During the parade in Azerbaijan showed the latest radar produced in Ukraine

On June 26, Azadlig Square in Baku hosted a military parade on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the Armed Forces of the Azerbaijan Republic.


Watched a military parade officials and the state government, ambassadors of foreign countries in the Republic, members of international organizations, war veterans and members of the public capital. During a military technology was demonstrated mobile three-coordinate radar Omnidirection radar 80K6M developed Ukrainian company "Spark".

Thus confirmed reports of the portal "Ukraine Industry" thatUkraine together with Belarus has developed a new radar station in Azerbaijan. Radar 80K6M was in the same order with the air defense system of "Buka-MB", which in turn were delivered from Belarus, where they were modernized with the participation of Ukrainian specialists.

Today the Defense of Azerbaijan is the most layered and strongest in the region, there is a complete re-troop to new facilities, personnel trained in military academies of Russia, Israel, Turkey and Ukraine.

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