids straight!

As it turns out, is not just a dream, and the real plans of Deep Space Industries. She plans to start production of hydrogen, oxygen, iron and nickel from space objects, to provide fuel and satellites in orbit to conduct building.

Its first goal — by 2015 to send into orbit vehicle "Firefly." The device will land on one of the near-Earth asteroids, and within six months will be to conduct research and collect data.

[Rick Tamlinson, the head of the board of Deep Space Industries]:
"One of the things that we do — is creating economy in space. We will create wealth and sources of minerals, which, we believe, will help in the future of life on Earth. "

According to the head of the board of the company, every year near the Earth's orbit to discover thousands of asteroids. As expected, if not all, most of them contain water and gases such as methane, as well as metals such as nickel. These elements can be used to create a fuel and other materials.

Where the company will take money for such an expensive project — is still unknown, but at the press conference, the representatives indicated that investors are looking for.

Deep Space Industries became the second American company that focus on asteroids. Last year, the Washington firm Planetary Resources reported that the financial support of investors, such as senior executives Google, launching a program to build telescopes to track asteroids with large reserves of natural resources.

Mission Launch "Firefly" will cost an average of $ 20 million. But the main objective of the company is the creation of a whole fleet of robotic vehicles that will be on a large scale to extract minerals from asteroids.



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