Dog owners pulled out of the burning house

In Denmark, the dog breed golden retriever, saved the lives of their owners — the five members of one family. Pet time raised the alarm and brought the people out of the burning building.

An unusual incident occurred on the peninsula of Jutland. Night in one of the houses caught fire. In the house at that time were five people — a husband and wife and their three young children. People were fast asleep at the time when there was a fire.

Introduced the first to feel the smell of burning dog. She ran into the bedroom and began to wake hosts.Golden Retriever jumped from the floor to the bed and back, while the father of the family woke up. Springing to his feet, the man realized that almost all the building is on fire. After that Dane woke households and led them to the exit. Dog helped to find the way.
"The family ran out of the house at the last moment. And there is no doubt that it is the dog owners had saved lives," — quoted by ITAR-TASS as the Danish words firefighters. Note that in the incident suffered a bit, only the father of the family. The man complained of discomfort and was taken to hospital for examination. According to doctors, the patient was carbon monoxide poisoning, as the last to leave the house. However, the doctors assured that a serious threat to his health no. Meanwhile, experts have begun to elucidate the causes of the incident.

Earlier, a similar story was recorded in the Perm region of Russia, but it has saved people from a fire cat. As written Dni.Ru the night in one of the apartment buildings in the city Kungur caught fire. At an extraordinary situation promptly reacted furry tenant. "At four o'clock in the morning, my cat started to scratch my legs and biting. For him, it was not at all like — told the hostess animal. — I wake up and feel — the burning smell came out into the entrance, and on the first floor smoke coming. Beginnings to wake the neighbors and caused a fire. " For vigilance Emergency Situations Ministry awarded a cat gift option collar with bells and a kilogram of feed.

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