Drought in duration observed in Kemerovo region

Weather in Kemerovo region has set a regional record: dry weather, which now stands in the Kuzbass region was not observed in the last hundred years, told RIA Novosti the Novokuznetsk Hydrometeorological Observatory.

"Compared to the years 1967-1968, then it was also dry conditions, as well as in 1932-1934. However, both of these periods were characterized by rainfall. Rainfall floods. Abundantly than now," — said hydrologist.

Precipitation in the Kemerovo region were observed, he said, since last fall. At the same time, said hydrologist "anomalies in temperature not."

According to the source, in some rivers in the steppe zone of the Kemerovo region has recorded historic low water level.

"Now we eat on groundwater groundwater. Precipitation in the near future is not expected," — said employee Hydrometeorological Observatory.

Hydrologist also noted that this long drought — no reason to expect it in the next year, since everything in nature is cyclic. Perhaps the region is expected to wet winter or rainy the next summer.

In the regional Emergencies Ministry, in turn, added that the drought in the remote villages of Novokuznetsk District (the largest district of the Kemerovo region) organized supply of water.

"Delivering technical water, such as irrigation. This municipality must make a request, that they have such a problem with the water," — said the representative office.

Rescue workers also recommend the heads of municipalities to check all systems for public notification and keep on monitoring weather situation.

The head of the State Duma Committee on Agrarian Nikolai Pankov said July 13 that in the Kemerovo region are preparing to enter the emergency mode due to drought.

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