DNA changes in connection with the transition.

Since April, the human DNA began to pass his more intensive mutation under the influence of increasing solar activity. More precisely — transmuting the cells of all living things on the planet has been going on for decades. But I write this because many are scared, trying to find doctors, unable to recognize in his physical body the process of change at a deep level. A treatment does not work, government health proposals will not work: it does not meet all the challenges that offers man … Sun. These symptoms appear and disappear suddenly appear for no reason, go away. These are good signs: body sends you a bit of news about the fact that it is released from the old biology and the old thinking (do not stray from it).

Symptoms arise when a mutation (restructuring) DNA and changes in the body at the cellular level:

— fatigue or burnout at low loads;
— desire to sleep longer or more often than usual;
— Symptoms of influenza status — high fever, sweating, pain in bones and joints, etc. And all of this can not be treated with antibiotics;
— dizziness;
— ringing in the ears.

Important symptom — Pain in the heart, cardiac arrhythmia, which is due to adjustments to the heart of the new energies.

Today transitional person opening the fourth heart chakra — the chakra of love and compassion. She often locked (in 90% of ordinary people!), And its activation may be accompanied by bouts of depression and fear. 4th chakra is associated with the thymus gland. This body is in front of the light and the majority is in its infancy. She did not develop at all. When the 4th chakra begins to open, the thymus starts to grow. At a later stage, it can even be seen at

Growth of the thymus is associated with chest pain, choking, again, may be symptoms of bronchitis — pneumonia, in which doctors mistakenly be diagnosed influenza or pneumonia.


— headaches and migraines;
— coryza, with sneezing, from morning to night, days and months;
— sometimes — diarrhea;
— the feeling that the whole body vibrates — especially when the person is in a relaxed state;
— intense muscle spasms;
— tingling — in the hands or feet;
— loss of muscle strength — in his hands, caused by changes in the circulation;
— sometimes breathing difficulties, the need to breathe deeply, feeling a lack of oxygen;
— changes in the immune system;
changes in the lymphatic system;
— nails and hair grow faster than usual;

— bouts of depression with no real reason;
— stress, anxiety and high stress levels — you feel that something is going on, but you do not know what it is.

Sometimes there may be signs of the diseases that you thought were long healed. These are the roots of the ills that have been preserved in other information levels in your body. The disease can even occur acutely, perhaps reverse, but faster than was when you were sick. This means that the body gets rid of the disease on a deeper level. Your body is very reasonable, and often wiser to yourself!

Translate concisely:

What is happening today with the man and nature — is the activation of the DNA code. If you call it a mutation — that — yes, it is a mutation. Causative mutation is increasing activity of the Sun.

Symptoms of exposure to the sun: vertigo, muscle pain and spasms, pain in the neck and back, biceps, tremor, nervousness, agitation, panic attacks.
And also …

Cold and weakness. Cold — without fever
Speech. It is difficult to find the words, the difficulty is to connect them.
Anomalies of food.
Constant hunger.
Urgent need for sweets.
Do you want to have, but you can not.
You feel acutely increasing negativity around, where many people — in the crowd, even on TV — and this sick.

If you "suffer" from this list, I have good news for you: your DNA is rapidly activated!


The main thing — no panic! Go for a walk. Move! Biking, swimming pool, gym … or at least deep squat from 20 to 50 times a day.
Sure — water contrasts!
Be sure to drink soda every day!
You can, if you work, homeopathy!
The use of essential oils!
Shiatsu massage, etc.

Very good recommendation: hanging for spine! Overreach. Stretch and pull the muscles and muscles.

Exercise and neck — head up, down, left and right, put your ear to the shoulder, then the other. Try to maximize!

I'll say a little bit more of yourself, breathe properly! And it's an art! If you feel that rolled forward — breathe deeply as you can and as slow as you can. And remember this advice for the situation where one day X, and it will come. On the machine, if that — breathe deeply. Feel mental or physical rabbit hole — breathe! Remember: who has the time — study pranayama.

But some psychophysical symptoms and attempt to explain how to treat this:

1.Chuvstvo as if you're in the pressure cooker of intense energy and, as a consequence — stress. Remember to adjust to the higher vibration, you should eventually change. Old patterns of behavior and beliefs come out to the surface in the form of conflict. Control his behavior (samokontrol!) with thoughts orders. Tame
ego, emotions, feelings …

2. Sense of disorientation, loss of sense of place. You are not in 3D more, and the "Molten Front"! As for the body and for the spirit!

3. Unusual pain in different parts of the body. This frees blocked energy vibrating before in 3D, while you are vibrating in a higher dimension.

4. Waking at night between 2 and 4 hours. Many things happen to us in a dream. With our physical bodies and subtle bodies work during night rest "cosmic healers." So you sometimes need a break can be during these intensive processes, and you wake up.

5. Forgetfulness. You notice for themselves, as you fall out of memory some details. And that's to say the least! The fact is that from time to time you are in the border area, in more than one dimension, hanging out here and there, and the physical memory in these moments can simply be blocked. In addition: The past — it is part of the old, and the old has gone forever.

6.Poterya identity. You are trying to access to his past, but this is impossible. You can sometimes catch myself feeling that you do not know who it is, looking at himself in the mirror.

7. Experience "outside the body." You may feel as if someone says to you, but not you. It is a natural defense mechanism of survival when you are under stress. The body is under great pressure, and you are "in the
moment "for a split second as if to leave the body. So you should not feel that through which is your body now. It lasts no more than a moment and passes.

8. Increased sensitivity to the environment. The crowd, the noise, food, cars, TV, loud voices — all
this you can already barely stand it. You can easily fall into a state of depression, and, conversely, easily become inflated and gipervozbuzhdeny. Your mind is set on new, more subtle vibrations! Help yourself in different ways of relaxation!

9. You do not want to do anything? This is not laziness or depression. This "reset" your biocomputer. Do not force yourself. Your body knows what it needs. STAY!

10. Intolerance for lower vibrational phenomena 3D, conversations, relationships, social structures, etc. They literally make you feel sick. You grow, and do not coincide with many and many of what surrounds you before, and not as annoying now. It is itself disappear, do not worry.

11. The sudden disappearance of some friends out of your life, change habits, work, residence, diet … you ascend spiritually, and these people do not match your vibration. NEW coming soon and will be much better.

12. Days or periods of extreme fatigue. Your body is losing density thins out an intensive restructuring.

13. If you feel an attack of low blood sugar, eat more often. Conversely, you may not want to eat.

14. Emotional destabilization, tearfulness … All the emotions that you experienced before, and amassed a way out. Rejoice! Do not hold them out!

15. Feeling that "goes the roof." It's okay. You
open an out of body experience and Experience, other frequencies — that is reality. Much has been made available to you now. You're just not used to it. Your inner knowledge and intuition and stronger barriers disappear.

16. Anxiety and panic. Your ego is losing much of himself and afraid. Your physiological system is overloaded. Something happens to you, you can not fully understand, but admit it! ..

17. You also lose behaviors lower vibration that you developed for themselves for survival in 3D. It can make you feel vulnerable and helpless. These patterns and behaviors soon there will not be you need. Just be patient and calm, wait.

18. Depression. The outside world does not meet your needs and emotions. You release the dark energies that are within you. Do not be afraid and do not forbid them to emerge and try to transform it, so they do not
harm others.

19. Dreams. Many people are aware that they are experiencing unusually intense dreams.

20. Unexpected cast in sweat and temperature shock. Your body changes the system "heat", cellular waste products are burned, burned remnants of the past in your subtle fields.

21. Your plans suddenly change in the middle of the road and you're starting to go in a completely different direction. Your soul is trying to balance your energy. Your soul knows more than you. Listen and believe his heart!

Your consciousness is suppressed, unmet needs kindness, goodness, integrity, law, justice and order. Perhaps because of this you have or may have such pathological
state as antipathy, mistrust, account only for themselves and for themselves, disintegration, anger, cynicism, selfishness … terry

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