DVR With counting function Passengers

ASV-RF04 with the function of passenger counting and recording of road conditions. 4 Channel Digital Video Recorder with automatic passenger counting, and monitoring road conditions allowing you to connect 1 to 4 cameras and 1 to 4 sensor passenger counting. You can create not only what is happening in the cabin of the vehicle, but also road conditions. ASV-RF04 is a small electronic device that produces video on SD memory cards with capacity of up to 128GB 1, with the display in the video for the change of the number of transported passengers, the number of the vehicle on which the DVR, as well as fixing the speed, mileage, up to 10 meters of the turn signals and brake lights, and DVRs equipped module Glonass / GPS and coordinates. And the DVR allows you to set each channel their speed record. The use of remote cameras will allow you to select the desired angle of coverage for each camera, a simple change of the lens. Writing to memory card SD, rather than on the hard disk is also selected on purpose. The fact that the hard drive is very sensitive to temperature conditions, as well as shocks originating in the Russian uneven roads, and the memory card is not afraid. In addition, the DVR ASV-RF04 supports memory cards of up to 128GB, and the use of the recording format RF extends the life of memory compared with the records produced in other formats. This is due to the fact that the recording of information in formats other words at the beginning of storage file allocation table (FAT), which corresponds with the recording on the memory card of each of the new file format and RF04 are not, and therefore increases the resource memory. ASV-RF04 DVRs allow simultaneous recording of events taking place in the bus and road conditions, as well as to count the passengers to control revenues. 

Counting passengers can be made: 1. In automatic mode, with the DVR connected to the special sensor detects the time of entry and exit of passengers in public. DVR on signals from sensors counts of passengers and puts the data in the video, making you always will be able to verify the correctness of the video sensor 2. On the built-in video recorder motion detection in this case, the DVR will record only when the doors are open, and only in the lens of the camera gets going. With this feature, even using sensors installed in the doors of automated passenger counting, you will spend for counting passengers on video prevezennyh within 12 hours shift work bus ten — fifteen minutes of his time. Duplication of automatic passenger counting system allows video recording to improve the accuracy of counting passengers to 98-100 percent. Video of the road situation with fixing turn signals and brake lights need to provide legal protection for the driver in case of emergency driving situations. Produced DVR recording, you can see how to connect to the DVR monitor and withdrawing from the DVR card to view the recorded information on the computer. Using a proprietary format for recording RF04 guarantees the integrity of the file being recorded, protects it from counterfeiting and extends the life of SD memory cards.

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