Disasters: In the United States — a flood, in Europe — snow and forest fires

In the U.S., the largest river raged Mississippi. The level of water in it tends to record the history of measurements. Under the disaster are eight states, flooding threatens dozens of cities, including Memphis and New Orleans. Unusual weather recorded in Europe.
Memphis — the largest city in the state of Tennessee — to prepare for one of the most powerful floods in its history. The water level in the Mississippi is now just a few inches below the record level of 1927. Outskirts already flooded. Thousands of people were evacuated. Lifeguards patrol the streets in cars, amphibians — suddenly someone needs help.
"New rainfall until promise, like a lull. But we alert: barely in the forecasts will be precipitation, no end of problems" — warns Brent Perkins, Memphis Fire Department.
The Great Mississippi River flows through ten states, because of the flood affected eight states. To deal with natural disasters connected military engineers. North of New Orleans, they opened the dam, hoping that this will help to reduce the water level and prevent flooding of the city.
And in Europe, north and south, as if reversed. Severe cyclone hit the Balkans. In Romania, a blizzard in May had not seen for thirty years. A layer of snow in twenty centimeters puzzled farmers, they fear for the harvest.
In Serbia — trouble on the roads. Drivers barely had time to switch from winter tires to summer, on the slopes grew drifts. The result — dozens of accidents and traffic jams. Snow removal equipment running in emergency mode.
In Norway, the same fight forest fires. In mountainous areas, the second day of the forest burn. Firefighters can not contain the spread of the flames.
"Half an hour ago, it was quiet, we were working on the other side of the lake. And then — the flame on this side. Now comb the neighborhood in search of pockets," — says Doug Volund, fire.
Fire threatens homes, residents of several villages wait out the disaster in schools equipped for asylum. April in Norway was the warmest in the last century, and in May, apparently, is not going to fall behind.


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